Batrura is not the name the dragon was given by his own kind.  Batrura means ‘the betrayer’, and the name was given to him after he first attacked the humans he was supposed to be protecting.

Youth and Family

Batrura was the final of three offspring to be born to a pair of benevolent black dragons, a rarity upon Tellest, since black dragons are known to be the most vicious creatures on the planet.  The pack of dragons resided in a desert region on the far west side of Raleigh.

Batrura’s father was named Godora, the guardian, and his mother was named Duenmatter, the den mother.  His sisters went unnamed to humanity, even as the dragons grew older.

Godora was very peaceful with the neighboring humans within his land.  They had a very symbiotic relationship.  The people offered up food and companionship in exchange for protection.


Godora and Duenmatter were betrayed by the very people they were protecting.  While other dragon’s were decimating the countryside,Raleigh’s king was offering large rewards for the heads of dragons.  Black dragons, being incredibly dangerous, offered up the largest reward.  While Duenmatter slept, the dragons’ human tarries snuck into her den and killed her.  They used Godora’s grief to ambush him as well, and he was slain soon after.  The offspring were spared, as no one even knew of their existence.  Batrura saw everything, however, and quietly began to plot revenge.

Survival, Revenge, and Tragedy

After the slaying of his parents, Batrura approached the humans.  He pretended not to know of their betrayal, and offered up his services, however limited due to his age, to feed his family.  His sisters, too, never knew the truth of their parents’ death, believing that dragon hunters from far to the east had come west in search of a prize.

For over twenty years, Batrura waited, biding his time.  Then, as the humans who killed his parents grew older, and began to die of old age, Batrura struck.  The dragon ravaged the people he was supposedly protecting, murdering the youngest child in every family.  His bloodlust was unyielding, lasting for days and days.

But his vengeance came at a price.  While he was killing the humans he despised so much, a small contingent went to his den, and destroyed his two sisters.  Mad with hate and rage, Batrura demolished the town in its entirety, leaving very few survivors, but just enough to spread the tales of his horrific deeds.


Personal Crusade

After his vengeance for his parents has been sated, a new rift had opened up for his sisters.  Batrura had seen what his bloodlust could do if not kept in check, and decided to prevent anymore barbaric occurrences from happening, from either him or the humans.

Batrura began traveling the country, the continent, and eventually the world, finding dragons in need, which were still being hunted by humans and other races.  Rather than killing those who would hunt the dragons, he spared them, and rescued the dragons from harm.

It is important to note that Batrura spared redemption for no dragon, regardless of color, gender or age.  This humility and outreach spawned what was called the “Iridescent Dragonflight”.

The City of Dragons

Batrura began his trust of the humanoid races slowly, but realized he needed them to reach the full potential of his dreams.  His vision settled upon the elves first, finding them a creature of compassion and grace.  He believed if anyone could forgive his prior transgressions, it would be them.

The elves helped Batrura and the Iridescent Dragonflight create a city where dragons and dragonkin could walk freely, safe from those who would persecute them.  Over time, the secrets of the City of Dragons washed to the ears of other races.  In time, the City of Dragons became a hub for all the goodly races of Tellest, including the once distrusted humans.

A Heart Anew

It was Batrura’s good nature and hard work that led him to the side of Aestrasidus.  The white dragon became his mate, and eventually, the Queen at the side of the King of the City of Dragons.  That King was Batrura.

The Dragon and Draconic Councils

Seeking a way to keep his emotions in check, Batrura suggested a democratic system where the leaders of the races within the City of Dragonswould determine the best course of action based on the needs of their people.  Within this council, each of the subsets of races had their own council.

Batrura and Aestrasidus were but two members of the Dragon Council.  Each of the colored dragonflights was represented, but it was Batrura who delivered the result to the Draconic Council when a decision was reached.

Batrura’s intellect and good nature became renowned, and it was suggested that he become an ambassador for the city.  Too humble to be separated from the other races, he suggested a human to be the ambassador, finding them to be the most versatile of all the races.  The man that was chosen, a wizard named Odicius, became Batrura’s first human friend since the incident in his youth.  Batrura confided in him all the details of his past, seeking forgiveness, which was fully given.  Odicius admired Batrura’s character, and suggested that the two travel as ambassadors together.

The Dragon Wars

Preceding Events

Several of the survivors of Batrura’s vengeful attack bound together, seeking others who had been marred by dragons.  Over twenty long years, they created a dragon hunter army, which eventually discovered the secret City of Dragons.

The city was infiltrated while Batrura and Odicius were tending to business upon another continent.  The city was razed, many members of many races losing their lives.  Supporters of dragons were considered just as dangerous as the winged creatures.  Among those slain, was Batrura’s love, Aestrasidus.

When Batrura returned, his heart shattered.  His beloved mate, and his beloved city lay in ruin, all that he had done wrought to ash.  Odicius tried to calm the dragon’s emotions, but Batrura had given up.  He found out that humans were to blame, and swore vengeance.  Many dragons and dragonkin were quick to take up the cause.

Allies and Enemies

Odicius refused to aid Batrura in his new, sadistic mission, to wipe humans from the face of the earth.  Because of their friendship, Batrura let him live, but banished him eternally from the City of Dragons.

Each of the dragonflights, with the exception of the white dragonflight, sent members to Batrura’s side.

The Five Magi

Five able heroes were hand picked from all over Draconis to rid the world of the carnage that Batrura was wreaking.  They bested he and the other leaders of the dragon forces, but not before he obtained his final vengeance, killing the very humans that killed his beloved Aestrasidus.


Circumstances of Death

Batrura was sealed away by the five magi.  One of the five gave his life to make sure the spell reached fruition.  The names of the five magi are never given, to protect those who know the ritual, and the way to reverse it.  He was supposedly sealed in what is now known as the Dragon’s Bane mountain range in western Raleigh.  Ironically, this is the same mountain range he was born in.

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