April Fools’ Art – Kaos Kreegan and Wildfire

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So, I know Tellest is still pretty much a fledgling little company thus far, but there’s certain things we take very seriously.  April Fools’ Day is at the top of this list.  While we can’t do something as impressive as say, Blizzard or IGN, we’re committing to always doing something a little funny with our property.

This year, we had two gags that we wanted to share.  One of them actually took a very real step toward reality on Tuesday (sometimes jokes become reality here at Tellest), but we also took a trip into the future with Tellest 3000.  We did a bit of a secret collaboration with an artist on DeviantArt, Marwan Islami / Ai Marwan, who is great at these futuristic designs, especially when it comes to mechs, which we knew was going to be a staple of this April Fools’ joke.

Throughout April, we’re going to give you a taste of the characters and mechs he designed for us.  Today, we’re starting with Kaos and his mech, Wildfire.


Let’s start off with Kaos, shall we?  So, first and foremost, we knew that this project was going to involve time travel.  The characters wouldn’t necessarily change who they were, so Kaos had to be true to himself.  As such, we kind of made him a bit of a marine.


Because technology is prevalent, we really decided it was in our characters’ best interests to utilize weaponry of this time.  So you’ll see that Kaos Kreegan, our quintessential Tellest warrior, is utilizing an assault rifle.


We settled on this one to really give us a good look at what Kaos would look like.  This carries his attitude over into the future pretty well.


After that, we had to decide on a coat of paint!


We decided to stick to colors he would have preferred.


Finally, our artist gave us a better look at him with some nice detailing.  Kaos has the assault rifle, sure… but he also has a blade in case of emergencies.  And you can’t tell here, because it’s a static image, but his left arm hides the evolution of the Sky Talon.  There’s a built in grappling hook in that piece of armor.  One thing is certain: we put a lot of work into this joke!

Now let’s move onto Wildfire:


Marwan gave us a couple of different options for how we wanted to proceed with our mech.  We wanted it to feel powerful and sturdy, but we also wanted it to be agile.  The mechs in this world are typically piloted directly (there are some exceptions), so Kaos needed to be able to feel like he could move around a bit, and perform all the necessary actions he could.


We opted for the more slender of the two models.  Here, you can see a bit more details of the Wildfire mech.  True to its name, it has an arm-mounted, industrial strength flamethrower.  It’ll scorch the faces off of any alien menace, that’s for sure.


Now, here we decided to go with the coat of red paint.  It seemed a little more pertinent here, and we didn’t need to make our mech and our pilot look so similar that they used the same palette.


Here, you can see Wildfire with a bit more shine and polish.  But, you don’t really get a good sense for the size until you see pilot and mech together:

Kaos and Wildfire Finished

So there you have it.  Kaos and his trusty mech, ready to wreck some alien face (or whatever other evils lurk in the future… I’m getting my info directly from Rhys).

We’ll be spending a little bit more time in this offshoot of Tellest for the rest of April.  There’s still a bunch more to show off!


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Michael DeAngelo

Michael is the creator of the Tellest brand of fantasy novels and stories. He is actively seeking to expand the world of Tellest to be accessible to everyone.