Contemporary Fantasy Promo – Across Both Sides of the Mirror

Greetings travelers, and welcome to our first stop in the Otherworld of the week.  We’re going to be spending a little bit of time in our own world today—until that is we step through to the other side.  A wonderful contemporary fantasy awaits you in Across Both Sides of the Mirror.

Talented author Bianca Pensy Aba delights in her debut fantasy, a contemporary tale with a touch of magical realism, Across Both Sides of the Mirror.  A journey of self-identity with characters that are relatable, the book is a terrific journey to go on that has some darker elements that keep readers captivated.  Pensy Aba does a wonderful job of taking raw character moments and speaking them to truth, ensuring that the gravity of the story isn’t lost to the fantasy elements.  Rather, everything blends into a perfect brew of otherworldly magic with real stakes.

NOVA feels like she has nothing to show for her almost three decades on Earth. She works a job she only tolerates. Her friends are both doing better than her in their romantic and professional lives. She has not spoken to her parents in years. When she purchases a stunning mirror at an antiques shop, her reality is turned upside down Across Both Sides of the Mirror. She finds an opportunity to get everything that she has ever wanted…but there is a cost for it. Will Nova accept what the mirror offers her, or will she choose to fight for her reality?

ACROSS BOTH SIDES OF THE MIRROR is an adult contemporary low fantasy novel. The book touches on existential crisis, found family, individuality, and African mythology—among other themes. This is a character-driven story which follows Nova as she is taken on an otherworldly life altering journey with a potentially fatal outcome.

Though Across Both Sides of the Mirror is a personal journey for Nova, it’s also one that resonates with a lot of people who are still discovering parts of themselves.  It explores mythology in some creative and interesting ways, ensuring that fresh, exciting revelations are around every corner.  This journey through two worlds is breathtaking, and readers will be engaged throughout, ready to stand by Nova through thick and thin until the last page.  It’s a great time to begin your adventure through the looking glass.  Check out Across Both Sides of the Mirror, by Bianca Pensy Aba, on Amazon today!

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