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Here at Tellest, we’re committed to bringing you the best fantasy stories and fantasy promos that we can. That includes helping you along the way to find other great talents and their works of passion. Over the past year, we’ve managed to work with hundreds of authors in our Otherworld segments. These authors might have fantasy tales that closely mimic that what you see in Tellest, or they might be as far beyond as the stars themselves. But what they all have in common is that they were written specifically with fans of the genre in mind. These writers deserve your attention, for if you’re here, you’re looking for your next great read.

Below, you’ll see a list of headings that will lead you directly to each of the sub-genres that we’ve slotted these stories into. Some of them may need refinement as time goes on, but we hope that we’re able to tell you enough about them to pique your interest. Clicking on the covers will bring you to each story’s Amazon page, where you’ll be able to see blurbs for the individual works. We truly hope you find your next favorite story right here!

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Traditional Fantasy

A Master is Born

A Master is Born tells the tale of a world thrust into darkness, and what must be done to save it.  And of course, with Evan Bollinger, a prolific author of darker and moodier tales, at the helm, there are still some more mature and frightening horror elements to the story.  In fact, the way that Bollinger captures the prose in some places is probably unlike what you’re used to, but it informs the story and carries it in a way that is both impressive and apt to what transpires.  It’s like dark poetry in some cases.

Bollinger has crafted a tale that is too good to pass up for those who like darker stories.  More importantly, he’s managed to build a story that you can’t pull yourself away from, each page growing with more intrigue than the last.   And if you’re looking for a story of this style and quality, there’s perhaps no better to time to jump on it than now.  You can pick up A Master is Born for free on BookFunnel, but you’ll have to move fast.  The book’s release date will be here next week!


I HATE Your Prophecy

Jeff Mach has been writing for three decades, and his tales are always delightfully wicked.  Whether he’s looking at science fiction, fantasy, or just pure villainy, he knows his stuff, and he lines his stories with it.  I HATE Your Prophecy looks at what it looks like to be the dark lord, and how things like chosen ones and prophecies and so-called destiny can make life miserable.  Written with the same kind of panache as Neil Gaiman or Douglas Adams novels, this book will have you in stitches, even while it raises some interesting questions.

If you’re looking for a book that is very aware of itself, this could be the one for you.  It breaks down walls, not the least is which the fourth wall where the book seems to talk directly to the reader.  Mach expertly crafts an experience for his audience that explores issues in the genre and examines what happens when those issues are torn out and thrown in the rubbish bin.  It’s exciting to take something tried and true and step outside of the formula.  If that’s the kind of thing that grips you, look no further.  Check out I HATE Your Prophecy on Amazon today!


Assault on Devil’s Den: Champion of Valor Book 1

The first book in what is sure to be a great series by Eric Balch, Assault on Devil’s Den is epic fantasy at its finest.  You’d be forgiven for not realizing that this is a debut, as Balch has everything lined up succinctly: a beautiful cover, a map that’s fully-realized, and of course writing that will keep you turning pages.  The world of Sarcasca is some serious high fantasy, with a smattering of varied and interesting races.  Readers will feel transported to Balch’s world, and will no doubt wish to stay in it as long as possible.

Those looking to take their first steps into a land of many kingdoms—filled with myths and monsters and lore like you wouldn’t believe—need to look no further than Assault on Devil’s Den.  Balch has created a world that is expansive and interesting, and that world informs a story that readers will love to dive into.  Readers will also love this new fellowship, a party of atypical construct, which makes the journey all the more fascinating.  Check out Assault on Devil’s Den: Champion of Valor Book 1 (The Sarcasca Chronicles) on Amazon today!


Miracle Rising

Blair James Steward has been writing and publishing books for a while now, but Miracle Uprising was the first he published on Amazon back in 2017.  He’s well-reviewed, with people loving his work, and for good reason.  Steward captures some interesting notions in Miracle Uprising, as not all of his characters are mentally sound.  The characters are fraught with tragedy and trauma, and their reactions are spilled to the page instead of hidden behind the curtain.

As of this writing, Miracle Uprising is available in paperback only, but as Steward moves toward work on the sequel, perhaps an eBook version will be quick to follow.  If you’re interested in a fantasy that plays with the psyche and presents with some abstract concepts, take a peek at this book.  Check out Miracle Uprising on Amazon today!


The Avant Champion: Rising

C.B. Samet has made a name for herself across nearly thirty books in the last several years, and she’s earned plenty of awards for her diligence, her craftsmanship, and her imagination.  The first book we were introduced to was the compelling first in a series, The Avant Champion: Rising.  She’s since followed up with three books in the main series (with another coming on the way), as well as some spin-off material.  Samet effortlessly blends together great world-building, tremendous character development and an adventure you won’t want to let go of.

Samet writes strong, satisfying characters who show dynamic growth across her books.  Employing a mix of adventure, intrigue and romance, the author puts together tales that are fun and inspiring.  Readers will no doubt tear through the story, eager to get to the next one.  If you’re looking for a great epic fantasy series to get started on, this one’s for you.  Check out The Avant Champion: Rising on Amazon today!


War Academy: Teen Recruits

Brought to you from the enigmatically-named Zifflin, this low-fantasy novel will capture your attention as the story jumps between its three interesting protagonists.  Zifflin tackles some deep and dark concepts in this coming-of-age tale, not the least being the price a country must pay (and could pay) when all eligible soldiers have been slaughtered.  There’s still moments of reprieve, and the story has heartwarming elements as well.  It’s all blended together rather craftily.

Zifflin has mastered elements of intrigue, as you’ll be furiously turning the pages, eager to learn what happens to the characters next.  Each of them molded from their earlier experiences, it’s interesting to watch them evolve, and by the end of the tale, you’ll be itching for more.  Zifflin’s wordplay helps to keep things moving from one curious scenario to the next, ensuring that you’ll be ready for the sequel before you know it.  In the meantime, check out War Academy: Teen Recruits on Amazon today!


The Price of Creation (The Historian Tales Book 1)

Lance Conrad, whose been publishing his great fantasies for seven years, started it all with The Price of Creation, the first book in his Historian Tales series.  Conrad puts together an interesting magic system, and develops characters and writes a story around it that is compelling and addicting.  It’s great fun for young adults and older readers alike, as it’s entertaining but also thought-provoking at times.

Conrad is clearly involved and invested in both the fantasy genre, and young readership.  He writes stories that will astonish, and ignite the spark of literary intrigue, setting them off on creative journeys.  And this series has worthy follow-ups as well, so those excited readers can feed into their new addiction at once.  If you’re looking for a story that is imaginative and immersive, you’ve found it.  Check out The Price of Creation (The Historian Tales Book 1) on Amazon today!


True Privilege Presents: The Unholy Realm

Dr. Karyn Darnell’s True Privilege series isn’t afraid to tackle darker subjects.  Her upcoming book, The Unholy Realm, is beautiful and interesting, with a likable lead who evolves along the way.  Purity is a vortex of drama, who sees suffering and dreams of something more—and subsequently receives the power to do something about those desires.  Darnell does a wonderful job of blending romance and fantasy, and she captures magic in this series.

The Unholy Realm is an empowering adventure that you’ve likely been missing without knowing it.  Darnell delivers something great with the True Privilege series.  Once you get your hands on it, you aren’t going to want to put it down.  For all those looking for a faith-based fantasy with charm, intrigue, romance and message of justice and redemption, stay tuned: The Unholy Realm is coming soon!  Learn more about the True Privilege series here.


A Tale of a Human Dragon Hybrid: Dawn of a Hybrid

Ryan Johnson’s complete trilogy, A Tale of a Human Dragon Hybrid, has been released.  We’ll be talking about his addictive first entry in the series in this post.  Dawn of a Hybrid is a book that can be enjoyed by a fantasy-lover of any age, but it is especially suited for kids and young adults.  Though Johnson isn’t afraid to dive into darker territory, it has its fair share of playful whimsy as well.  It shines a lens on people who may be finding themselves, gripping with the idea that they could be different than other people.  It’s an especially relevant coming-of-age story.

Johnson’s tale will no doubt catch readers’ attentions, and won’t soon let go.  Even before you meeting Valudar, you know you’re in for something special, but when you meet the hybrid, things kick into gear.  With two other books waiting in the wings, this is a trilogy you can’t pass up on.  With great characters, an enchanting story, and plenty of heart, this book and its sequels has everything you need to make it one of your new favorites.  Check out A Tale of a Human Dragon Hybrid: Dawn of a Hybrid on Amazon today!


The Quest for the Wizard’s Ring

Robert A. Valle is a renaissance man with a keen eye on bringing his multitude of talents to the literary world.  His latest and greatest is The Quest for the Wizard’s Ring, a traditional fantasy with wonderfully developed characters, and an interesting adventure that you can’t help but want to be a part of.  It’s a story in which you hit the ground running, and Valle keeps up the pace and keeps things interesting throughout.

Valle succeeds here with The Quest for Wizard’s Ring where many storytellers have struggled: it’s both a book with a satisfying conclusion, and one that will leave you itching for more.  Readers will want to know what’s next for the brothers, and the world that they live in.  As addicting as the tale is, readers will reach the end in no time.  Check out The Quest for the Wizard’s Ring on Amazon today!


Artésque: The Fragment of Stoná Book 1

T. Cannon’s Artésque is a pretty massive undertaking.  With a language all its own, and a deep and rich lore that will astound and amaze, it’s clear that the story is only just setting the stage for even greater things to come.  Cannon also has a way of writing situations that you need to see to their end, so you’ll be thumbing through pages quickly to see what’s next in store for the characters he introduces.

If you’re into fantasy stories where those of our world visit a strange and exotic place, Artésque is for you.  Cannon blends contemporary characters into a world filled with wild imagination, and it pays off.  And now is the best time to dive in, as there are certain to be more books in this series that will catch your attention.  Check out Artésque: The Fragment of Stoná Book 1 on Amazon today!


The Prison Stone

The Wolf’s Tooth takes place in the same kingdom as Moon & Shadow, but it’s hero, Twee, is introduced earlier than you might expect, and to amusing effect.  Truly, the book has the sort of mirthful presence that makes it feel like Gaiman’s Stardust, perhaps even embracing whimsy a bit more wholeheartedly.  Still, it’s fantasy, which means there’s some real stakes that begin to unfold, and Lamperti has mastered the art of keeping his readers enthralled throughout.

The deeper you dive into The Wolf’s Tooth, the more compelling it grows.  This book certainly feels a mite different than Lamperti’s previous fare, but it’s interesting following along from the perspective of such a young protagonist, and watching him grow into something that could have more serious implications in the kingdom of Liamec.  And of course, there’s the matter of Twee’s past…  Check out The Wolf’s Tooth on Amazon today!


Moon & Shadow

J. Steven Lamperti’s Moon & Shadow is a clever and delightful read, and it goes down incredibly smooth.  The author has a way with words that isn’t mechanical or academic, but instead carries on with an air of whimsy and playfulness.  In fact, this is the kind of fun fantasy that someone who enjoyed The Princess Bride or Stardust would very much enjoy.  It almost feels like a yarn being told as a bedtime story, and it’s because of that, perhaps, that you’re always eager to know more about the world being built.

Lamperti delivers a charming tale in Moon & Shadow that will stick with you for some time.  This enchanting story blends amusing storytelling with catching world-building and clever dialog, and it all comes together to make a truly memorable coming of age fantasy.  You’ll race through the story before you know it, and you’ll curse the fantasy gods for letting so entertaining a tale end so quickly, but you’ll be happier for having experienced it.  Check out Moon & Shadow on Amazon today!


The Prison Stone

The Prison Stone starts akin to many other fantasy stories you might have read before.  But this tale is different.  Besides the two talespinners’ beautifully crafted prose, their interestingly developed characters, and their lavishly devised lore, there are twists and turns that you couldn’t begin to expect.  Mixing elements of high fantasy, steampunk, eldritch horror and space opera, The Red Horn Saga is unlike anything you’ve experienced before, and it is definitely something you’ll tear through at breakneck speed.

Mabry and Asteriou have struck gold, nay platinum, with this incredible and delightful read.  They turn every idea of a stellar fantasy read on its head, and it wouldn’t be surprising if this is the bar with which you hold other epics in the future.  With more books on the horizon, now is the best time to dive in and enjoy The Red Horn Saga.  Check out The Prison Stone: The Red Horn Saga Book 1 on Amazon today!


The Land of the Purple Ring

Deborah J. Natelson has been writing forever, so it’s almost criminal that her amazing The Land of the Purple Ring is the first we’re seeing of her awesome fantasy style.  It has a fairy-tale vibe, with whimsical prose steeped in clever ideas.  You’ll feel pleasant familiarity here—it isn’t a story quite like you’ve heard before, but it plays with notes of nostalgia.  Make no mistake though, this story takes its own road, and you’ll want to be along for every stretch of it.

The Land of the Purple Ring chimes with two voices: that of the bard, with their romantic verses, and that of the scholar, careful and calculating with every word.  Natelson’s deep appreciation of the written word elevates this tale to new heights.  If you’re looking for something that’s strange and magical, you need look no further.  Check out The Land of the Purple Ring on Amazon today!


Heirs of Masaha: (Aethons of Malurk – Book One)

Sachit Handa has a lovely poetry to his work, on display in spades in Heirs of Masaha, the first book in his Aethons of Malurk saga.  Indeed, almost seeming like handed down mythology or even philosophy of some sort, the reader can’t help but feel like they’re being told an important story of old as they flick through the pages.  Have no fear here, however, for it rings true of fantasy as well, and everything meshes well and urges the reader on.

Malurk is an interesting kingdom, and there is a great deal of lore built into its foundations.  Handa does a great job developing his characters as well—though there is a handful, none seem to outshine one another, even though the Aether gives them interesting powers.  Handa finds balance in his work, and delivers a strong series starter here.  You’ll no doubt be eager for the follow-up.  For now, check out Heirs of Masaha: (Aethons of Malurk – Book One) on Amazon today!


The Vine Witch

Luanne G. Smith has earned heaps of praise for her book, The Vine Witch.  The first in its series, it reads as a complete book all on its own—you’d be forgiven for not knowing that follow-ups were on the way.  As of this writing, The Vine Witch has over 4600 ratings on Amazon.  It’s an impressive feat by any means.  The book is a #1 best seller on Amazon, with a whopping 94% positive rate.  Stats are one thing, but Smith’s writing is on a whole other level.  It grips you from the very first moment—primal, dirty and mysterious—and doesn’t let you go.

Smith’s debut story in The Vine Witch series is a strong one.  The author knows her craft as well as her witches do, and there’s always some new curiosity gnawing at the reader, urging them to keep turning pages.  The characters feel real and visceral, flawed where they need to be, and interesting throughout.  By the end of the tale, you’ll be satisfied, but you’ll also be forgiven for wanting to take another dip in the waters of the world Smith builds.  Lo and behold, you won’t have to wait long, as the second book in the series, The Glamourist, is hot on the heels of this dastardly entertaining story.  For now, dive in and check out The Vine Witch on Amazon today!


EMPIRE OF ONE: Volume One of the Wandering Invader Series

Thaine Chase delivers a beautiful, haunting and poetic story with EMPIRE OF ONE, the first volume of his Wandering Invader Series.  With a plot that seems both familiar and surreal, telling of ancient Celtic fairy tales and myths, but framed from a more contemporary place.  This is the kind of fantasy that you can easily lose yourself in, for the journey itself is an addicting adventure.

Chase has achieved a masterful balance here with Empire of One, carefully juggling contemporary and historic fantasy.  He delivers a story that surely has its basis in fantasy, but also feels like a true autobiography of someone whose lived a life of experiences.  If you want to see what that’s like in this firsthand account, look no further.  Check out EMPIRE OF ONE: Volume One of the Wandering Invader Series on Amazon today!


Bring Me The Heart of Your King: The Tale of A King’s Love For His People

Bring Me The Heart of Your King: The Tale of A King’s Love For His People, by A. Allen Jones, is a small introduction to the Kingdom of Unity.  At the heart of the story is a royal family faced with an evil uprising.  It is the story of a young prince asked to do more than should be expected of him in so short a time.  It is also about the prince’s friend, and the pain he feels for his friend when all seems bleakest.  Jones’s tale feels like an arthurian classic, though it is not told without a modern flair.

Jones succeeds in weaving a narrative that begs to be continued.  In Bring Me The Heart Of Your King, things have unraveled in unexpected ways, and by the end you’ll be aghast at the presence of no more pages to continue the tale.  You’ll no doubt be eager to see how the story unfolds.  Check out Bring Me The Heart Of Your King on Amazon today!


The Lost Direction

Timothy S. Boucher has what can be described as a one-of-a-kind style.  This is seen through the remarkable lens of his storytelling in the catching and quirky The Lost Direction.  An anthology of sorts, this volume in the Lost Books of Quatria follows interesting tales of the history of the remarkable world that Boucher has sewn together.  It’s a curious and fun balance of weirdness and witticisms, of abstract ideas and magical adventure.

If you’re looking for a set of stories that builds upon a world in a whimsical, “get lost in the magic” kind of way, The Lost Direction is a great opportunity for you.  Boucher references The Odyssey in the beginning of this collection, and it’s easy to see why.  The tales are poetry, tried and true.  Boucher crafts his yarns with what feels like the greatest of ease, and you’d be forgiven for thinking this wasn’t his debut release.  If you’re ready to dive in, why not visit the website that the book calls home?  Check out The Lost Direction on Lost Books, and from there, pick up the book on lulu.com!


Fire Within

Morten W. Simonsen’s Fire Within is as addicting as it is timely.  Speeding out of the gate with a nerve-rattling prison break, the tale doesn’t hesitate to keep you on the edge of your seat.  Simonsen isn’t adverse to touching the shadows, but there are some bright spots as well, and he blends them with deft talent.  The two coexist in a way that never leaves you feeling overwhelmed with one set of emotions for any long period of time.  There’s a broad world built within the pages as well—one that begs to be explored.

Fire Within will steal away all of your free time until you turn the final pages.  Though this is Simonsen’s debut fantasy, he has a raw talent for writing scenes that grip and pull you through to their end.  His characters feel multi-dimensional, and fully-crafted, leading you to forget you’re reading fiction at times.  But before you know it, the tale reaches its conclusion, and you’ll be itching for your next trip to Innhold.  Check out Fire Within on Amazon today!


Norman Septimus: The Assassins Circle

Second Era is a multi-talented wordsmith—he’s a poet, a playwright, an actor, and now, a published author.  His debut title is Norman Septimus: The Assassins Circle, which leans on all of the author’s aptitude for storytelling to deliver a great tale that you won’t soon forget.  You’d be forgiven for thinking that Second Era has been at this for a long while.  And the good news is that this is just the beginning.

Norman Septimus has a delightful mix of action, intrigue and humor, and the words flow smoothly from page to page.  Second Era’s passion for writing is on full display here, and you can tell that even though the tale is lengthy, the journey for the author must have been an enjoyable one.

Second Era delivers a wonderful debut with Norman Septimus: The Assassins Circle.  It’s lighthearted where it needs to be, and that helps to enhance the shadowy bits of the story as well.  You’ll fall in love with the characters that Second Era brings to the forefront, and the story will leave you itching for more.  No need to wait… check out Norman Septimus: The Assassins Circle on Amazon.


Bolan’s Quest: Legend of the Black Sword

Paul Simmonds brings us an interesting tale set in a magnificent city of Barkow.  The titular Bolan is a priest who at first seems ordinary, but is thrust into extraordinary circumstances.  Together with other compelling characters, Hogarth and Sterre, they must fight for the survival of the people of Barkow.  Before you know it, you’ll feel as though you’re a part of Bolan’s journey, and you’ll feel his struggles as he tries to make sense of his place in his unfamiliar world.

Bolan’s Quest: Legend of the Black Sword is a wonderful tale that begins a series.  Simmonds has a decent grasp on tempo in his storytelling, and by the time you reach the climax of this book, you’ll be on the edge of your seat.  And by the time you reach the end, you’re itching for a follow-up—perfect, since Simmonds already has Bolan’s next adventure ready to read, with a third on the way.  You can even learn more about the series through his author website.  For now though, check out Bolan’s Quest: Legend of the Black Sword on Amazon.


The Lost King (Chronicles of the First Gods, Book 1)

Daniel Fansler is a passionate creator, having written The Lost King when he was in his senior year of high school.  He studied creative writing in college, using those lessons to strengthen his storytelling, and giving us the version of The Lost King we have today.  Fansler is also beautifully descriptive with his writing, bringing you up close to the action without muddying things or making things messy where they shouldn’t be.  And some more good news: though the book is an epic debut, it comes at a very affordable price.

Fansler breathes new life into things that we surface dwellers take for granted.  He’s also a deft storyteller, tying plot lines together in ways that surprise and excite.  He put tremendous work into The Lost King, and I for one am excited to see where he brings his Chronicles of the First Gods series.  For now, as I’m sure you’re excited to dive in, check out The Lost King on Amazon.


Creation I – Tales of Goodly Might

Creation I – Tales of Goodly Might bundles four of Eric K. Barnum’s novellas.  The Healer’s MakingThe Temple of the Golden SerpentThe Blue Sun Staff and Everyday Angels are fantastic reads on their own, and they’re even better as part of this collection.  Not only are they entertaining reads, but they help you understand the mechanics and lore of Barnum’s impressive world.

We’ve showcased Barnum’s work many times before, including the novellas in this set.  There’s good reason for that as well: the author is one of the best and brightest in the genre, and he has a passion for his world that you don’t see to this level too often.  His lore is tremendous, his world-building is vast and his prose is perfectly balanced—not too dry and not too flowery.  If you want to get a lot of bang for your buck, and you’re interested in seeing what Barnum is capable of, there’s perhaps no better ebook suited for you than Creation I – Tales of Goodly Might.  Check it out on Amazon today!


Creation: Everyday Angels

Barnum has a magical touch when it comes to talking about his stories and developing his world.  The Forsaken Isles is in such good hands, and it’s an awesome opportunity to go back to it often as a reader.  Barnum takes good care of his series, and his fans, making sure that there’s tons of content, with more always on the way.  Everyday Angels, the fourth book in the Creation subseries, is like the cherry on top.  It brings together a bunch of threads and lore from earlier stories, and wraps it all up with a bow.

Everyday Angels follows a paladin on what seems like any other day of his life.  The introduction to the tale seems academic and based heavily in building up the lore of the Forsaken Isles.  But the story quickly ramps up into stunning action when a threat of utmost power comes down on his order.  Holy power from a celestial companion, as well as some unexpected allies and an insane foe make this a breathtaking entry in Barnum’s Creation series.  Don’t take my word for it though.  Check out Everyday Angels on Amazon today!


Creation: The Temple of the Golden Serpent

In Eric K. Barnum’s latest work, The Temple of the Golden Serpent, he ventures into a new part of the Forsaken Isles.  A new continent takes center stage, and you get to follow along with a battle priest named Jerranic as he deals with various faiths in the world.  Barnum is known for subverting expectations and stepping around common tropes, and if that’s the kind of fantasy you’re interesting in reading, he certainly does not disappoint.  He also continues along with his generous world-building, using this story to develop the Forsaken Isles further while still delivering a complete package that revolves around new thrills and drama.

There has never been a better time to become an Eric K. Barnum fan.  With five full books out, as well as two novellas, and more on the way all the time, this author truly takes care of his world, and his readers.  The Temple of the Golden Serpent is striking and eye-opening, delivering the same great content we’ve come to expect from Barnum, while surprising you along those twists and turns he takes you down.  You’ll love this book for how rich and deep its content is, and it’ll have you yearning for more before it’s done.  Pick up The Temple of the Golden Serpent on Amazon today!


Creation: The Blue Sun Staff

With Creation: The Blue Sun Staff, you get another affordable story from the Forsaken Isles universe, all bundled up with Barnum’s incredible talent.  This one tells the tale of Lionel, whose faith compels him to undergo a great quest, and it’s just as gripping as the other Creation novellas.  It helps to flesh out the Forsaken Isles, and bolster it with extra lore.

Barnum is a phenomenal writer, and if you haven’t yet had an experience with him yet, these Creation novellas are lovely little bite-sized introductions to his writing style, as well as the Forsaken Isles universe.  It wouldn’t be a reach to think that once you’ve tried one, you’ll be anxious to dive into the rest of the series.  For now, though, why not start off with this interesting piece?  Check out Creation: The Blue Sun Staff on Amazon today!


Creation: The Healer’s Making

Eric K. Barnum is back with a bite-sized (but delectable) take on his Forsaken Isles series. Indeed, though it’s smaller fare, The Healer’s Making captures all of the best qualities of Barnum’s writing and storytelling and delivers it like only he can. You’d be hard-pressed to believe you weren’t starting another of his epics, right from the first page. As the author is now known to do, he gives a great look at the world through the eyes of one of the Forsaken Isles inhabitants.  The prose is such poetry, you won’t want to put it down.

Even though it’s shorter fare, it’s not lighter by any means. Barnum comes out swinging and delivers a compelling story that you can’t get enough of. The best news is that you don’t necessarily have to. More of these novellas are on their way in the months to come. For now, get started with this first book.  Check out The Healer’s Making on Amazon today.


Khalla’s Play

Khalla’s Play takes what he’s done with priests and paladins and extends it to the thieves of the Forsaken Isles.  As always, the story is deep and rich with lore, and the author grows his world with ease.  You’ll swear you’re in the city streets, watching

the thieves work their craft.

Barnum is an author to watch out for.  His writing gets better and better with every book that he writes, and he puts out books like a fiend.  His literary work ethic is incredible, and you can feel the passion with which he writes for the Forsaken Isles.  He’s already got so many books out, but Khalla’s Play is sure to be your new favorite.

The lead protagonist is endearing and easy to root for.  Khalla’s journey will grip you, and you’ll find it hard to put this story down.  Pick up Khalla’s Play on Amazon today!


Dar Tania 2: Set’s Dream

Dar Tania 2: Set’s Dream is a different kind of tale than the first book.  It takes place five years following the events of Dar Tania, and the high priestess of Tiamat isn’t the central character in this piece.  While she still is present—as the title should indicate—the real focus is on the ranger, Bruce, and his peculiar companion, a medusa named Syliri.  It’s rare to see such a character get such high billing, and it makes the story that much more interesting to breeze through.  There are a few other

characters that join the ranks as well, and they’re all as entertaining as the last.

Barnum excels at breathing life into his world, and his characters, given more room to develop, will garner your attention, if not your affection.  This book should definitely be on your radar.  Check out Dar Tania 2: Set’s Dream on Amazon today!


Dar Tania

Dar Tania is a book by Eric K Barnum which provides a stage for the longer books that follow in his Forsaken Isles series.  It’s a short novel, but it has tremendous value.  It introduces you to not only the history of the Forsaken Isles, but also to Barnum’s strong writing, interesting characters and powerful plot elements.  More importantly, Barnum does an excellent job of

weaving each of those individual threads into something magical.

There’s no shortage of great things to say about Dar Tania.  It’s a delightful, robust read, and even though it’s around one hundred pages, the writing is clever and concise enough to give you a tremendous amount of details.  For Barnum’s entry into fantasy literature, this sure seems fleshed out and strong.  Check it out on Amazon today!

Simon Blackfyre and the Storms of Destiny

Simon Blackfyre and the Storms of Destiny is a carefully balanced mix of beautiful descriptions and prose, smart and stylish dialog uttered by witty characters, and hefty doses of adventure and intrigue.  This is a great introduction to what is sure to be a spectacular trilogy.  Simon is a interesting character with as much promise as he has flaws, and it’s great to go along with him on his journey.

Storms of Destiny definitely sets the stage for later Simon Blackfyre books.  This is the kind of book that you dive into and eagerly await a follow-up for.  Fear not, for Callen’s follow-up book, Simon Blackfyre and the Corridor of Shadows, is right around the corner, just over a month away.  But if you’re looking to start this new series the right way, it’s best to jump in at the beginning.  Check out Simon Blackfyre and the Storms of Destiny on Amazon today!

The Banished Lands

Benjamin Mester is a writer and storyteller who you can tell loves language and wordplay.  There is a poetry to his saga, and The Banished Lands is a fantastic start to a lovely 4-book series.  He knows how to write compelling characters, and you’ll fall for them right away.  While their journey is fraught with perils, The Banished Lands is also uplifting and filled with hope, courage and valor.

You can tell when a storyteller is passionate about their work.  Mester dives in with these books and delivers something that’s interesting and uplifting.  It has it’s fair share of mystery and unraveling omens that will have you flipping pages too.  Before you know it, you’ll be ready to jump into the second book.  For now though, why not start at the beginning?  Check out The Banished Lands on Amazon today!

Dragon Compass

With Dragon Copmass, John Bueter balances expressive world-building, interesting character development, and a great mystical force that flows through the world and its martial arts masters.  Magic artifacts and great beasts are focal points of this fun read, so if those are the kinds of things that tickle your fancy, Dragon Compass has got you covered.  Speaking of balance, there’s a nice flow of humor and action in this book as well, making the flow through its pages seamless.

Enter a world where dragons, martial arts and mysticism are commonplace.  John Bueter delivers a charming and engaging read that picks up steam and never fizzles out.  In fact, by the time you’re done reading this book, you’ll be raring to go for the next one.   Check out Dragon Compass on Amazon today!

The InSet: Book 1 of the Carbynarah Chronicles

Jon Franklyn’s The Carbynarah Chronicles is massive, it’s epic, and it’s an incredibly entertaining read.  You’ll be hooked right from the beginning, too, because the world seems so distant yet so familiar—you want to read on to discover all its secrets.  Franklyn weaves his characters’ stories into the grand tapestry of his world with impressive skill as well, and you’ll find the book hard to put down.

The Carbynarah Chronicles is going to pick up loads of steam and put Jon Franklyn on many a fantasy fan’s radar.  And if Franklyn keeps up his incredible writing, we’ll have a new world that we’ll be excited to return to again and again.  Check out InSet: Book 1 of the Carbynarah Chronicles on Amazon today!


Dytin’s Stones: Windrider

B.C. Johnson is an eloquent writer with a breadth of knowledge and first-hand experience that many talespinners can only dream of.  Johnson’s latest work is Dytin’s Stones: Windrider.  Blending elements of action, adventure and sprinklings of romantic conflict, this book is a solid and enjoyable first fantasy endeavor for the writer.  Johnson is also a wonderful world-builder, bringing Teva to life in a way that almost makes it feel like its own character.  This living, breathing land is full of magic, and with every turn of the page, you want to learn more.

Johnson is certainly going to be a literary force to be reckoned with.  He’s a bright author with a lot of talent and an eye for the things that fantasy readers love.  The world is fascinating, and Johnson builds set pieces that are enjoyable to watch his characters explore.  It won’t be long before the follow up, Dragonfire, is available.  For now, check out Dytin’s Stones: Windrider on Amazon!

The Sword of Dawn

T.R.Edwards is a storyteller with a ton of talent.  His books have a frenetic flow, characters you can’t get enough of, and world-building you want to get lost in.  His newest tale, The Sword of Dawn, is deep and engaging, and you won’t be able to put it down once you turn the first few pages.

The Sword of Dawn is definitely worthy of your attention.  If you’re a fan of fantasy, this book has what you’re looking for.  More importantly, when you pick it up, you’ll have just found not only your new favorite book, but also your new favorite author.

Pick up The Sword of Dawn on Amazon today!


Grassin (Creators of Six, Book 2)

Jacob L. White already has one tremendously well-received book out from the Creators of Six series.  Ellipsis has 25 positive reviews on Amazon, and absolutely zero negative ones.  White has a vast pool of creative knowledge, and he takes his stories in unexpected directions.  His characters are crafted with affinity toward each of them, and he truly puts his heart in it.  Grassin, the sequel to Ellipsis, just released last week, and it takes from the earlier book and builds on it.  As you dive into the world for the second foray, you’ll find yourself even more attached.

The Creators of Six series is one that starts building everything in a traditional sense, and then shifts into unexpected directions.  Ellipsis and Grassin are great books to lose yourself in, and before you know it, you’ll be ready for White’s next tale.  He’s a quick writer, so now is a great time to visit his world!  Check out Grassin on Amazon today!


Roquiel and the Phoenix

Tiffany Skylark is a multilingual worldspinner who has been working on her craft for over a decade.  Spend a little time reading her recently released book, Roquiel and the Phoenix, and you’ll see that passion unfold.  Skylark takes special care to build up Kitharion.  Her characters are easy to root for, and you’ll always be eager to turn the page.

Roquiel and the Phoenix is a great introduction to Kitharion, but the entertainment certainly won’t end there.  Skylark has more books in the saga that will be out soon, and she also has plenty of other stories to tell.  Dive into her world, and check out Roquiel and the Phoenix on Amazon today!


Sivoa: Sunrise

In Sivoa: Sunrise, the reader is brought to face a rich, beautiful world filled with interesting characters. Scott’s prose is tight, and her story is compelling. It stands on its own, but it feels at times like a brilliant play on old fairytales and mythology. You’ll look forward to each of the character interactions, and you’ll be hooked right from the beginning (but Dragonira and Pavlova meeting will truly seal the deal).

Sivoa: Sunrise is a work of art and develops a world I’m sure we’ll not see the last of anytime soon.  Scott is such a diligent creator across many mediums, and she and Sivoa have such potential. You’ll be eager to where things go next.

Be sure to check out Sivoa: Sunrise on Amazon today!




Vintrig’s Throne

Freya Pickard has a way with words and telling tales that feels very familiar—she puts you in her worlds with ease, and today’s book is a very good example of that.

Vintrig’s Throne is the second book in Pickard’s Isu Magan series.  Though there’s a preceding book, you won’t feel like you’re missing anything if you pick this book up first.  It’ll give you insight to Isu, of course, but this book is strong on its own merits.  It’s poetic and beautiful, and Pickard has an interesting and poetic way of leading you through its pages.

Check out Vintrig’s Throne on Amazon today!



The Spectra Unearthed

The Spectra Unearthed, the first book in Christie Valentine Powell’s The Spectra: Keita’s Wings series, is a charming, well-written tale by an author who is growing into her craft, and developing a world that you can’t help but want to visit.

It’s a doozy of a story, with a plucky lead, locales you’ll love to explore, and of course, beautiful prose.  Powell is definitely a storyteller to watch out for.  The Spectra Unearthed begins with a nice burst of action, and the pace is steady from there out.  The author is also a master of dialog—every time a new character is introduced, you’ll be happy to see a new conversation unfold.

Powell has two stories that follow this, and each of them get even better as they go.  This is a great place to start though, and you’ll be happy to read about Keita and the royal family, the Nomelands, and the Stygians.  Pick up The Spectra Unearthed on Amazon today!


Sapphire Ambition

Sapphire Ambition is the spectacular sequel to Diamond Bonds. Everything that made the first book entertaining is cranked up a notch here, and the stakes are ever higher.

The world Kish has built continues to grow, and new characters are introduced while the established ones get a chance to shine even brighter.

It is everything you like to see in a follow-up, and it’s sure to leave you eager for the third book!  Check out Sapphire Ambition on Amazon today!




Diamond Bonds


Diamond Bonds has got wonderfully written characters, a cool setting, and the right kind of magic to pique your interest.

It’s young adult fantasy at its finest, and if you get a chance to read it, you’ll join the ranks of those who have enjoyed it.

Check it out on Amazon today!







William Long’s Timecrack is one of those entertaining books that pulls you out of the monotony of day to day life, and thrusts you upon a whole new world.  In this first book in his series, we join the Kinross family in a beautiful, humorous, thrilling adventure when a portal opens and pulls them through to a fantastic, new world.

Timecrack is a lovely endeavor by Long, and one that you’ll be happy to know already has a sequel, with a third coming along soon.  It has characters that are endearing and easy to relate to, and a world that is fully realized with secrets left to be discovered.  If you’re interested in this fun fantasy romp, check out Timecrack on Amazon today!





The False Prophet

The sequel to the award-winning Christian fantasy novel, The Stonegate Sword, this book is incredible.  The False Prophet proves without a doubt that Harry James Fox is a storyteller worth following.

Beautiful prose is present throughout the book, and though it takes place in a future version of North America, Fox makes the world his own.  He hits all the creative notes you want in a story.  This award-winning author will have you turning the pages faster and faster, ever excited to see what happens next.

This is a fantasy series that you definitely do not want to miss.  I recommend you drop whatever you’re doing and pick the book up on Amazon today!



The Stonegate Sword

The Stonegate Sword is a lovingly crafted, gorgeous read by Harry James Fox.  The perfect juxtaposition of classic fantasy, romance, a smidge of science fiction, and a hearty dash of religion fill these pages.  They all coexist beautifully, and come together to tell a story that will appeal to you across every single chapter.

Filled with bouts of historical fiction and brave knights in shining armor, The Stonegate Sword will surely prove to be a difficult book to put down. Check it out on Amazon today!





The Queen’s Reflection

Terry Heath writes the Ballad of the White Dragons series of novellas, and his recent debut is The Queen’s Reflection.  Well spoken and even better humored, this “goatherd” from Washington has a way with words that will have you ready to sign up for all the novellas before they’ve released.  There are three more to follow this one soon.

Why not get started with the first book in the series?  You can check it out on Amazon right now.








A gorgeous book of fantasy and poetry, Pansflorawood is written in whimsical iambic pentameter.  Adams has a wonderfully quirky attitude and presence, and her work is as delightful as it comes.Pansflorawood really is a treasure—a fantasy book for right brain stimulation to launch the power of your imagination!

If you’re looking for the book in ebook format, you can pick it up on Amazon here.






Heartfelt Sounds


Heartfelt Sounds is the debut fantasy title of author C. M. Estopare. It’s the first book in her The World of Sorrel series, and it promises to be an incredible read.  When fantasy is looked at through a lens that might be a little different than we’re used to, you’re in for an interesting tale—in the case of this novel, that’s exactly what you get.

Naia is a delightful character to read about, and and Estopare is bound to see a huge amount of traction with this debut title.






The Horse Dreamer

The Horse Dreamer is the first book in the Marc and S.J. Secchia’s Equinox Cycle. And just like Shadow Dragon, it’s poised to take virtual bookshelves by storm.  With fantastic dialogue, a world built out of a wonderful imagination, and events that are times heartbreaking and uplifting,The Horse Dreamer is a perfect summer read.

Secchia invites you to embark on this unforgettable ride to the world of Equinox with Zaranna, the Horse Dreamer. Filled with courage, magic, evil wizards and crystal dragons, this is a world of wild equinoctial storms and majestic beauty. Explore the fantasy worlds of Amazon bestselling author Marc Secchia. Pick it up on Amazon today!





The Six and the Crystals of Ialana


The Six and the Crystals of Ialana is author Katlynn Brooke’s first foray into the fantasy world that she’s created.  Following a handful of younger characters, the story truly opens up and shows you some very interesting twists and turns.  It’ll have you racing through every page and chapter. Luckily, there are two more books that follow.

Brooke has already made somewhat of a name for herself because of these books, and you can get in on the action by picking up the first title from Amazon today.






We’re obviously huge fans of fantasy, and there is perhaps no indie author so poised to deliver traditional fantasies than J.S. Morin.  We’ve worked with him on several occasions, and he’s been prolific in his work thus far, releasing over two dozen books since 2013.

We had the privelege of promoting Morin’s book, Firehurler, but we also were able to interview the super hard-working storyteller.  You can read that interview here.  Be on the lookout for more great content from J.S. Morin.  We’re sure that we’ll consistently be one of the first places you’ll get news of his newest big projects.





Rune of the Apprentice


Jamison Stone, the author of Rune of the Apprentice has talent, drive and an awesome personality.  In what I’d call pre-production, he’s already delivered an awesome amount of supplementary material (the maps of Terra, Vai’kel and Devdan are pretty spectacular).  Of course, more importantly, what Stone delivers is a solid story.  Some free chapters of Rune of the Apprentice are up on Inkshares already.

With a deftly written story, Stone leads his characters into and out of danger, weaving a thrilling thread that connects things with a lot of poise.  His story is clever, too, with ideas that you don’t see too much of these days.

Rune of the Apprentice is currently crowdfunding on Inkshares.


Raven’s Tears


There are folks out there that treat their series like a child, raising them up from nothing to be powerful enough to stand on their own.  Alesia and Michael Matson treat their child like she’s the future queen.

They’ve opened up their fantastic series, The Raven and the Iris, with Raven’s Tears.  A trip to the world of Menelon opens a window to this vast fantasy that they’ve spent thirty years creating.  It’s a true passion the likes of which their characters wouldn’t even see coming.  I am truly impressed by their willingness to hammer away at it as hard as they have.  In doing so, they’ve forged a world that rivals some of the greatest fantasies you’ve ever seen.





The Undead King


“We don’t really get enough of those fantasy-after-the-world’s-been-destroyed storylines.”

Jared Rinaldi takes that notion and crushes it.  He’s already delivered us a great story, The Undead King, which is the first book in the Saga of Jai Lin.  He’s a bit of a renaissance man, too, with acting and musical tendencies under his belt.  With such a wide skill set, he has a lot to lend to his awesome characters.  His protagonist, Mercer Crane, and even Jai Lin, the sword that his father used to slay the imposing threat of a dangerous general, speak volumes of the kind of delightful fantasy that

Rinaldi has set out to spin.



Urban/Contemporary Fantasy

The Coldest Grave: Paranormal Romance Series (The Unnaturals Series Book 3)

Tosha Y. Miller wraps up her Unnaturals series with an explosive finale that takes magic and mayhem and let’s it unravel in an anticipated battle for the ages. The Coldest Grave: Paranormal Romance Series (The Unnaturals Series Book 3) is a powerful and violent, certainly not for the faint of heart.  Miller developed something raw and engaging with the trilogy, with a world at stake, and interesting characters you enjoy following.

If you’re looking for a more adult urban fantasy, Miller has got you covered with this awesome series about magic and mayhem drawing near to our world.  This most recent release is sure to have you glued to your seat.  It can be read by itself, but for the highest enjoyment, you should also pick up its two predecessors.  Still, there’s no better time than the present to look at Miller’s latest and greatest.  Check out The Coldest Grave: Paranormal Romance Series (The Unnaturals Series Book 3) on Amazon today!


The Red Diamond (Iman’s Journal Book 1)

Emily Flowers takes an unconventional approach to her characters, magic, and life.  Iman is a bit standoffish at times, but she grows to be delightful to readers.  Her relationship with the boy that catches her attention, Troy, becomes endearing indeed.  Her grandfather cinches everything together, hinting toward what magic means in the world, how it all comes together, and why it’s important that those who know magic stay far from humans, much to the growing chagrin of Iman.

The Red Diamond is a breezy entry to a fun series about wizardry, magic and finding love.  It’s a nice little introduction to the world that the author is developing.  Better yet, it’s free as a series starter, with four subsequent books ready to be enjoyed.  If you’re looking for a cute little bite-sized fantasy romance, Emily Flowers has got you covered.  Check out The Red Diamond (Iman’s Journal Book 1) on Amazon today!


No Peace in Death, Book of the Immortals: Volume I

JD Penley set out to make a book about vampires that eschews the typical constructs of their stories.  There is less identifying as a monster, or whining about what they are, and more chasing of mysteries and using the powers given to them in interesting ways.  Penley manages to make No Peace in Death, the first volume in his Book of the Immortals series, a thrilling escape into a version of our world that we don’t often see.  Penley also succeeds in crafting a vampire with incredible depth, and he brings his readers on an intriguing journey with him.

If readers are looking for a vampire-starring urban fantasy that delivers on both the origins of their vampirism, and the odyssey that has brought them to the present day, they need look no further than Penley’s story.  The author has crafted a catching new vampire legend which won’t soon be forgotten by its fans.  And with two follow-ups in the wings, there’s no better time than now to dive in.  Check out No Peace in Death, Book of the Immortal: Volume I on Amazon today!


Sophia Freeman and the Mysterious Fountain

Kids and kids at heart are going to love Sophia Freeman.  She’s adventurous and solves mysteries, learning lessons along the way.  Her adventures are unbelievable and her experiences are wild, and writer T.X. Troan captures it exquisitely, delivering a protagonist that people are going to remember for some time.  Troan also builds a world out of the story’s mysterious island that readers will want to explore further with each book.  In addition to the wonderful prose, the book contains gorgeous artwork as well.

One of the only downsides to this story is that it will be over quicker than you realize as you tear through pages trying to find out the answer to the mysteries.  Filled with magic and mystical creatures, there’s always something new to be impressed by, and Troan explores everything with rich detail.  Though it is intended for tweens and early teens, everyone can enjoy it, as it captures the childlike adventurer in all of us.  Check out Sophia Freeman and the Mysterious Fountain on Amazon today!  Also, if you want to find out more about T.X. Troan and the Sophia Freeman books, head over to his website.


Last of Four (War Eternal Book 1)

Lucas Alpay has been writing for several years now, but over the last couple months, he’s been delivering some great fantasy and sci-fi, including Last of Four.  He’s got an interesting grip the genres, and effortlessly blends fantasy and metaphysical concepts.  Readers will no doubt enjoy the flow of the stories, and will be hooked by the frenetic pace Alpay sets.  And they’ll be along the ride with a hero who it is easy to root for.

Just as Alpay’s protagonist has the curtains drawn away to reveal more and more, his audience will have some intriguing revelations unfold.  Readers who like to sit down and tear through new stories in a single night will no doubt enjoy this entertaining tale.  Close to three hundred pages will disappear in the blink of an eye.  With two more books on the way, now is a great time to dive into the first book in the series.  Check out Last of Four (War Eternal Book 1) on Amazon today!


A Merric’s Tale

Margs Murray delivers a great contemporary fantasy read for kids and kids at heart with the charming and relatable book, A Merric’s Tale.  Steeped in magical presence, budding with inquisitiveness, and run amok with mysteries, the story compels its readers to hurry along, reading page after page.  Murray manages to capture and blend whimsical humor and genuine fantasy spectacle in new and exciting ways.

A Merric’s Tale is the kind of book that flips over everything you think you know about what surrounds us.  It’s a wonderful trip, made even better by the astounding company you’ll keep while you’re reading, as Murray has created a lovely heroine with Waverly.  If a magical world hidden among our own sends your imagination tingling, this is the book for you.  Check out A Merric’s Tale on Amazon today!


Our Fathers

Simon Carr has the wit of a playwright, and his book, Our Fathers, has the content to match some great comedies.  As much theater script as it is stream-of-consciousness, the book will likely have you in stitches as two priests battle the denizens of hell as they try to invade our world.  Carr certainly doesn’t take things too seriously, and neither do his two protagonists, Fathers O’Malley and O’Riley.  It’s a perfect retreat from darker and more dismal tales.

If you’re looking for a delightfully funny read that paints doom and gloom in a brighter light, Simon Carr has got you covered.  Just about all the characters are hilariously incompetent, leading to some off-the-walls buffoonery that you won’t soon forget.  If you’re looking for some light, satirical fare, this is the book for you.  Check out Our Fathers on Amazon today!


Heirs and Outlaws

Lester Kavanaugh brings a dark and dreary yet colorful urban fantasy set in the American South.  With plenty of history built into this hidden world, you’ll see why Heirs and Outlaws is so intriguing.  Monsters and magic have long held their place in the mythology and mysteries of the south, but Kavanaugh brings it to life in interesting new ways, and he sends two characters you truly enjoy to follow out into the swamps.

Heirs and Outlaws feels like the kind of story that needs to be digested in quiet reflection.  Kavanaugh’s story is delivered in a way where you can almost see the action unfolding in front of you—Caroline isn’t your typical heroine, and that’s perhaps what makes her feel more real than what you’d normally get in a tale like this.  It has a grittiness that lets you know Kavanaugh isn’t afraid to shy away from chewing up parts of the world he’s built, but a sheen that lets you know there was some real passion that went into developing the story.  Check out Heirs and Outlaws on Amazon today!


Vanish (The Frosted Realm Series Prequel)

Stephanie Kline is a bit of a writing phenom.  She writes best-selling works—not just for herself but for many clients who have difficulty getting their stories into words.  Now Kline is setting out with her very first young adult fantasy series, The Frosted Realm Series.  Vanish is a prequel to the first book in the series, Discover.  Kline deftly weaves a tale that begins with hopeful and adventurous notes, and then twists things toward the mysterious and worrisome.  Clara is a character that it’s easy to feel for, and you can’t help but want to know what happens next for her.

Vanish is a great introduction to Kline’s writing and the world she’s building in the Frosted Realms series.  It’s easy to see why people are saying that it’s such a quick and addicting read.  Kline is a master when it comes to putting together a story, and she has plenty of experience and praise to show for it.  With the first book in the series proper, Discover, on the horizon, there’s never a better time to jump into this mysterious and catching urban fantasy.  This novella is a great place to start.  Check out Vanish (The Frosted Realm Series Prequel) on Amazon today!


The Guardian: Book 1 of the Order of the Slayers Series

K. A. Grant’s The Guardian: Book 1 of the Order of the Slayers Series is an addicting urban fantasy that you will not want to put down once you pick it up.  Grant knows how to blend action, intrigue and romance into a very compelling package, and The Guardian is no exception.  Set in the real world, you feel like there are real stakes, as though the hidden battles described in the story could be happening in a city like yours.  Even though Shaun is an angel, you can feel his humanity, and you know that the danger for these characters can spell an ending before their ready for it.

This supernatural, spiritual tale is one that shouldn’t be missed.  Grant is a methodical storyteller who hits all the right beats, and The Guardian is a perfect “first track” to get you settled into a great series.  If you’re looking for an electric urban fantasy that will hook you until the last page (and then some), look no further.  Check out The Guardian: Book 1 of the Order of the Slayers Series on Amazon today!

The Land of KA-AN: The Prophesy

Cagatay Gulec is a brilliant storyteller from Turkey, whose prose is poetic and thoughtful.  In the Land of KA-AN: The Prophesy he takes his character, the introverted Cenk, across realms into a place that’s filled with magic and mystery.  Cenk is talented in some regards, but has problems with his family, his school work, his love life… But when he is given the opportunity for a fresh start in the land of KA-AN, he demonstrates that he is someone more important than ever before.  The Land of KA-AN: The Prophesy is filled with opportunities for Cenk to prove himself and make more of himself than he was able to back in our world.

Gulec’s imagination knows no bounds, and KA-AN is filled with many strange creatures and amazing magic.  Following Cenk and his beloved Ela through this strange, alien world is enjoyable, as it is filled with humor, intrigue and majesty, and Gulec makes the most of it in every page.  This is obviously only the first foray into KA-AN, and those who want to discover an exotic new world will no doubt be excited to visit it again.  Check out The Land of KA-AN: The Prophesy on Amazon today.

Dulcinea and the Death Code

Here is an amazing Urban Fantasy from an up-and-coming author who is sure to be one you’ll keep on your radar for the foreseeable future.  Victoria Ray is a passionate storyteller, whose mind-blowing stories touch on things from sci-fi to satire, from humor to poetry.  Her great urban fantasy novel, Dulcinea and the Death Code, which is sure to tickle your fancy if you have a yearning for adventure.

Ray’s novel is intriguing and mysterious, and unfolds in awesome and unexpected ways.  There’s a somewhat supernatural feel to what follows Dulcinea, and fans of urban fantasy or science-fiction will likely have a hard time putting this story down once they dive into it.  Readers will also likely be eager to see what comes next for the character, and those who surround her.  By the end, you’ll be ready to embark on Dulcinea’s next adventure.  Now is the best time to get a jump on Ray’s great work.  Check out Dulcinea and The Death Code on Amazon today!


Awakening of a Soul Keeper

Brienne Dubh is a meticulous author who knows her way around building a series and a world.  Her latest is Awakening of a Soul Keeper, a prequel to her Soul Keeper series.  Make no mistake about it though, this has all the makings of a phenomenal read.  It’s got dark action with real stakes, smart and interesting characters, as well as electrifying romance.

This prequel develops in all the right ways, leaving the door open for what comes next, although it’s a strong and solid read on its own, as well.  Dubh has been writing for a few years now, and has great reviews across the board.  This tale is her best received yet, as well as a promise of more great content on the way.  It’s time to dive in.  Check out Awakening of a Soul Keeper on Amazon today!


Madam Rhino (The Adventures of Agent Grey)

Madam Rhino is a short book from C. Lewis that is filled with so much humor and enjoyable action scenes that you’ll be miffed when it’s over.  It’s the kind of book that you don’t realize is going to take over your day, because you just can’t help but thumb through page after page.  The concept is so clever and adorable: an English grandmother—tiny, old, and needing a cane to walk—ends up developing interesting powers.  This is certainly one superhero story you weren’t expecting!

This is one of those books that creeps in under the radar and delivers such a great, fun storyline that you’re surprised more people don’t already know about it.  It’s such a lighthearted, entertaining read that you can’t help but hope it gets some sequels.  Angela is not your typical superhero, and exploring that is something you don’t want to see passed up on.  Lewis does a great job balancing humor, action and intrigue, and I’d like to see them get a chance to flex their storytelling muscles further.  Check out Madam Rhino (The Adventures of Agent Grey) on Amazon today!


Fariidinus Book VI: Lights and Shadows

L.E.Parr is a master of balancing not just multiple storylines that come together, but also moods and elements of storytelling.  Fariidinus has always been magical (and the Heartland continues to be in this latest release), but we also see real life sewn into the lines of the tale that make it come to life even more.  Parr excels at making you feel for her characters, and for Lights and Shadows, there’s no exception.

Lights and Shadows is a worthy entry in this storied series. It’s rich with storytelling and world-building, as is usual for Parr, but the beating heart of the tale is the emotional journey that Shannon goes on.  Parr does an excellent job of taking her readers through a tragedy to see the beautiful outcome.  If you enjoyed the Fariidinus series thus far, there’s no reason to delay.  Pick up Lights and Shadows on Amazon today!


Fariidinus Book V: Wings of the Sea

Fariidinus Book 5: Wings of the Sea is another bout of worldbuilding at its finest, and this time L.E.Parr brings us to a whole new realm.  The Heartland seas become an intriguing place to visit, thanks to newcomer Melody, who holds sway over that domain.  The story fits in with the previous book as well, as some focus is left on Kirin, who became this second set’s big hero.  Melody gets to shine here, though, and you’ll quickly fall in love with her.

The first trilogy was tremendous entertainment, and these newer books are set to keep up to that same pace while also carving out the world she’s built even further.  Melody is an awesome character to add to her already impressive roster.  If you want to read her story, check out Fariidinus Book 5: Wings of the Sea on Amazon today.



Fariidinus Book IV: Glissin

The start of a brand new set of books in the Fariidinus series focuses on a new main protagonist.  Aramix is a glissin, a half-human, half-fey who can sort through the parts of the queane of the Heartland.  She keeps the queane in one piece, in spite of the considerable pain and weakness she lives through.  But what would happen if Aramix didn’t use her powers the way people tell her she should?

Returning to the Heartland for this new piece of the Fariidinus series is more refreshing than you’d believe at first glance.  Glissin gives Parr a chance to explore the world beyond the veil with greater resources, and indeed, this new set of books looks to pull back the curtain on much more of the Fariidinus lore.  Pick up Glissin on Amazon today!



Fariidinus Book III: Battle Queane

The third book in the Fariidinus series, Battle Queane, jumps right into the juiciest bit of the conflict that has been growing since Parr’s first book.  Kirin continues to grow stronger, and it becomes clear that she is the key to defeating the villainous Letal.  But such power comes with a tremendous price, and Kirin may not be able to bear it.

Nailing the hat trick, Parr delivers a stunning conclusion to the first Fariidinus series.  It’s raw, emotional and filled with the drama and conflict you’ll come to enjoy from this lethal fairy universe.  Battle Queane wraps up the trilogy in as beautiful and eloquent a manner as could be imagined.  Check it out on Amazon today.



Fariidinus Book II: Wings of the Exile

Sisters of the Blood is the continuation of the Fariidinus series, written by L.E.Parr. Where Wings of the Exile saw the heroine of this series finding the strength and confidence to return to the Heartland, this book finds her turning herself into a powerful weapon to use against the evil Highmother.

Fariidinus is a wonderful series, and the second book is just as enjoyable as the first.  If you’re in the market for a series that puts a focus on just how deadly something beautiful can be, the Fariidinus books won’t steer you wrong.  Check out Sisters of the Blood on Amazon now!



Fariidinus Book I: Wings of the Exile

The Fariidinus series begins with Wings of the Exile.  Kirin, who has been stripped of her wings, was banished from the Heartland.  But her part in the great battle before her is not over.  Beautiful fantasy mixes with the right amount of grit and grime.  Parr’s fairies are as lethal as they are beautiful, and it gets your blood pumping for every tension-filled scene.

Wings of the Exile is exactly what an introductory tale should be. Parr crafts a story here that doesn’t feel as though it was a labor at all. Rather, you get a sense that the fairies whispered their secrets to the author, and she was the incredible scribe who was given the gift to share it with the rest of us.  The Fariidinus books are massive, and there are more on the way.  But if you want to get started, there’s no better time than now to pick up the first book on Amazon.


Sirenhawk Book I: Misborn of the Snowy Reaches

L.E.Parr’s Sirenhawk series does for shapeshifters what Fariidinus did for fairies.  The lead character, Ice, takes shelter from the world of man in a hidden place in Sierra Nevada, but she also can’t ignore the pull of the big city.  Whereas Parr’s fairy series was brutal beyond the veil of the beautiful creatures, Sirenhawk leans more on whimsy.  The author definitely flexes her humor muscles here, to great effect.

Parr has already established herself with one stellar series.  With Sirenhawk, though, the author proves that she can let two storylines breathe and grow independent of each other.  Ice is an adorable new lead, and she is the perfect way to be introduced to the sirenhawks.

Sirenhawk is fun fantasy at its very best, and you’re sure to love it. Check it out on Amazon to join Ice on her first big adventure!



Sirenhawk Book II: Misborn of the Wilding River

L.E.Parr’s crushes it every chance she gets. She has written more books than I can count on a good day, and every time I check out her site, it seems she has more on the way.  If you’re a reader who loves a diligent storyteller, Parr is the right one for you.

Her latest and greatest is the follow-up to her awesome Sirenhawk book.  This sequel, Misborn of the Wilding River, puts the focus on another shifter.  And the book starts as wildly as you can expect.  Once again, Parr delivers a stunning and beautiful look at another way of life, and develops her characters in interesting ways.

This is the eighth book that we’ve had the privilege of showing off for L. E. Parr.  And as strong as she started, her stories keep getting bigger and better all the time.  The Sirenhawk series is a fun urban fantasy saga, and it has a certain sexiness to it that you’ll understand when you pick it up.  So what are you waiting for?  Check out Misborn of the Wilding River on Amazon today!


Descent (The Immortal Chronicles, Book 1)

Sloane Murphy has been developing the Immortal Chronicles books for about two years now, and they’re wildly popular and well-received. The introductory entry, Descent, will certainly tick all the boxes for what you’re looking for in a great read. A great, fun story that hooks you from the get-go? Check. Headstrong, fierce heroine? Check. Interesting action, ruthless backstabbing and steamy romance? Check, check and check. Murphy carefully balances everything in Descent, and it ends up making this one of the best urban fantasies you can find on Amazon.

Descent is a lovely foray into a new urban fantasy series that is already four books strong. Sloane Murphy makes her debut book feel fresh without succumbing to many of the flaws that a new writer experiences. Her books have a great pace and get you invested in their characters and the story that unfolds, and The Immortal Chronicles will definitely become a favorite part of your urban fantasy catalog. Start off today with Descent for just 99 cents, or pick it up for free on Kindle Unlimited.



Kara Richards: Seeking Tallemar

Kara_Richards__Seeking_Tallemar_CoverC. S. Eubank is a relatively new storyteller on the block, but what the author brings to the table is fresh and charming.  Her heroine, Kara Richards, is the kind of character you just want to root for.  It is a perfect tale for the young readers in your family.

Eubank is going to be a storytelling force to be reckoned with – you can mark my words on that.  If you’re interested in picking up Kara Richards: Seeking Tallemar, check it out on Amazon.  If you purchase the paperback directly from the author’s website, Eubank will sign it for free!




Soul Mirror

Soul_MirrorJessica Tumminello has worked her magic on Soul Mirror, a young adult story about a girl named April who is a pretty flawed individual – more than OK with taking advantage of people to suit her own needs.  That’s all changed with one spectacular gift, however.

Tumminello has done a great job with this foray into the genre and into writing.  If you’re interested in Soul Mirror, you should check it out on Amazon.





Special Offers


Author M. L. Ryan effortlessly blends urban fantasy with romance and just the right amount of humor in the awesome entry title to her Coursodon Dimension series.  Best of all, it presents itself in a fun way to its readers.  Maybe you’re hanging on to a possessed kindle and you don’t even know it…

I absolutely love that Ryan and her charming story are aware of its presence.  The tongue-in-cheek humor definitely drives this story, and I have no doubts that you’ll enjoy it.

Special Offers, the first book of the Coursodon Dimension Series, combines urban fantasy, a bit of romance and a healthy dose of quirky humor.




The Curse of the Grimms (The Family Grimm)


Allison Kay Burlap delivers eerie fantasy in The Curse of the Grimms, the first in a series that follows this family with a dark history.

When Eleanor received a letter inviting her to the European funeral of an uncle she never knew existed, she knew she had to find out more, even though her mother pleaded with her not to go. Next thing she knew, she was in the family castle in Central Europe, and seemingly warmly welcomed by her long-lost family. Perhaps they weren’t that odd after all.

Until she saw a terrifying ghost, and learned that she was the heir to untold power . . .




Elementary Virtue: The Savior

Elementary_VirtueSonja Wuthrich has concocted an interesting little world with Elementary Virtue: The Savior that I can really sink my teeth into. It’s an urban fantasy that almost reads like a superhero fantasy.

Wuthrich has done an excellent job with this story, and she’s doing it for all the right reasons.  It’s a beautiful passion for her, and it shows on each page.  If you’re interested in Elemental Virtue: The Savior,check it out on Amazon.






The Jaguar Key (Rosamond Eternal)

The Jaguar Key

The Jaguar Key: Rosamond Eternal is a very well put together tale that spans centuries.  Author Katherine Starbird has hand plenty of time to work on her craft, and it shows in this stellar first story.  Did I mention it won the 2014 Royal Palm Literary Award?

Rather than let that dictate whether or not you’d find it a fun read, let Starbird sell you with her wonderfully chosen words:

“A goddess with man trouble, stalkers and secrets.”





Half Breed Queen (Book 1 of the Skatia Narratives)

Half Breed Queen

Why not reach for your closest e-reader device and boot up Half Breed Queen, by L.A. Hendricks?  It’s an entertaining tale of a world beyond ours, where more than what is in your imagination is possible – but it all starts here, on Earth.

Marla Owens was forced to go on the run after the brutal murder of her parents.  But that was only the beginning…

Hendricks is an author worthy of your attention, and Half Blood Queen is a dependable read.






Divide and Conquer (Champions of Elonia)


With strong characters and a story that leaves you wanting more, Divide and Conquer, by Carmen Fox, might be your go-to book for a nice spot of reading.  It’s certainly worthy of your attention, as many others who are fans of the book can attest to.

Two women. One prophecy. Zero places to hide.

If you want to just get right down to it and pick up her novel, head to the Divide and Conquer Amazon page.





Retention (Saphora, volume 1)

Saphora Cover

How cool would it be to be a superhero?  How amazing would it be to fly from one point on the Earth to another?  Saphora by Jaz Johnson entertains these thoughts, but it also goes behind the curtain, and shows the struggles of the person behind the powers. You see, Saphora is not entirely unlike our favorite Kryptonian. Jettisoned from her planet, her true origins are lost to her.  She has found peace on Earth, except for the encroachment of Tebias, who seeks to return her to her ancestral home.

Johnson has lovingly crafted a story for Saphora, and one that seems eager to continue being told.  She’s even got a second character from her Athena universe who is making waves.

If Saphora sounds like the kind of heroine that you can get behind, check out the first book in the series, Retention, on Amazon.


Chasing Rain (Episode One)

Chasing Rain PicChasing Rain is a book series that will definitely appeal to fans of the Twilight series, in addition to a lot of the other popular series that have been made into films lately. Beautiful Creatures, City of Bones… it all wraps very nicely into writing like this.

These books are short, but they’re cheap, too.  And because each one ends in a cliffhanger, you’re instantly ready to pop down another dollar for the next installment!







Children’s Fantasy

The Sunflower

Felicia Sanders finds a lot of love in writing and illustrating picture books for children.  They carry a message of hope and self-worth, and The Sunflower does just that.  While it’s a children’s book, it still speaks to personal growth and believing in oneself.  It also demonstrates that it is alright to be sad, and to always know that there are brighter days ahead.  Sanders doesn’t just write these books as an afterthought, either.  There’s a lot of love and passion that goes into creating them.

This is a great book that parents can share with their kids, filled with whimsy and great messaging of optimism, faith and patience.  Sanders is working on a sequel that will be here later this year.  In the meantime, there’s never a better time than now to give your kids a warm reminder of hopefulness and excitement for the future.  Check out The Sunflower on Amazon today!



Successor is a fantasy tale that drops the quiet, thoughtful Evangeline into a world that’s beyond what she could imagine.  She learns what it takes to be greater than she believes, and takes up the mantle of successor to protect this new world at all costs.  Miles delivers an interesting first book that’s carefully balanced in all the ways that matter for an urban fantasy.  Evan is the perfect protagonist to tag along with, and you’ll want to root for her along the way.

Successor has the right mix of action, adventure, romance and magic that will keep you turning the page.  Miles is stellar at her craft, putting together prose that is as beautiful and enchanting as the world she builds.  She is definitely one author you’re going to want to keep an eye on as she begins to develop her catalog.  Head over to Amazon to check it out!


Freddy Fumple and the Mind Monsters

imageAward-winning writer and TV producer Vegard Svingen rises to the challenge with his debut children’s novel, Freddy Fumple and the Mindmonsters.  It captures mystery and intrigue in a lot of great ways, and really makes you question what is possible (and not only in the world that Svingen’s created).

If you’ve got a child with a big imagination, or you’ve got an abundant imagination yourself, Freddy’s tale is sure to warm your heart.  The characters are enjoyable and easy to relate to.  You’ll be begging for more before the book even ends.





The Greenest Valley

Greenest_New_Cover_5If you’ve got a child who likes to read fantasy, this will be their new favorite series.  Ross Rosenfeld has delivered a wonderful set of tales with the Stolen Kingdom Stories.  He’s well written, weaves an interesting narrative, and knows his audience well.  The first story in his series, The Greenest Valley, is a fun step into his world.

Rosenfeld’s work is seeing great acclaim on Amazon.  This would make a great read in your child’s summer reading.





Jala and the Wolves


It’s stories like Marti Dumas’ Jala and the Wolves that spring that well of creativity in people when they’re young and take them down this path, where things like Tellest and all the other stories in the Otherworld are possible.

Dumas crafts an excellent story for kids and their parents which takes a girl and throws her into a mysterious world of wolves.  Her craft is definitely praised, as you can see by her ratings and reviews.





Anne Hawksmoore: The Time Traveller


Anne Hawksmoor: The Time Traveler, by KC Harry, is first and foremost a fun fantasy read.  It’s clever and fluid, and it leads into a heartfelt series.  But it’s also got a strong anti-bullying message that could benefit a lot of readers.

In Book One, during a summer vacation, Anne and her cousin Claire travel to visit their aunt Marjorie and cousin John in Greenwich, England. It is during their trip to the Tower of London that Anne and Clair go back in time, to 1548, and embark on an unexpected adventure with the young King Edward and his servant James.





Dark Fantasy / Horror

A Thief’s Lies, Volume One of A Thief’s War

Avery Davis had the challenging task of blending mystery, intrigue and humor, wrapping it in a great, dark bow, and she rose to the occasion.  Her story, A Thief’s Lies, starts innocently enough, but things get interesting and take a wrong turn down a road that begs to be followed.  It’s an epic tale that you won’t soon forget, as Davis has forged well-developed characters, a deep, appreciated lore for her world, and the kind of plot points that have readers furiously turning the pages, eager to find out what happens next.

A Thief’s Lies is the perfect read for someone who loves deep and rich fantasies with a bit of a political flair.  Avery delivers with a stunning debut that will keep you itching for the next reveal.  As the veil is pulled back, the story becomes that much more enticing.  The book is as enjoyable as it is packed with content, and it will no doubt be among one of your favorite stories while you wait for its sequel.  Check out A Thief’s Lies on Amazon today!


Memories Lost

Tiffany Shand’s Tales of the Ithereal series was very well received, and you can pick up the whole box set on Amazon for a ridiculously low price.  Shand isn’t showing any signs of stopping though.  She’s got a new book out that you’re sure to dig.

Memories Lost is a tale of finding yourself, and embracing who you are.  It’s a slightly darker tale than the Tales of Ithereal books, but Shand slides into it with ease.  Her new characters, Zoe and Nick, are easy to like and you’ll find yourself eager to see what’s next for them.  Read on to get a feel for the first book in the Fey Guardian Series.

Shand has already done a phenomenal job displaying her affinity for fantasy.  Her catalog keeps growing by leaps and bounds, and Memories Lost is a great addition to it.  It’s an adventure that you’ll want to be a part of, and with every turn of the page, you’ll be eager to see it through.  This book opens up a brand new world of stories from the author, and it’ll be great to be along for the ride.  Check out Memories Lost on Amazon today.


The Films of Terence Fisher: Hammer Horror and Beyond

Wheeler Winston Dixon has put together what’s essentially love letter to the work of the esteemed director, Terence Fisher.  It’s a study of his work during the Hammer era, when he worked on classics like The Curse of Frankenstein, which employed amazing star power in Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee.  In fact, the director often worked with these two, employing them for over a decade.

Dixon’s work is passionate and academic, and cinephiles and horror aficionados can draw a lot of secrets out of the pages of this tome, regarding both Fisher and the films he worked on.  The Films of Terence Fisher is as comprehensive as it is entertaining, and it is a must for fans of the material.

For those who are new to these classic films, you’ll learn about such fantastic gothic films as Horror of Dracula (starring Christopher Lee) and The Curse of the Werewolf, but also non-horror genre films like the alien invasion film The Earth Dies Screaming, and the Robin Hood fantasy Sword of Sherwood Forest.

Check out The Films of Terence Fisher: Hammer Horror and Beyond on Amazon today!


Immortal Shadow

Vincent Bobbe’s Immortals’ Requiem has been out in paperback for just over a month. Now, it’s available on kindle, and at an even more affordable price. Bobbe’s debut story packs a punch, and it really has you worried for the characters he’s created. This tale has real stakes, and you’re always looking to see what happens next.

If you like urban fantasy, ravening zombies, terrifying shapeshifters, scheming vampires, and vast supernatural worlds, you’ll love Immortals’ Requiem! Bobbe has amassed a number of great reviews and awards, and this book won’t disappoint.  There’s also a special discount launch price (the cheapest Amazon will allow) only available for a limited time. Get your copy of Immortals’ Requiem on Amazon for only 99 cents today!


Immortal Shadow

Immortal Shadow is a bit of a darker tale. It’s plenty of fun, and author Anderson Atlas has some serious writing chops. He’s a prolific storyteller, and as time moves forward, you’re going to see the volume of his books expand to an even more sizable collection than what it is now. Check out Immortal Shadow on Amazon today to get started, and say you read Atlas back when he was just revving his engine!

Immortal Shadow is worthy of your attention, and after reading it, you’ll be itching for your next trip back to Lan Darr—and any other worlds Anderson creates.




Red Noon at Helltowne

The Night Skies Over Valhallow world is Dan Osarchuk’s take on dystopian fantasy. He’s been at it for a long while, turning Earth into something darker that echoes the ages long past.  Red Noon at Helltowne is his latest fare, and you can see just from the first few pages how robust the world is. A mix of fantasy, humor, action and political intrigue, the works of Osarchuk also serve an allegorical purpose.  More than once there’s a few stabs taken at the world we currently live in.

Pick up Red Noon at Helltowne from Amazon and you’ll see right away why Osarchuk keeps plugging away at these books.




The Threat Below


With Jason Latshaw’s The Threat Below, you’ll get a dystopian fantasy that is magical and which will capture your imagination.  This book, the first in the Brathius History series, takes place roughly three centuries in the future.  Traces of our civilization are still present, but for the most part, things have regressed to a much more primal state.  A lot of dystopian tropes are in place, such as the language and a sort of caste system, but they’re all expressed in fairly interesting ways.

Latshaw’s Brathius History series is sure to grow (besides this first book, he also has a short story that focuses on a ten-year-old Adorane).  In the meantime, check out The Threat Below on Amazon, especially if you’re into dystopian future fantasies.  You won’t be disappointed!



Power of Shadow


If a balanced, darker story is attractive to you, you might want to check out Power of Shadow, the first book in the Earth, Blood and Shadow series, by Dean Chalmers.  It’s dark, as the name suggests, and may even tread the line toward grimness, dance that line and then completely cross it.  But at its heart is a story that can be enjoyed by anyone.  Chalmers has an interesting written voice, and sometimes that can make all the difference.

A brilliantly written first-person story, Power of Shadow is a fun escapist tale.  Right from the get-go, Phantist is in over his head, and with every turn of the page, you’re that much more excited to see where the story is bound to go.  Before you know it, you’re halfway through the book!




The Fragile Fall at Tallow Bridge

Tallow BridgeMark Heath has taken a bunch of perfect ingredients and thrown them together to make his own witch’s brew in the form of The Fragile Fall at Tallow Bridge.  The eerie goings-on in the town of Aftlain will become your new favorite thing to read about, no doubt.

Heath has already amassed a following of folks who are interested in his story.    Should you like to be added to his list of fans, you can find The Fragile Fall at Tallow Bridge on Amazon.






Awake Book Cover

Awake by Lana Moon treads an awesome path.  The talented Moon has been writing for over a decade, and her own personal experience with “forgotten” places in Missouri and Illinois led to her become an incredible force when it comes to horror and fantasy.  And Awake in particular just oozes that eerie dark awesomeness.

Lana Moon is an uncanny force in dark fantasy.  If that’s up your alley, it really would serve you well to look at her work.   Don’t forget to check out Awake on Amazon.





Death of the Spirit (Crossing Death Book Two)


Rick Chiantaretto is on fire.  The followup installment in his Crossing Death series, Death of the Spirit continues his well-written path for Edmund, now back in the world of Orenda, where trouble manages to find him once again.

Just as in the first book, this installment has a very tightly tuned look at the world that Chiantaretto has crafted.  Edmund’s tale is told through a first-person narrative that draws you in completely – the author is a master of the occult, that much you can be sure of.





Death of the Body (Crossing Death Book One)

Death of the Body

Rick Chiantaretto has developed a truly interesting story about a return from death.  His Crossing Death series has expanded, with the second book releasing this month, to high appraise already.  And with a fan base as fervent as his, you know it’s a story worth paying attention to.

This is the kind of book that speaks to people – it’s magical, intense and mysterious.  Rick’s first book in the Crossing Death series, which is currently free, can be found on Amazon.





Hollow (Chronicles of Sarin)


T. L. Wright hass invested a decent amount of time into his world, the dark and gritty Sarin.  Hollow: Chronicles of Sarin is a little darker than some of the fantasy that you see these days, but it feel like that’s actually a nice little breath of fresh air.

Wright’s story moves forward at a brisk pace, and before you know it, you’re reaching the end of the story.  Luckily, he leaves it open for a follow-up, which you’ll no doubt be looking forward to.






Dark of Night (The Man from the Yard Book One)


Dark of Night is Marios Savva’s first novel in his Man from the Yard series.  Sheriff Blakemoore has some history in Scotland Yard, and he brings his expertise to the United States.  Of course, things go awry, and he might learn that the town of Whitesands is more than what it first appears.

Though this is Savva’s first time writing fiction, he has plenty of experience with writing, primarily dealing with psychology.

If you’re interested in this great Supernatural title though, take a look at his book on Amazon.



Dystopian Fantasy

Into the Beyond

Ariana August debuts with the wonderful Into The Beyond, the first book in her Legerdemain series. It’s a dystopian fantasy that begins in a world not too unlike our own, but with some huge fundamental shifts. Legerdemain is a domed city that offers safety and security at the cost of a rigid set of rules encompassing everything from a caste system, to who you will marry and mate with, and even how many children you are allowed to have.

August weaves her world with tremendous intrigue. You can tell it isn’t just a passing idea, but something that’s been fermenting in her mind for quite a while. Her characters are well-written, with main character Esme taking the forefront and addressing a lot of the concerns the reader might have with such a strict establishment. As tense and deliberate as life is within Legerdemain, however, that doesn’t prevent steamy romance from unfolding, either.

You won’t want to miss this great read. Check out Into The Beyond on Amazon today!



Science Fantasy

Shieldwolf Dawning

Golden valleyShieldwolf Dawning, by Selena Nemorin, is the tale of two siblings who are brought to another world that is very unlike their own.  What they once thought was home was a planet very much like ours, with high tech weaponry, robotics and other amenities that we take for granted. But that world is tainted, and the new world is so fantastic.

Shieldwolf Dawning definitely goes beyond the traditional fantasy/sci-fi as well.  The author has a background in philosophy, and it transcends to her work.  Samarra and her brother make hard choices, which aren’t the typical ones you’d see your characters faced with in a tween-friendly novel, but it works in a grand way.




Historical / Military Fantasy

Chronicles of the Byzantine Empire, The Phoenix Reborn

Readers of historical fiction no doubt love to be transported to a time in our world where they can explore what great cities and civilizations were like.  Ujjwall Uppuluri took his considerable love of history and recreated a piece of roman history in his great book, Chronicles of the Byzantine Empire, The Phoenix Reborn.  Besides being able to whisk readers away into a world of lost mysteries, Uppuluri also tells an interesting story with historical figures, blending more traditional fantasy elements into the tale.

A whirlwind of plotting and backstabbing lines the pages of Uppuluri’s tale, and throughout it all, he keeps things interesting and intriguing.  History buffs and traditional fantasy fans alike will enjoy watching political schemes take shape and unravel.  And whenever you might think you know what’s coming next, Uppuluri pulls the wool out from under you to deliver even more surprises.  If you’re looking for a considerably fun adventure through time, you need look no further.  Check out Chronicles of the Byzantine Empire, The Phoenix Reborn on Amazon today!


The Guardians of Erum and the Calamitous Child of Socotra

Step into ancient Arabia, a historic era steeped in myths and legends.  It is in this backdrop that A. Ali Hasan Ali’s magnificent story, The Guardians of Erum and the Calamitous Child of Socotra, takes place.  Ali tells a great tale that blends a sword and sorcery epic fantasy with something more intimate and close knit.  This tale focuses on a father and son, the love of family, and how far we are willing to go to protect those we care about.  Ali captures it well, along with a devious and dark form of magic produced by the jinn of the story.  It’s all balanced well, together with an almost academic narrator, teaching the reader the ways of the world.

If you’re looking for a historical fantasy that blends dark sorcery, action and intrigue with plenty of heart, this story is right up your alley.  Ali takes historical Arabia and runs with it, telling a tale that has the potential to appeal to anyone.  With vivid, clever writing, the author has a penchant for flowing prose that will keep readers wanting to continue to turn the next page.  Ali is already at work on his next story, so there’s no better time to pick up this one.  Check out The Guardians of Erum and the Calamitous Child of Socotra on Amazon today!


Xaghra’s Revenge

Geoff Nelder delivers a historical fantasy like you would believe in Xaghra’s Revenge.  He’s done the research, and he’s got the receipts.  More importantly, he has the formula down for a captivating read that transcends time.  Nelder is an articulate and calculated wordsmith, and while entertaining, Xaghra’s Revenge also feels academic, to the point that you’d be hard-pressed to believe Nelder doesn’t have some window to the past available to him.  His characters feel true to life, whether it’s in our time, or a time far in the past.

Nelder had earned a flawless five stars on Amazon, and once you start reading, you’re sure to see why.  The set-ups are well-written, and the twists are sure to widen the eyes.  History buffs and fans of fantasy alike are sure to enjoy this tale, as it will no doubt stick in their mind long after they turn the last page.  Check out Xaghra’s Revenge on Amazon today!


Destiny’s War: Part 1: Saladin’s Secret

Destiny’s War feels like an Indiana Jones or Uncharted fantasy.  The incredibly talented Pyram King sets his book in the middle of World War I in the middle east, so as much fantasy as the tale has, it’s also grounded in reality.  There’s something about that which raises the stakes and makes the obstacles that Marion faces feel all the more daunting.  Destiny’s War: Part 1: Saladin’s Secret has incredible layers of depth, and teaches you a lot along the way.  King has mastered his craft, delivering a story that feels like a classic excavated from long ago.

Pyram King has an absolute hit on his hands with the Destiny’s War series.  Yes, another book is just around the corner, and you can learn more at the Destiny’s War website.  In the meantime, it’s highly recommended you get your hands on the first book in the series, as it’s sure to be one you’ll enjoy.  Join Marion as he embarks on an adventure for the ages.  Check out Destiny’s War: Part 1: Saladin’s Secret on Amazon today!


Nefer Blue Phoenix

Nefer Blue Phoenix is Micah Patton’s Egyptian-themed historical fantasy anthology, and it’s unlike any you’ve ever read before.  In this single volume, the stories intertwine in very cool ways, each little morsel getting you hungrier for the next.  Patton builds an interesting world and well-developed characters with every turned page, and it’s great to see a familiar name show up in a later story.

Patton is a worldly author, and that bleeds into his writing as well.  Nefer Blue Phoenix is more than just words on a page.  It’s a culture—a living, breathing world that you can’t help but want to learn more about.  This isn’t Patton’s first collection of stories, and it is sure not to be his last.  For now, dive into a world of action, emotion, and intrigue.  Check out Nefer Blue Phoenix on Amazon today!


Swordless Warriors

Fae Song is Deonne Williams’s debut story, but you’d be forgiven for believing that was not the case.  Williams has an intense command over prose and story, and right from the opening scene of this tale, you’re sure to be hooked.  The author wastes no time introducing you to her world, where men are the greatest dangers, but music can soothe even their souls.  And in this spellbounding story, the bards are kings (or queens, as it were).  Williams’s characters, Gwynn and Shae, are incredibly endearing.  It doesn’t take long to enjoy their company, and watching as their friendship blooms is a sweet addiction.

Fae Song does an amazing job of telling a story outside of the crazy high fantasy that permeates the genre recently.  There is magic, but it dwells within the words themselves, as well as the wonderful character interactions, and the world-building that Williams leads readers through.  This novel is a spectacular debut, and before long, its author is sure to be known far and wide as she, Gwynn and Shae continue their journeys.  Check out Fae Song on Amazon today!

Swordless Warriors


Rough and bloody, Olaf Tormund’s Swordless Warriors tells the tale of ravagers from the north, and their invasion. More importantly, it goes into darker territory when it introduces the mythical berserkers, with their superhuman strength.  Introduced as villains, these vikings become interesting and relatable as the story progresses. With a unique style, Swordless Warriors delivers you into a world that makes you feel as though you’ve traveled somewhere else.  It’s historical fiction that’ll get your blood pumping, and before you know it, you’ll have raced through its pages.




The Wonderland Series

Lory La Selva Paduano Wonderland

Lory La Selva Paduano has constructed a story with a great hook that is definitely not Alice’s Wonderland. Her Wonderland Series has recently released as one collection, with the paperback set coming soon.  Eschewing the idea of telling the tale of Alice once again, La Selva Paduano’s Wonderland takes on a life all its own.  With an abundance of interesting characters and a vastly built world, this bundle is sure to grab your attention early and keep it in its grasp.  It has charmed a lot of people already, and no doubt it’ll grip you as well if you decide to pick it up.





The Chronicles of Lady E

Lady_E_Cover_3Nicola E. Sheridan, the best selling author, is releasing The Chronicles of Lady E in October.  She’s already got a huge following, and she’s hoping to add you to that growing number.  This particular book is the introduction to a new series by the prolific storyteller.

Though the book isn’t coming out until October, Sheridan is offering up a pretty great deal leading up to the pre-release.






In Search of Spice

In Search of Spice

Rex Sumner is a bit of an interesting writer.  He’s prolific, for one, but he’s led such an thrilling life that its hard not to want to chronicle some things.  And when you spend your time spinning yarns to your children, you’re well on your way to becoming a

fantasy storyteller.

In Search of Spice is the first novel (of epic proportions, I might add) in Sumner’s Harrhein series.  In it, we follow the adventures of the crew of The Queen Rose.  It’s an ensemble piece that flows deftly from page to page, and catches your interest from the very first turn.

Sumner has been working his tail off for some time, and you can tell that In Search of Spice is the fruit of his labor.  If you’re interested in a good swashbuckling tale, you could do a lot worse than this gem.


Rainbow Gardens

RGJames Malone’s Rainbow Gardens is that kind of story that needs to be told.  It’s helps to tell an important part of American history, and it also slides in an appropriate amount of fantasy that gives it just the right flavor.  It all stems from a basic thought: After the Japanese Internment, can Harry Shikita ever forgive the trolls who put him there?

James is no stranger to the written word, having experiences in advertising, communications and public affairs.  You can download the eloquently crafted Rainbow Gardens from Amazon.





The Curse of the Golden Coins


The Curse of the Golden Coins by Kaye Pascal takes a more contemporary turn in fantasy, and delivers something that feels like a good old fashioned Goonies adventure.

The protagonist Del, is a 23-year-old who had served in the Union Army during the Civil War.  He believes a lost treasure that will make him a fortune.  His treasure reveals a world of magic that leads him on a fast paced adventure.  Del is joined on his adventure by his friend Sawyer who is an ex-slave, as well as a new friend, Willow. Beneath the layer of a fast paced adventure is the story of friendship.  As magic and myth unfold, the three friends work together to save Del from the curse of the golden coins.  It is not the predictable story of a lost treasure that has been tried over and over again, but a unique historical fantasy adventure that has twists and turns until the end.  A good mixture of historical adventure with a dash of supernatural elements and a sprinkle of fantasy makes for an exciting read.




Science Fiction

Zodiac Supreme: Utopia 

Zodiac Supreme Utopia

Terry Wells brings his storytelling talents to bear with his new coming-of-age Science Fiction tale, Zodiac Supreme: Utopia, the first book in this new series.  Zodiac Supreme has a pseudo LitRPG feel to it in some ways, with world beyond our own that Wells’s protagonists plug into.  Wells also explores some concepts that often get overlooked in other science fictions, and it’s interesting to consider them.  What makes his story click the most though is his care of his characters.

Aside from great characters who you want to learn more about, Wells leaves you wondering about several threads that just need answering.  There’s also a really interesting power system in the story that is sure to have you thinking about your own powers if you were to find yourself in the world the author has created.  If you’re looking for a fun sci-fi read that will leave you itching for a follow-up, look no further.  Check out Zodiac Supreme: Utopia on Amazon today!


The New World (The Sun Chronicles Book 1)

Ava Hayward’s new book has got plenty of life in it, despite it carrying some dark undertones.  Life in the future isn’t easy, but for her main character, Samuel, it’s all he’s known.  The government keeps people uneducated, unaware of what truly exists outside of their authoritarian rule.  Hayward effortlessly captures the innocence and naivete of her characters, as well as the fear—but also the hope for something better.  That something better and different will have you eager to see what happens next.

Hayward’s world takes place in a frightening version of a world that ours could become.  She does a wonderful job of capturing the worried, secretive feeling of needing to avoid the watchful gaze of a regime that is not looking out for the best interest of its people.  In a lot of ways, it hits home, especially in these days of riots, lockdowns and unethical facial recognition.  Despite it all, Hayward leads forth into a new and hopeful day, assuring the reader will need to know what comes next.  Check out The New World (The Sun Chronicles Book 1) on Amazon today!


Redrum on Reba: A Short Story from Dystopity

Adric Laser has considerable storytelling talent.  His recently released story, Redrum on Reba, puts his skills on full display right from the get go.  Laser has you excited and anxious for bounty hunter Clover the moment you meet her, and things only get better as the plot unfolds.  Clearly a passionate fan of the genre, the author delivers on great story beats one after the other, keeping you glued to the page.

Laser is quickly adding to his catalog of sci-fi books in the Dystopity universe.  He’s becoming a consistent and reliable force for epic space stories, and readers who enjoy them will be doing themselves a great service by keeping an eye on him and his releases.  With tales like this which are intriguing, gripping, and—most importantly—entertaining, Laser is an author worth noting.  Check out Redrum on Reba: A Short Story from Dystopity on Amazon today!


Revenge: The New World Series, Book 2

Stephen Llewelyn picks up right where things ended after Dinosaur, and roars to action in Revenge, the second book in the New World series.  While its predecessor took time to set the world, the plot, the characters in motion, this new tale wastes little of it, setting the reader off on an adventure like you’d never believe.  And yet, Llewelyn’s exquisite command over prose and description makes everything feel not only possible, but plausible.  More than academic, this is a wholly entertaining ride filled with a great ensemble cast, a hopeless situation, and an amazing set piece set in the cretaceous point of our world’s history.

Llewelyn doesn’t miss a step moving from the first book in this series to its sequel.  It will get your adrenaline pumping as new action sequences burst to life, and it’ll give you chills when each new surprise comes your way.  This series is one you won’t want to miss, and while you’ll certainly want to start with Dinosaur, you’ll no doubt want to stick around for this tale.  Check out Revenge: The New World Series Book 2 on Amazon today!


Dinosaur: The New World Series, Book 1

Stephen Llewelyn delivers the science-fiction goods with his exceptional Dinosaur.  It already starts off with that “stuff of the future” feeling, and in a lot of ways, you would feel like the story were going in a completely different direction (were it not for the pretty straight-forward title).  Llewelyn makes it easy to conceptualize all the goings-on in the story as well—the story flows with ease, even though it has its mysteries.  The story carries you along for an entertaining ride, and it keeps you guessing what’s to come next.

Llewelyn accomplishes a great task here of blending together all the right stuff for a great character-driven science-fiction tale.  The people on the journey are relatable and likable, the situation is incredible but Llewelyn seals it with believable science.  This is the kind of story you’d love to see realized in film or television, but for now, the brilliant writing and your imagination will have to take you there.  Check out Dinosaur: The New World Series Book 1 on Amazon today!


Orphan Dreamer and the Glass Tattoo

Orphan Dreamer and the Glass Tattoo is an eclectic, ambitious book from J. Nell Brown’s Orphan Dreamer series.  It follows a hero that you might not expect, faced with burdens that most of us have not had to endure.  It’s a tale of self-worth and self-belief, built upon spiritual foundations, and it is real and at times uncomfortable, but also powerful and compelling.  Brown takes you behind the curtain, willing to lay down some hard truths that pay off in some big ways.

The Orphan Dreamer series is catching and enthralling, though it isn’t without it’s harder moments.  Brown doesn’t shy away from the tougher content, instead treating them with care and poise.  With a time-spanning story like this one, it can be a little overwhelming or challenging at times, but Brown takes charge and wraps it all together in a satisfying beauty.  Check out Orphan Dreamer and the Glass Tattoo on Amazon today.  And don’t forget to pick up the first book in the series, the novella Orphan Dreamer and the Missing Arrowhead.  You can also check out Brown’s website here.


The Nairyo and the Beckoning Eroded Stone

Nada Almarri weaves a tale of destiny in The Naiyro and the Beckoning Eroded Stone.  The story feels as though it has a complex and exotic poetry to it, almost like an epic metaphysical journey.  Almarri dives deep into the mythology of her worlds, and you can tell that the surface has just barely been scratched.  The story is ripe for return visits, and readers will no doubt wish to know more about what they’re delving into.

The tale of the Naiyro and his chosen one stretches over a decade, and it will leave readers itching for more.  A mix of science fiction and fantasy, you’re never quite sure what you’re going to stumble upon, and it’s perhaps that mysteriousness that will have you flipping the pages again and again to see what comes next.  The adventure has a fairy-tale like quality that is both endearing and enduring, and by the turn of the last page, you’ll see that journey can yet continue.  Check out The Naiyro and the Beckoning Eroded Stone on Amazon today!


Scorpion: The Rae Wars

Kyle Mata’s first sci-fi book, Scorpion: The Rae Wars, launched this month, and it is a wonderful introduction to the literary universe that he’s crafting.  Once you pick up this sci-fi debut, you’ll be certain you’ve found a dependable storyteller, and you’ll be eager to continue exploring the Scorpion Universe.  As of this email, Mata has a flawless five-star rating across this book and an earlier military fiction he wrote years ago that also stands the test of time.

Mata has developed an incredible balance in his storytelling.  It’s gripping, it’s immersive and it keeps you on your feet.  At times, it feels like you’re reading this excellent literature that puts a focus to these heroic characters—each with their own branching plotlines that helps to tell what feels like epic sci-fi fare.  Other times, you almost feel like you’re part of the action, watching on the periphery as events unfold.

With a universe that promises to be plenty robust, now is the perfect time to get in on the ground level.  Check out Scorpion: The Rae Wars on Amazon today!

Also, get a sneak peek of the audiobook now—you won’t be disappointed!


The Adventures of Nathan and Alexandria

Newcomer writer Robert Dunn has recently released The Adventures of Nathan and Alexandria.  It’s a fun little portal adventure for young adults that marries sci-fi and horror in some fun ways.  It’s a bit of a challenge to write a sprawling story in less than ten pages, but Dunn certainly builds up his worlds in fun chunks, and he leaves plenty of room to come back to concepts and plot points later on as well.  It’s certain that there’s more of the story yet untold, and if you enjoy this brisk read, you’re sure to be eager to see more.

The Adventures of Nathan and Alexandria is a brief but strong start for Robert Dunn.  It puts things in place that you’re sure to find interesting, and it’ll definitely have you wondering what’s coming next, and what could change between this tale and Dunn’s next.  It feels like this is just starting to scratch the surface, and you’ll no doubt be itching for a follow-up.  But to start things off, be sure to check out The Adventures of Nathan and Alexandria on Amazon today!


Connor’s Gambit

Whether you like Star Wars or Star Trek or any other sci-fi mainstay, you’re sure to find something you like within Connor’s Gambit.  Z Gottlieb juggles a lot of pieces of the book to deliver something that feels like a perfectly realized tapestry.  It’s funny, it’s smart and it’s well-realized.  Most importantly, though, it’s believable.  You’d be forgiven if you thought there was some way that Gottlieb saw into the future, because Connor’s Gambit never strays too far from reality.  It’s science fiction, sure, but it feels genuine.  It’s also the start of something that you can feel is going to be big.
Connor’s Gambit is a wonderful space opera that you won’t be able to get enough of.  It’s fun, it’s a page-turner like you’ve never seen, and it’s massive.  Gottlieb creates a universe that you can’t wait to explore, and frames it in a way that is unbelievably entertaining.  There are over 100 reviews on Amazon, and the majority of them are overwhelmingly positive.  Join the crowd, and read this fantastic science-fiction novel.  Check out Connor’s Gambit on Amazon today!


Of Zots and Xoodles: Theodil Creates a Universe

Of Zots and Xoodles: Theodil Creates a Universe is not your typical science fiction book.  It’s an interesting new way of looking at the creation of our universe.  Zarqnon the Embarrassed is quirky with his prose, and I’ve seen a great description that sums up this fantastic book in a lovely way: It’s like the Big Bang meets Dr. Seuss.  It really is like nothing I’ve ever seen before, but it’s filled with such heart and whimsy that it would be a crying shame if you didn’t get a chance to check it out.

If you’re on the lookout for a quick-witted and quirky story, this is up your alley.  If you’ve often wanted a hilarious, abstract way to describe the creation of our universe, Zarknon the Embarrassed has you covered.  This short is so lovingly crafted, and it’s filled to the brim with clever thoughts and concepts, you really can’t go wrong.  Check out Of Zots and Xoodles: Theodil Creates a Universe on Amazon today!


Extinction Reversed

In Extinction Reversed and the series it is part of, the characters you’ll become attached to are the robots. This book is pure, hard, euphoric science fiction at its best, and J.S. Morin makes short work of showing why he’s among the best suited to write it. The story follows Charlie7 in an unbelievable journey of ethics, exploration and restoration. Humanity has fallen, but perhaps there is a way to bring them back. There’s no storyteller who could tell it better than Morin.

Extinction Reversed is the kind of book that epitomizes the science-fiction genre. It’s a great story, written extremely well, with characters who you yearn to learn more about. You want to join them on their journeys of understanding and personal reflection, amidst all the realizations and dangers that the world throws at them.

What are you waiting for? Pick up Extinction Reversed on Amazon today!



Black Ocean Mission Pack 1: Missions 1-4

The Black Ocean series is as close as you can get to a mashup of Firefly and awesome fantasy.  It’s driving force is the characters, which you’ll grow to adore.  The crew of the Mobius—and the people they meet up with—will stick with you long after you’ve raced through your first read of each of the stories.  And you will rip through these before you realize it!

This Mission Pack is a wonderful selection of Morin’s stories from the Black Ocean series.  Morin is as prolific as they come, having written a score of books, with more on the way.  If you want to meet a new favorite author, look no further than this.  There’s no better time than now for you to get these four stories either, as the author has dropped the price to 99 cents for a limited time.  Pick it up on Amazon today!



Black Ocean Mission Pack 2: Missions 5-8


What’s better than one great science fiction story? How about four great ones? J.S. Morin’s Black Ocean Mission Pack 2 is a great entry point into this expansive series. With a score of books under his belt, Morin makes the rest of us writers look like goobers.

Morin is definitely a friend of ours, and we’re happy to see that he’s still cranking out incredible books.  Mission 5 is another perfect entry point to the series, even if you haven’t read from mission 1 on.  And with the 9th one recently released, Black Ocean is a saga you just can’t miss.  Pick up these four great stories today!





Darkleich Files

Bryan Barton has burst onto the scene with his world-changing Darkleich Files, an explosive science fiction series that begins with The Raptarian. Though it’s only a debut tale, this book has the feel of something meatier—something with presence.  Taking place over half a millennium in the future, Barton has had an entire universe to play with, and he’s made some sweeping and awesome changes to what we know, and what is bound to be.  The author isn’t shy about twisting what you think you know about a character, and that gives it even more oomph as you dig deeper into the story.

Barton cares dearly for this new series he’s beginning, that much is clear.  Some people are satisfied to create one world—Barton’s set up his lexicon for fifteen.  Perhaps just as important, he’s also developed characters you grow attached to.  If he can do what he does here again, he’s bound to receive a wave of fans in the near future.  Check out Darkleich Files: The Raptarian on Amazon today.



The Far Unlit Unknown

The FuuuuuuJohn Ploskina crafts an excellent tale with The Far Unlit Unknown, the first book in his Perfecting Reality series.  It has the perfect mixture of intrigue and suspense, and it comes together in such a way that you’ll be done reading it before you know it.  And I am in love with the cover – it has that awesome old-school science-fiction flavor to it.

If you’re interested in Ploskina’s work (and you should be at this point!), you can check out his work on Amazon.  It’s being offered up at a fantastic price, so there’s no better time to buy!





The End of the Computer

TEofCThe End of the Computer is well-written and well-told.

At a point in our lives when computers and phones are getting smarter and smarter, the thought of artificial intelligence is giving way to something that can be described as “hyperintelligence.”  It would be possible to create an artificial being who could possess all the best traits of both humanity and computers.  But at what cost?

The best part is that you can feel the tug of whatever is behind the curtain.  Is this book fiction?  Is it a premonition?  Is it actually cataloging events that have already occurred?  You’ll just have to buy the book to find out!  You won’t be disappointed.




New Lands Online Book 1: Encounters

New Lands Online Book 1: Encounters is a gripping story that has you follow along with Kano as his world is upended and stitched back together, seemingly no worse for wear at first.  Author A.O. Storm begins to draw back the curtain though, and you realize that not all is as it seems, and the world expands beyond belief.  Storm does a great job of developing characters you enjoy reading about, and he makes you interested in New Lands Online, and seeing where Kano will go.

With four other books on the horizon, book one sets up a lot of the pieces in a fun, engrossing way.  Storm is witty and playful with dialog and scenes, and you can tell that he enjoyed the RPG elements of the story.  Analytical enough to make sense of the stats and the world logic, yet entertaining in his world-building, Storm makes this first jaunt into New Lands Online a thoroughly entertaining one.  Check out New Lands Online Book 1: Encounters on Amazon today!


Dragon Heart: Stone Will (Dragon Heart Book 1)

Kirill Klevanski’s Dragon Heart: Stone Will is a shamelessly addicting read that you will have you on the edge of your seat.  Dragon Heart is a mix of LitRPG and Wuxia, something that you may not have seen blended together before, but that Klevanski combines to stunning effect.  It doesn’t hurt that the author has a penchant for great character development, witty dialog, and the kind of story and lore that has you flicking through the pages, eagerly awaiting the next big twist.  It’s a satisfying balance that has earned Klevanski heaps of reads, praise and accolades since he’s been writing it.

Dragon Heart has been a huge success for Klevanski.  With a sixth book coming out this summer, it’s a fantastic time to jump into the first book in the series.  If you’re a big fan of LitRPG, or even if you’re new to the genre, you’ll find there’s a lot to enjoy with this awesome saga.  The story is compelling, the characters interesting, and the promise for new great content is always on the horizon, as Klevanski is a phenom when it comes to his writing duties.  Check out Dragon Heart: Stone Will (Dragon Heart Book 1) on Amazon today!

Resurrection of Adventure (Book 1): Dirty Rotten Magic

Andrew Bardsley is a master of the LitRPG genre, and he knows how to bend its rules and concepts to make things really enjoyable.  Chrix, his main character, takes advantage of the real magic system by introducing something the game characters have never seen before in stage magic and sleight of hand, to great effect.  With a nice mix of humor, action and intrigue, fans of the genre are sure to rip through this book in no time—which makes it convenient that its sequels have already been released.

Bardsley is a prolific storyteller.  He’s been publishing content since December of last year, and he’s already delivered nearly twenty books since then.  The Return of the Master’s Quests: Resurrection of the Masters LitRPG series is three books deep by now, and Bardsley has more content coming out all the time.  If you want to, you can check out his author website here.  But don’t forget to check out Resurrection of Adventure (Book1): Dirty Rotten Magic on Amazon today!


Neverfall: Mark of the Hero

Mark of the Hero is a great introduction to the LitRPG genre, and to C. Wintertide’s writing.  It’s fun and airy, but it also packs a punch, and has a deep story to it.  There’s some familiarity to it, certainly—some nods and hat tips that people who have grown up enjoying sci-fi and fantasy will love.  But there’s also deeper lore and important character development.  And it’s all wrapped with a ribbon that requires game logic to unravel properly.

If you’re looking for an entertaining ride in an LitRPG book with some real stakes, Mark of the Hero is up your alley.  The danger is real for Luke and his friends, making this more than just a game.  C. Wintertide did a phenomenal job putting a balance to the different elements of this book, and you’ll be itching for the followup.  You won’t have to wait long, because book two of the Neverfall series is coming out in late January.  For now, dive in and check out Neverfall: Mark of the Hero on Amazon!




Manga and Comics

Hunter Black Volume One: Betrayer’s Blood

Justin Peniston and William Orr are prolific creators of comics, television shows and general nerdery.  They’re passionate and excited about their creator-born projects, which is how we ended up with the hardboiled fantasy web comic, Hunter Black.  Cool style and witty dialog bleeds off the pages.  It’s a comic that’s fun and addicting, with tons of content.  What better way to commemorate such hard work than with a paperback collection of the first volume?

This is the first comic that we’re seeing from the Otherworld, and it’s an astounding first!  Peniston and Orr deliver an incredible story, beautiful art, and the kind of addicting twists and turns that will keep you hooked.  This is the kind of badass project that you share with all your friends because it sticks with you, and you want someone to talk to about it.  It’s also the kind of work that might see releases in other formats in the future.  A Hunter Black animated show anyone?  For now, get started on the first chunk of the story with Hunter Black Volume One: Betrayer’s Blood, available at Justin Peniston’s website.


Akai Chapter 0

Storyteller Anfernee “AnimeBae™️” Robinson and artist Apeng collaborate on this visually alluring and exciting adventure.  It’s already picking up a lot of steam over on medibang, grabbing people and not seeming to let go!  AnimeBae has become respected among the community, and manga fans are itching for follow-ups whenever they’re ready.

If you’re a manga fan, you really owe it to yourself to give this book and its series a shot.  AnimeBae delivers a solid story and with some help from Apeng’s gorgeous art, they knock it out of the park.  It’s a quick, addicting experience, so go ahead and get to it now.  Check out Akai Chapter 0 – How to Become Strong from AnimeBae today!



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