Character Art – Andrakidus

It’s been quite a few months since we’ve seen work from one our new artists, Lee Jun, but we brought her back in a big way, showing off another look at the awesome character of Andrakidus.  Read on to see her cool look at the dracosage.

In this sketch, you can see that we kept to the books for this iteration of Andrakidus.  One thing is for certain, he’s a well read character.  He is also a little younger in this piece.

Andrakidus makes for a very attractive and almost androgynous character.  There’s a lot to him that makes him tick, that’s for sure.

June did an awesome job with this piece, and we’re happy to have her back providing art for the Tellest universe.  We’ll be back in a couple weeks for more awesome work of hers to show off!

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Michael DeAngelo

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