Contemporary Fantasy Promo – Friend of the Undead: A My Life Among the Undead book

Greetings Otherworld travelers, and welcome to our final promotion of the week.  It’s been a busy one, but it’s been filled with great stories and wonderful characters.  We’re keeping up the pace with that as we’re bringing you a fully-fledged series, book one at the helm.  Read on to learn more about Friend of the Undead.

The first book of many in Camara M. Bragdon’s My Life Among the Undead series, Friend of the Undead takes readers on a whirlwind adventure alongside the gifted Shelly.  Bolstered by Bragdon’s wit and charm, the tale hits all the right beats: sarcastic dialog; some touching moments; and action that keeps readers engaged throughout.  The author also stitches together a big enough tapestry that allows her to really explore the version of the world she’s created, and breathe life into it, even if some of her characters aren’t exactly living.

Reading the minds of the undead is hard enough for Shelly Anderson, a librarian in the magical land of Zephyr. Fortunately, she has lots of friends who help her out, including her best friend, Eddie Van Helsing. A sizzling spark between her and the sexy vegetarian vampire is slowly ignited.

When Eddie decides to help an old friend nab a mob boss, known as the Chairman, he unwillingly gets Shelly involved. Can they avoid the mobster’s henchmen without getting themselves killed? What will become of Shelly and Eddie’s relationship?

Friend of the Undead isn’t afraid to be different.  It turns some expectations completely upside down, and has more twists and turns than you could shake a stake at.  And, this quirky young adult contemporary fantasy is only the beginning with nine—yes, nine—other books in the series already available, readers could be on a nice reading high with Bragdon and her characters for a nice long time.  Join the journey at its start.  Check out Friend of the Undead: A My Life Among the Undead book on Amazon today!

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Michael DeAngelo

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