Character Art – Kelvin Drakos

Howdy folks.  We are going to be taking a very quick look at one of our fan favorite characters today, as it’s one of the characters that Silky Noire has been working on for us in order to get us prepared for a group shot of “The Nine”.  We’ll be looking at Kelvin Drakos, our prince-turned-ranger, who has starred in two of our series leading up to our big group saga.

One of the first things you’ll notice here is that Kelvin looks aged up a little bit.  We have historically had younger versions of Kelvin because we see him at either the beginning of his major storyline in Silver Serpent, or we see a bit of a rebirth for him in Heart of the Forest.  He’ll be a little older and wiser in the big group project.

Silky started him off with some lovely earthy tones, so we see him with a lot of green and brown.  He looks very much the part of a skilled ranger here.  While the character seems pretty straightforward here, it still speaks strongly to Silky’s skill in bringing him to life in what feels like an effortless way.  They did great!

Our final look at this version of the character adds some lighting and shading, and ages him up just a tiny bit more with some extra facial hair.  The multi-toned color on everything really makes it pop, and Kelvin just looks great because of it.

Silky outdid themselves again on this piece, and I am very pleased with how it turned out.  We still had a few characters to wrap up after this, but we also agreed to work together beyond the initial nine, so we’ll continue to have great content from Silky for the foreseeable future.  Stay tuned for the next one!

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