Concept Art – Lagano

Howdy folks!  It’s been a few months since our last big concept piece with Paul Davies, and we’re looking to fix that today.  Based on the title of this post and the featured image, I’m sure you know we’re covering lagano today.  That said, isn’t the real fun in the journey?  Let’s get right to that, shall we?

First we had to decide how we wanted our concept lizardfolk to present.  I liked the idea of showing off the vicious shield he bears.  This fellow would definitely entail a more primal, tribal look at the lagano.  They aren’t necessarily all like this, although it does come close to some our existing lagano that we’ve seen.

After that, Paul did a follow-up set of sketches.  This was the one we passed on.  If you look at the other concepts we have, they have a more stylized look than this one.  He’d be great for a monster manual or something though!

This was the variant we went with.  It felt more dynamic and action-oriented, which is what we have so far across the board.

After that, Paul went into super detail mode, and cleaned up the art tremendously.  I love what he came up with here!

We did toy with a green variant of the lagano, but we were given two choices, and we went with the road less traveled…

Our blue lagano felt like he spoke more to the spirit of Tellest.  We have a lot of variety in our world, and seeing a lizardfolk who wasn’t the predominant green color felt like growth in some ways.

Finally, here we have the final version of our lagano warrior, complete with all of his coloring and details.

We still have one more piece to show you from our collaborations with Paul, so keep your eyes peeled for the weeks and months to come!

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