Fantasy Promo – A Druid’s Tale: The Rise of Balor

Howdy folks, and welcome back to another Otherworld trip.  It’s been a great year for fantasy, and trips to the Otherworld, but today, in all its gaelic glory, we’re ready to take one of the best Otherworld trips yet.  Read on to learn more about a new debut story, A Druid’s Tale.

Author A. J. Thornton’s heart is held by Ireland, so it makes sense that his debut book, A Druid’s Tale: The Rise of Balor, has so much thematically in tune with old Irish folklore and mythology.  Thornton puts into motion a powerful evil, a fellowship of likeable heroes who might be able to stand against the rising tide, and enough twists and turns to keep readers guessing.  But at the forefront of the writing is the author’s love for the world that’s been created, as Averion has so much rich backstory to lean on that you can’t help but get lost in all the spectacle.

Averion is a world full of magic where the battle for peace in a land of fantasy and mystery falls to the ancient Blood-Hunters. To be a Blood-Hunter it is said, is to live a life of sacrifice in earning the powers that can subdue the sleeping evil that permeates throughout the land.

Aifien is a fiery young Celtic warrior and together with her wise teacher Finral they embark on a journey as proud Blood-Hunters to right a terrible wrong and to put pay to the evil resurrected Fomorian King Balor before he can reclaim what remains of his lost power.

Their quest will see them form an alliance with The Lost Gods. But will the hidden secrets given up by the land and borne through themselves be enough to save Averion from Balor and his rampaging Balorites.  

Every battle has its monsters but sometimes the greatest enemy is a friend.

A Druid’s Tale is a lovely first visit to a new world.  Averion is the kind of place that you can’t help wanting to explore further.  The characters introduce the reader to many insights, myths and legends, but you can tell there’s more to be seen beyond the veil.  Strengthened by dynamic and realistic characters, as well as shocking surprises, this is the kind of book that fantasy readers hunger for.  And with Thornton already working on the second book, there’s no better time to pick up the first in the series.  Check out A Druid’s Tale: The Rise of Balor on Amazon today!

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