December-January Writing Prompt

Hello fantasy writers!

Last month, Tellest hosted a writing contest where we asked fans of the genre to create a holiday for Tellest.  Unfortunately, due to our still small web presence, we only had one story submitted in time, and that was done by a member of our internal team.

We want to spread the love outside of the established stable of writers.  Kevin Gallagher’s “The Night Before Nadeus”, a tale about a Tellest version of Christmas will release on this website.  But, being as he was already on our team, we’re stealing last month’s prize, and rolling into this month’s instead.  We will send the writer of the best story this month kindle eBook(s) with a total value of $10 or less.

In two weeks we will be celebrating the passing of another year.  We’ll be setting new resolutions for ourselves, and looking back at what affected us the most in the prior 365 days.  For Tellest’s writing prompt this month, we wanted to explore that concept, though maybe in grander fashion.

In 1500 words or less, invent a character for Tellest, and then describe his or her favorite memory.

Again, we want to try to be as open to ideas as possible.  As such, the character doesn’t have to be human.  It doesn’t have to be a happy memory, either.  Feel free to let your creativity take wing!  We look forward to seeing your tales!


Official Rules

  1. One Winner will be chosen on the 15th of the month following the start of the contest.
  2. By submitting your prompt, you agree that, if selected as the monthly winner, you will be willing to sign an agreement to keep your work exclusive to Tellest and where failure to agree will exclude you from the monthly prize.  The agreement will also allow writers for Tellest to further develop on the ideas, characters, places and events featured in your submission.
  3. Prize includes the winner’s choice of kindle ebook(s) on amazon’s store, with a cost up to $10.  This does not necessarily have to be a Tellest branded book.  Also includes a featured spot on the Tellest website for at least a month following the close of the monthly contest.
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