Children’s Fantasy Promo – Saving the Tooth Fairy

We’ve had our fair share of Children’s Fantasy these past couple of days.  Though Tellest is a little bit more crude and realistic, I would never dream of casting aside a good fantasy, especially one for children.  I hope that these promotions find their way to those young minds that can really benefit from stories like these.

Tina Stickles knows what’s important to young children.  She’s crafted a story centering around the Tooth Fairy and a little boy named Ian who wants to be a superhero.  Saving the Tooth Fairy is a whimsical little tale that has big aspirations.  It’s the perfect bed time story, especially for a little one who might be about to lose their first baby tooth.

Tooth Fairy


Ian is an ordinary little boy, with big dreams of being a superhero. When he loses his first tooth, he is so excited, knowing the tooth fairy will visit. What he doesn’t expect, is the other visitor. He and the tooth fairy are kidnapped by trolls and whisked away to the Forsaken Forest. Ian has to learn to be brave so they can try to escape and find their way home. Will they escape the trolls and find their way back home?


Stickles’ story has just released on Amazon.  It’s also available in hardcover, and at Barnes and Noble.  Pick a copy up today!

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