General description


Dullahans are, perhaps, some of the most terrifying undead creatures there are.  It is said that just a look from their disembodied head can stop your heart from beating.

If their death was particularly grisly, dullahans can rise from their graves on their own.  However, they are usually used as fodder for necromancers.  They make decent cavalry since they are typically associated with horses, which may have died with them.


Physical Appearance

Unless a dullahan has managed to find their own skull, they will travel the roads as a headless.  They almost always ride upon a black steed, though none can truly be sure if the horse is black because of its death, or if it always had the midnight coat.

The riders typically have a decayed and moldy pall to their flesh.  The skin on the face, if ever found, is especially unsettling.

Some people say that even though they have no heads, dullahans have ethereal, haunting eyes where their sockets would have been, relative to their necks.


Clothing and Adornment

Unlike ghouls and skeletons and death knights, dullahans are adorned by a shroud of darkness made manifest.  This cloak will cover their grisly features until they are too close to their prey for them to escape.



General Personality

Temperament and Behavior

Dullahans will fight until destroyed.  They take great relish in killing those they are commanded to kill.  If they are murdered in a way most foul, when they rise, they will begin hunting those that killed them.  Unfortunately, after they have killed their intended targets, they do not feel compelled to stop.  They will then randomly assign their wrath to any who they happen upon.



Because dullahans are already headless, severing their heads is impossible.  However, destroying their heads is rumored to stop them, as well as pouring gold or lead onto their neck.  Supposedly, delivering a golden blade into their spine is enough to stop them for good as well.

Dullahans that fight for a necromancer are more disposable.  Because magic is ultimately holding them together, a certain level of force can be enough to sever their connection to the world of the living.

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