Great heroes walk among the world of Tellest, a place of magic and splendor.  The strain is considered a blessing to some and a curse to others. With uncanny abilities, these heroes clash with one another, creating a schism that the planet hasn’t seen in centuries.

Tellest is a fictional fantasy universe that sprung to life in 2011 (some legends say that it was forming for about a decade before that, but these claims cannot be substantiated).  It was the brainchild of Michael DeAngelo, who treated the stories as labors of love. These were tales that wanted to be told, and DeAngelo was happy to oblige.

In 2014, Tellest grew by adding new writers and artists.  In September of 2016, eight more books were announced!  2017 introduced the first tie-in game into the mix, and there’s more to come all the time.

This literary universe is happy to lend a hand to other storytellers, and is breaking new ground with hundreds of new fans every month.  With so many different tales of Tellest, and so much new content coming every day, the world is in your hands.

Who is the world of Tellest for?

If you’re looking for a fantasy world that mixes several different types of fantasy, Tellest is right up your alley.  This universe is solidly set as a medieval superhero fantasy.  Steampunk elements mix with several different mythologies.  There’s a little bit of grit and grime, and casualties are bound to be found across the vast and dangerous world.  But magic is a powerful gift, and sometimes, not all who are lost are gone forever.


“DeAngelo does show promise as an author of fantasy and I hope he keeps up with his writing ventures. …it’s not a bad thing to have one’s debut compared to early Dragonlance novels!”

“Like the X-men, each of them possesses a special ability. This book would make a great movie with all the fight scenes.”

“Fast paced right from the start. Pulls you in and keeps you guessing. Looking forward to more from this author…”

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