Dystopian Fantasy Promo – Ash Rising

Hey there folks!  It’s Halloween, and that means it’s time for tricks and treats.  Well, we certainly have a treat for you.

A few months back, we had the awesome privilege of promoting Katya Lebeque’s incredible book Ash Rising on Tellest.  It was a fantastic deal then, but for Halloween, it’s an even more sinfully delicious treat.  That’s because, on October 31st and November 1st only, Ash Rising is 100% free.  Why, you ask?  Because Lebeque’s sophomore follow-up, the hotly anticipated Ashes Slowly Fall, is out tomorrow, November 1st as well!  We’ll certainly have more to say about that, but read on here to find out more about Ash Rising.


Enjoy a free Halloween read with monsters, pumpkins and magic – oh my! 

The apocalypse has come on dark wings to Germania. The ground is dead and the few survivors are picked off by enormous, crazed birds – monsters of their own making. Ash has learned to hunt the hunter, keeping her dysfunctional family from starving in the crumbling remains of their ancestral mansion. Each giant, black-winged shape she shoots down could be her last. 

Then comes a mysterious missive, arriving by magic, and a stranger in the dark who knows all about Ash and holds keys to her past. Someone must cross the wasteland plains to get to the palace – a death sentence by the hands of either monster or mob. Someone needs to save this country, and Ash’s frail sister must go alone if she doesn’t sacrifice herself. 

For fans of Leigh Bardugo, The Hunger Games and Cinder, Ash Rising ask the question: what’s the line between surviving and living? And is it brave or is it foolish to dance at the end of the world? A fast-paced dark fantasy with strong echoes of Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds with a sequel out this Halloween too…

This is not a tale you know the ending of…

At first, Ash Rising will feel familiar to you, but Lebeque has the talent to lead you down twists and turns that you won’t be expecting.  It’s incredibly fun, and it catches you in its grip and doesn’t let go.  And you can’t beat that price over these next two days!  Definitely give it a look, because Lebeque is sure to win you over with great characters, a powerful plot, and the promise of much more.  Check out Ash Rising on Amazon today!


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Michael DeAngelo

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