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Greetings travelers, and welcome to another look at one of our characters from the official D&D Tellest campaign.  Anaria is one of Cora’s Champions, the group of heroes that has traveled across the world of Tellest, most recently showing up in Versali-Virai.  But this kaja mage has a history that expands far beyond where the heroes met and banded together.  Let’s see how Rhianna’s character came to be, and discuss Valence’s take on it.

First up, Lance prepared us with a few sketches that showed the general shape and form of the character.  You’ll see a quick slideshow below that gives us some basics, as well as the beginning stages of Anaria’s attire.

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Once we moved forward a little bit, we got a bit more of an idea of what Anaria looked like in the color scheme.  We were lucky in that we had some work done on the character’s heads before, so we already knew the basic color scheme and the like.

Valence gave us the option to move forward with or without a hood.  For a while, we were going to have both options available, but that idea became untenable, as it was a lot of extra work for the artist, even from this point.  We ultimately decided to go for the hooded version, but Valence still had to build Anaria up without it to get a proper idea of the shape.

We were also given the opportunity to choose whether the hood would be present at all, but we opted to keep the hood, as that one captured the magical essence that we were hoping for with Anaria.

Valence knew exactly what we wanted from an attire standpoint then, and it was then completely up to him to polish the fabric, add the light and shadows, and basically just bring Anaria to life in his wonderful style.

In this final version of the artwork, you can see just how lively Valence’s work was for us.  Anaria had never felt so alive, and it was great to see her fully formed.  Rhianna was very pleased with the artwork, and we knew that we had a great thing going with Valence.

There were still a few other champions that Cora sent along to Versali-Virai (and that our party met there) that we needed to see illustrated, and Valence did not disappoint.  More on them later though!

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