Death Knights

General description


For necromancers, death knights can be no better champion.  Unfortunately, death knights cannot be conjured from nothingness.  Only a strong, able fallen hero can be raised as a death knight.

Some of these fallen heroes are not brought back to life by the dark powers of necromancy, but rather as the result of a forged oath that they made in life.  They are bound to a task, and their passion for seeing that task to its completion can be powerful enough to keep them from a proper afterlife.


Physical Appearance

Death knights come in all manner of race and gender.  It is thought that they became slightly more commonplace during the return of the humans, and thus that race is the one that is mostly associated with them.

Typically, death knights are quite pale, but they don’t look much different than they did in life unless they were brought back through necromancy long after they perished.  In dire circumstances, a necromancer will bring back his champion in an almost fully decomposed state.  If they are brought back to life under their own oath, or by a lucky necromancer though, it is almost as if they were never fully gripped by the afterlife at all.  In those situations, it is said that the death knight’s hair and fingernails will even continue to grow.


Clothing and Adornment

Because of their mostly unmanaged thoughts, death knights will usually wear what they perished in.  If they have some level of cognitive reasoning, they have been known to change their attire at their own discretion.



General Personality

Temperament and Behavior

Death knights are typically unfeeling.  They’re bound to a task, which can be as simple as killing in the name of a necromancer, or protecting a city from destruction.

A death knight that fails in its endeavors can become lost, which may result in one of several consequences.  It can end their undead plight, or it can free their mind, allowing them to continue on unabated.  At that point, it is almost as though they are given a second chance at life.



Because death knights have already been separated from their life, it can be difficult to destroy them.  Usually, removing the head is a sure way to finish the job.


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