Character Art – Nestor Ulis

Greetings, travelers.  We’re back today to look at a character who receives life in art for the first time.

While we’ve had Nestor Ulis as character in the Tellest universe for quite some time, he has evolved a lot over the years.  He’s had name changes, he’s grown a lot as a character, and in this new timeline, things shift in some interesting ways for him.  But what we first needed was for Wern Szuen Lee to help us bring him to life.  As you can see below, we had a few sketches that we were offered to start things off with.  Nestor is a master with his daggers, but only one felt true to his character.

He’s got a lot of daggers at the ready, but we didn’t want Nestor to feel like a juggler or anything like that.  He’s got his daggers nearby at all times, but he’s got the ability to be somewhat subtle about it.  Instead, we wanted to exude a quieter confidence.  Nestor is one of the most prominent members of the Viscosa TowerSphere team, so he needed that ability to look capable without looking psychotic.

With our first splash of color, you can see a little bit more of the character design coming through.  One of the things that we wanted to do with Viscosa was show off elements of the sigil and the TowerSphere team logo.  They’re called the Wildcats, and Viscosa bears a lion on its flag, so we gave Nestor a golden lion fleece.  There’s nobody else who ought to bear the look of the lion as much as this guy.

With a bit more polish, you can see a bit more of the lion pelt coming out, and the daggers are starting to shine that much brighter.  Nestor started as a hero who could very easily be swayed into a villain, and while he still has the look of someone with mischief on his mind, what you see here is merely a look of determination and a willingness to win.  You can also see even further that we’ve tightened up the look of the Viscosan lion symbolism, as he bears a lion face on his belt.

Here we have our final look at the character.  This is one of my favorite interpretations of our characters that Wern brought to life.  He helps us to explore places outside of the ones that we’ve consistently spent time in, and lets us tell stories in ways that we might not have done so before.  Nestor is an awesome character to add to the mix, and we’re very happy to add him to the pantheon of Tellest heroes who now have art to show off!

See you during our next character piece!

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