Anime Style Art – Icarus

Howdy!  I’ve got a nice little bite-sized treat today, as we have some new art to show off from our friend Enenaniki (now going by Nirokuroku, for those keeping track).  Icarus is one of the more popular Tellest characters, so it’s nice to see him get some awesome art treatment.  This is the latest full-body picture we have of our leading elf, and we’re back to seeing him with wings.

I like how every time Niro puts together a piece for Tellest, he finds a way to frame it in an interesting new style.  Here, you can see the sky opening up behind Icarus, with some wind effects for good measure.  This version of Icarus has a lot more confidence in himself—likely this is before the events of The Fall, or it’s from a time that’s a little more recent, after magic returned to Tellest.

Here’s a colored version of the piece.  There’s a nice shine to the armor, and the fabric looks positively magical as well.  As always, Niro did a wonderful job with this piece, and made it well worth the wait!

We’ve got another character on deck, but that one is a bit of a ways off.  At this rate, the way I schedule the posts will probably not having us see her for around half a year.  Treasure this latest piece from Niro!

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