Anime Style Art – Kaiyonani

Hey there folks!  We have another quick one for you today.  We’ve been showing off some cool anime-style versions of our more popular characters, and today, we’ve got our first anthro character shown in this style.  Let’s dive right in.

So, Kaiyonani is such an interesting character to see art done for.  She’s fairly humanoid in a lot of respects, but she carries herself differently, her hair is different, her claws leave her looking a bit unusual.  It’s very cool to see her in this style as well.

With all this extra color, Kai pops even more.  Enenaniki captured everything about her that our other artists have done, and he put his own spin on her.  She looks like she was made for this style.

That’ll wrap us up for today, but keep your eyes peeled for more from this awesome artist in the future!

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Michael DeAngelo

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