City Sigil – Atalatha

Hey there folks.  We have an interesting new type of art that we’re going to be showing off over the next few months that I’m really excited about.  All of my favorite fantasies have symbolic sigils or house banners or symbols of the gods—things of that nature.  A while back, Francois (our logo designer), had the fantastic idea to do banners for Tellest, and we weren’t ready for them yet.  Today marks the first push forward toward that though!  And what better city to start with than Atalatha, the central hub of the earlier Tellest stories?

We started with something pretty basic.  From what I knew of heraldry, I started putting together a few different concepts for our half-dozen sigils that we were going to work on.  For Atalatha, a golden phoenix on a blue background seemed like it would fit the feel of the “golden city.”  Francois delivered an awesome concept, but he didn’t stop there.

Francois ended up giving us an awesome set of the sigils with expanded effects.  This is a version of the sigil with a metallic embossing, on a canvas-like material.

This one is also a sort of flag-like material, but the symbol isn’t metallic.

This is a cool one.  I imagine this is like a tile that’s been lost to time that once sat outside a prominent building.  Wear and tear somehow makes the piece look even cooler.

This effect is my absolute favorite, across the board, for all of the sigils that Francois did.  That’s why this one is getting the featured status.  Big thanks to Francois for all his work on this project.  He did an awesome job that we were really happy with.  I’m definitely going to get him involved in more of this stuff.  Stay tuned for the next sigil in a few weeks.

Bonus: If this kind of thing tickles your fancy, how about a version of the painted sigil that’s sized for mobile phones?

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Michael DeAngelo

Michael is the creator of the Tellest brand of fantasy novels and stories. He is actively seeking to expand the world of Tellest to be accessible to everyone.