Dark Fantasy Promo – A Thread of Darkness (Tales of Redemption Book 1)

Howdy folks!  I think this is it.  This is our final visit to the Otherworld in what has at times been a dreary year.  Thankfully we’ve had some wonderful stories to visit and lose ourselves within, and I’ve got one last one to send your way—we’re going out with a bang.  Check out a compelling dark fantasy with a look toward redemption with A Thread of Darkness.

B.E. Stefanko delivers a fantasy debut that doesn’t pull any punches with A Thread of Darkness (Tales of Redemption Book 1).  This is a tale for those who can stomach seeing the forces of darkness on their rampage—it isn’t a pretty world that Stefanko’s characters live in.  Still, the world that he’s crafted is lived-in and deeply complex, and he ties storyline threads together very well.  More importantly, he shines a light on his characters, exploring their pasts and giving them a future to look forward to.  Readers will grow fond of Stefanko’s main trio of characters, and will be very concerned with where their journeys will take them.

Unlikely heroes, bound together by fate.

Gideon awakes in the dark to find his whole world missing, he has no idea what fate has destined for him. Far away, when Charity’s life is turned upside down by a strange and terrifying darkness, she finds herself plunged into life and a death struggle death. Together with two relative strangers, each with stories of tragedy and torment, an unlikely trio soon become the only thing standing between their world and ruin.

A darkness is brewing, an unknown and terrifying evil which threatens to consume everything that stands in its path. Haunted by their pasts and struggling to make sense of their strange new gifts, Charity and her newfound friends must find a way to save their world and decipher the truth behind the spreading evil. The source of which is a ghost from the past.

But as they each wrestle with their own demons and learn to trust one another, do they have the strength to complete their task? And are their mysterious new powers enough to help them?

Fans of dark fantasy that have a touch of mystery will gravitate to this story, and will tear through the pages until they reach a quick end and a promise for another adventure.  With Stefanko already hard at work on the sequel, A Whisper in the Darkness, there’s no better time than now to pick up his dark fantasy debut.  Check out A Thread of Darkness (Tales of Redemption Book One 1) on Amazon today!

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