Concept Art – Ghostlight Lantern

Howdy folks!  We’re back with another awesome look at Azot’s mystical and magical artifacts from the world of Tellest.  Today, we’re looking at a pretty cool item that is perfect for a thief.  There are plenty of ways to see in darkened places in Tellest, but there aren’t as many that keep you from being seen when you’re using that power.

Then you see this awesome lantern, and you go, alright, but how does that work?

This is the Ghostlight Lantern, an item that allows whoever is wielding it to see in the dark.  Better yet, the light that shines from this strange device can’t be seen by other people!

In the full-color version of the piece, you can see that it doesn’t have the colors of a traditional lantern.  The teal light may not illuminate things in a vibrant red-orange, but it’s still a handy tool to have if you’re trying to sneak around and find things without being spotted yourself!

In a few weeks we’ll be back with another new look at a Tellest artifact.  Until then, enjoy!

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Michael DeAngelo

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