Dark Fantasy Promo – The Fragile Fall at Tallow Bridge

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a proper dark fantasy promoted here at Tellest.  The Otherworld is full of them, though, and occasionally, a truly creepy tale finds its way to us.

Mark Heath has taken a bunch of perfect ingredients and thrown them together to make his own witch’s brew in the form of The Fragile Fall at Tallow Bridge.  The eerie goings-on in the town of Aftlain will become your new favorite thing to read about, no doubt.

Tallow Bridge

The village of Aftlain lies at the edge of the world, deep within the Forest of Centopani.

At the heart of the village is the Tallow Bridge, which spans the turbulent, purifying waters of the Centopani River, an historic place of judgement and reckoning. Aftlain’s talented residents seek sanctuary there from the intolerance of the High Church of Albion.

The High Church regards the ancient village as a breeding ground for witchery, the worshipping of false, dark deities and the practising of unholy works. Accordingly, Steadholder Samael Thaindire is dispatched by the Order of Allsaints, the High Church’s zealous military wing, to travel to the hidden village and unearth its secrets.

Thaindire, a witch hunter, is charged with exterminating the whisperings of witchcraft and to do so with the customary ruthlessness for which the Order is known.

The arrival of Thaindire, as one of the Exalted, a white blood, will trouble the unusual denizens of Aftlain, but is the arrival of a white blood exactly what the villagers want and need for their own machinations ?

The Exalted clash with the Tainted in a tale of butchery, mystery, witchery and treachery.

Who are the fragile and why do they fall at Tallow Bridge ?


Heath has already amassed a following of folks who are interested in his story.    Should you like to be added to his list of fans, you can find The Fragile Fall at Tallow Bridge in the Amazon US store here, and the Amazon UK store here.

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