By now, if you’ve read any of my prior blogs, or read my “About” page on Tumblr, you know that I’ve been hit with a touch of the creative type.  The books probably solidify this idea, but there’s plenty of other stuff in the background in my head that I would love to get out into the real world.

One of my coworkers and I have been talking for some time about any new big idea.  And you know what?  A lot of them have been done.  A few years back, I really wanted to pioneer the idea of the chocolate chip cookie cup – that is, a little shotglass sized and shaped cookie that had the capability to retain milk without becoming so soggy that it leaks.  All that time ago, the idea didn’t exist, except in the mind of maybe a few people, and I was one of them.  If you look around hard enough these days, they are already among us.  I, for one, welcome our cup-shaped cookie overlords. 

But of course, the ideas don’t stop there.  The coworker is a bit of a partier, and while I don’t share in his zeal, I completely understand the interest and the appeal.  He wanted to make an iPhone app that would randomly set you up with a drink you could order.  I told him it’s been done.  Alright, let’s tweak the idea then.  Why not set it up so that you can look for a bar, based on preferences and find it on a — Sorry pal, it’s been done before, I would say.  This went on for a few hours.  I commend him for his persistence, and I know for a fact that some day, this guy is going to be filthy rich.  Not because he wants to be rich (though what sane person doesn’t?), but rather because he’s got that itch to do something with his brain.  There are gears that are in his head, and they’re spinning, and they are making something.  Whatever his mindfactory is producing, it might be in production for a while, but eventually, it’s going to get out, and if he treats it with respect and care and caution, it’s going to reward him for the time he put into it.

When Rhianna and I were biking back from the park the other day, I casually asked, “What do you think about a game where “THIS” happens?”  She loved the idea, and for the duration of our ride back to the house, we went back and forth, back and forth.  What was the littlest snowball became a fully fledged snowman family.  Of course, it wasn’t until the next day that I did a little research and found a game that had already utilized a lot of our concepts, but I feel like I could tweak it enough to make it work.

To save this post from being nothing more than a ramble, I will expressedly get to my point.  I am incredibly happy to be writing.  I’m ecstatic that anybody would like my books.  And while I’m not stopping, or even slowing down, a few other dreams of mine are beginning to take hold, and I’d love to see them through to their end.  While I can’t promise anything, I’d like to tell you to be on the lookout for other potentially interesting releases from me in the future.

Check out my eBooks on amazon.  This is the link to the first one, “The Bindings of Fate”:

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