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Greetings Otherworld travelers!  It’s been a busy week, with a stop every day, and we’re not slowing down.  Today, we move along to a more traditional, magical fantasy world that has tons of potential, and is growing in leaps and bounds already.  Read on to learn about Autumn’s Fire.

Author Macee Carson delivers an interesting tale that dives into elvish culture in the world of Annwn.  Autumn’s Fire is the first book in her fantasy saga, and she explores a great deal about the personal life of her lead, the titular Autumn.  Carson reaches a granular level with Autumn’s development, looking deep into her psyche and showing much more for her than we see in most fantasy characters.  It is captivating seeing how Autumn and other characters grow and evolve over time, and it leaves this elf feeling incredibly relatable.

Autumn was a Meadow Elf that spent most of her life hidden away with her nose in a book. But everything changed when she met Chriol, a Wood Elf from a neighboring village and a lovable goofball. Their friendship adds brightness and company to her life as Chriol shows her the wonders of the Heinthral Forest, Wood Elf culture, and a budding romance. Not everything is wonderful in Autumn’s life, though, as every night she continues to be plagued by a nightmare she can never remember. The only hint she has as to what this dream is? A vague feeling of warmth on her skin. Join Autumn and Chriol in their fantastical friendship in this unique story that will leave you hoping, yelling, wondering, and crying over the journey that takes place.

Fans of atypical fantasy romances will love Autumn’s Fire.  It grips you and it shows you something magical, opening up a lens to life and love that you might not expect.  The world continues to grow, and in the author’s talented hands, there are so many more interesting avenues to explore.  Carson is working on a second book, so there’s no better time than now to get accustomed to the world of Annwn.  Check out Autumn’s Fire on Amazon today!

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