Dark Comedy Fantasy Anthology Promo – Tales of the Capital: A Collection of Inane Writings

Howdy folks, and welcome to a new week of Otherworldly goodness.  We’ve got some awesome stuff to show off this time around, and it all starts with a dark fantasy comedy anthology (you think that was rough on my typing fingers, look at the title).  Read on to discover more about Tales of the Capital.

J. I. Gardiner has debuted during a tumultuous time, as the 2020-2021 apocalypse season continues to be.  In that time, he’s developed a fun and breezy collection of dark comedy fantasy stories called Tales of the Capital: A Collection of Inane Writings.  With a dose of cynicism, some poetic, albeit darker, prose, and some clever slice of life chronicles, this anthology ends up being one that you can’t help but enjoy diving into.  Gardiner doesn’t spend ages with his characters, but you end up enjoying your time with them all the same.

The streets of the Capital City seven-hundred years ago were a perfect embodiment of civil harmony. Despite this idyllic façade, the residents of the city find themselves in a whirlwind of brutal tomfoolery.

A crude, tasteless and vulgar assortment of frivolous tales regarding the endeavours of a few mischievous city dwellers.

Gardiner spent some of his time working on Tales of the Capital improving on his already keen writing talents.  Along the way, he ended up with a great selection of bite-sized, darker fantasy fare that readers are sure to enjoy.  For those who are eager to see Gardiner’s first full novel, this set will no doubt endear you to his craft, with all its humor and cleverness.  And for readers who want something that jabs quick and to the point, this is worthy fare to find a brief respite within.  Check out Tales of the Capital: A Collection of Inane Writings on Amazon today!

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Michael DeAngelo

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