Art: Lyla

Good day everyone!  It’s Thursday, and that means a new piece of art!  Today, we’re getting back to business with John Becaro, who delivered us an awesome look at Lyla.

Lyla is a character who wasn’t introduced until the second novel, As Darkness Falls, and she really didn’t show up in any of the novellas either.  She’s an important character nonetheless.

Lyla sketch visibility


As always, we began with something a little basic.  This is the pencil drawing of Lyla that John started with (I touched up for the sake of visibility).

Lyla Brenna pencils


Here we have more functional lineart of the warrior from Saveon.  You can see here her level of confidence.  Trained not only in swordplay but also in archery, she’s a force to be reckoned with.

Lyla Brenna flats wipAfter that, John added some flat colors to the character.  It’s so funny how this part of the process always looks so drastically different from the final.  I had to make sure he didn’t make her a redhead, but he assured me that wouldn’t be anything worth worrying about.

Lyla Brenna copy


And here you have it: the final part of the process.  Lyla doesn’t have any superpowers or magical ability.  The only thing that she can rely on is her courage, compassion and prowess.  She makes for a delightful character, and I’m happy to have the artwork for her now!


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