Deepwater Oasis

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Geography and Environment

South of Fostervilla, a great oasis stretches through the sand.  It is thought to be the widest oasis on Draconis.  The people of the city use it to provide water for drinking and sewage.

It is also a small, self contained ecosystem.  Birds of the desert frequent the area, as well as several different species of rodents and insects.  One of the only known creatures to endure the vile deathwinds outside of Fostervilla, the yulik, also calls the oasis home.



Visitors to the oasis have taken to calling it the Deepwater Oasis for centuries.  The sultans of Fostervilla have always deemed it a crime to place a boat within the sacred place, and as such, the depth of the place has never been proven.  Still, various people have attempted to swim to the bottom, and none have found success.



The Deepwater Oasis is thought to be a gift from the god Hudorian.  It is said that he took pity on the people of Fostervilla, and blessed them with the reprieve of water and shade.  As such, the citizens built a temple to Hudorian in the sand that faces the oasis.  It stands just outside of the walls of the city, and can be accessed via a subterranean passageway.

It is also thought that the oasis may hold healing properties.  Some even believe that the malignant illness that affronts those affected by the deathwinds could be remedied by the waters of the oasis.

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