Character Art – Pendrich of Arex

Greetings, travelers.  It’s time to look at another character from the world of Tellest, and while we’ve had this character depicted before, there is no doubt that this one is unique in its presentation, and we have Wern Szuen Lee to thank for bringing him to life in this manner.

When you’ve written a book that you’re proud of, the idea of adding characters to the cast that you’ve enjoyed can seem somewhat daunting.  But when you manage to bring a character to life in a sophomore title that you also have a good time with, that can almost be just as exciting.  Pendrich was a character that ended up forming from my subconscious, first as a game character, and then as someone I gave a tap to for a promotion.  He’s meant to be this frightful thing to the people he doesn’t know, and a source of great strength for those who know him.  But sometimes, you have to take their helmet off and reveal them to the world.

Part of getting the artwork made for my cast of characters means giving an artist some sort of reference to draw from.  While I hadn’t ever had a thought of who best could embody Pendrich’s great presence before, in talking to Wern, we both ended up finding that Jeffrey Dean Morgan was a great starting point.  Now, I’ll use someone as the point of reference without trying to say that they should definitively be played by that person, so we tried to step back from JDM a little bit as we moved along.  But if he came out and told me he was playing Pendrich of Arex, I wouldn’t be disappointed.

The first WIP beyond the sketch shows a more aged version of Pendrich.  He’s older, but he shouldn’t be that old, so we dialed it back just a bit.  Even here though, you can get a sense of his amazing presence.

At this point, we really get a sense of who Pendrich is.  He’s a powerful character, despite his age, and he exudes that here.  Wern managed to perfectly balance someone who could present as a monster with someone who was more stoic and refined.

And here is our last look at the character.  Pendrich being unmasked for the first time is a great thing for the Tellest series, and as you can see on the character’s sash, he still clearly represents Blacklehn, and the capital city of Carthis.  That could be because there are places where that sort of representation are more important than the man himself.  We’ll dive into that a little more as time goes by, however.

I hope that you enjoyed this look at one of Blacklehn’s champions.  As we make our way into this new timeline, it is our goal to present the heroes on any side of the world’s many borders.  Just because someone might be a villain to someone, doesn’t mean they’re not a hero to someone else!

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