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Otherworld Gallery

Here at Tellest, we’re committed to bringing you the best fantasy stories and fantasy promos that we can. That includes helping you along the way to find other great talents and their works of passion. Over the past year, we’ve managed to work with hundreds of authors in our Otherworld segments. These authors might have fantasy tales that closely mimic that what you see in Tellest, or they might be as far beyond as the stars themselves. But what they all have in common is that they were written specifically with fans of the genre in mind. These writers deserve your attention, for if you’re here, you’re looking for your next great read.

Below, you will see a list of headings that will lead you directly to each of the sub-genres that we’ve slotted these stories into. Some of them may need refinement as time goes on, but we hope that we’re able to tell you enough about them to pique your interest. Clicking on the covers will bring you to each story’s Amazon page, where you’ll be able to see blurbs for the individual works. We truly hope you find your next favorite story right here!

*Please note: if you purchase a book from one of the links below, I may receive compensation through Amazon’s affiliate program.


Traditional Fantasy
Urban Fantasy
Children’s Fantasy
Dark Fantasy/Horror
Science Fantasy
Historical/Military Fantasy
Science Fiction
LitRPG and Choose Your Own Adventure
Manga and Comics

Traditional Fantasy

A Flame in the Throne

Author Kira. F. Lindon brings an intriguing and captivating story to life with her debut, A Flame in the Throne.  It presents an interesting juxtaposition between classic, more traditional fantasy, and contemporary fare.  Lindon makes it easy to root for her characters, even when they’re involved in darker tasks and tactics.  They are integral to the story, and Lindon does a wonderful job of making them appear rich, dynamic, and nuanced.  Of course, the world of Truduva is not without its own curiosities, and it is in those nooks and shadows that you can see just what potential the author has carved out for herself here.

Lindon’s story is filled with snappy chapters that leave readers hungry for the next reveal or bit of conflict.  Just when you think you know what new truths begin to unfold, another door opens, presenting readers with a new option to explore.  The tale comes together in just the right way to keep readers entertained and engaged throughout.  And with a new book in the series primed to drop in August of this year, there’s never been a better time to familiarize yourself with the kingdom of Atrellia and the world of Truduva.  Check out A Flame In The Throne by Kira F. Lindon on Amazon today!


The Cataclysm (The Cataclysm Series Book 1)

Aaron Jackson delivers a world beset upon by one of the worst disasters imaginable, and then unleashes life and all its challenges upon it in The Cataclysm, the first book in a trilogy that was just recently completed.  Jackson shows at once that he cares deeply about the world, even in light of the decimation he writes about.  There is a richness to the lore, and to the way that characters react to the events of the disaster that occurred one hundred years before.  It doesn’t just serve as a backdrop, but as an integral part of the story, and as the tale progresses, readers will see various vantage points that compare the world before to what came after.

With a large and interesting cast of characters, and enough immersive history remaining of the world even after the cataclysm, Jackson’s work is easy to get lost in.  Whether you’re looking back at the dire events that reshaped the world, or forward at the harsh reality of life on Argana that everyone must contend with, the author ropes you in, ensuring you don’t want to let go until the last page.  With the second book released last month, and the third book arriving just last week, there has never been a better time to dive into this fantasy of epic proportions.  Check out The Cataclysm (The Cataclysm Series Book 1) on Amazon today!


The Elven Witch (Children of the Elven King, Part 2)

Author Helene Krejsager has honed her considerable talents throughout the years, and brings the sophomore tale of her Children of the Elven King series to light with The Elven Witch.  There is a level of devotion that the writer has for her craft, and it is visible in the interesting characters, the rich and vast world, and the shadows around every corner that Krejsager leads her readership toward.  Her vivid imagination translates well into an immersive tale, ensuring that every step of the way, the audience feels like a part of the adventure, spending time with the characters instead of just watching them through a distant lens.

Krejsager keeps her audience at attention, ensuring they’re always waiting for the next surprise or reveal.  But even when it comes to witnessing the banter between her characters, readers are bound to have a good time.  It’s a fun excursion, and it will stick with readers after they partake of it.  With a third book nearly upon us, there’s never been a better time to dive into Krejsager’s wonderful fantasy world.  Check out The Elven Witch (Children of the Elven King, Part 2) on Amazon today!  You can pick up the first book here, if you’re interested!


Prelude to After The Hero: A Curious Tale (The Curious Tale Book 0)

Josh Fredman, perhaps better known regarding his books as The Sinistral, allows readers a step into his world in the first of many of his stories to be ready for mass consumption, Prelude to After The Hero: A Curious Tale (The Curious Tale Book 0).  In it, the audience is introduced to wonderful worldbuilding, as the realm of Gala feels fresh and unique.  The Sinistral puts great effort into eliminating the feeling of tired tropes, instead giving The Curious Tale a dynamic presence, with characters that are not merely heroes and villains, but people with vast driving forces and goals behind them.  Indeed, everyone feels like they have a place—not as if on a stage, but as a living, breathing part of the world.

The Sinistral doesn’t just write a world, but invites others to be a part of it.  It’s complex and multilayered, but it is also elegant.  Tremendous forethought went into the story and the prose, and it’s that care that grabs readers by the hand and gently whisks them forward, rather than stringing them along.  The audience is meant to coalesce into the world that’s been built, instead of watch as it passes by.  It’s enthralling, and considering this story is just one part of The Sinistral’s mighty chronology, it’s a lovely first stop.  It will also likely earn readers a new favorite author to pay attention to.  Check out Prelude to After The Hero: A Curious Tale (The Curious Tale Book 0) on Amazon today!


Shadow of the Sword: A Tale of Alamore

Life around Alamore is not without its darkness, but author C. J. R. Isely finds enough to put a squire through the ringer in Shadow of the Sword: A Tale of Alamore.  That darkness is not without reason, as it helps to tell the story of how the squire made of himself a knight of the king’s court.  Laster has been a mainstay in the main universe in which Isley writes, the William of Alamore series.  But to see his origins here adds new depth to the character, making it easier than ever to appreciate his personality, mannerisms and concept of loyalty and duty.  It doesn’t just expand on him as a person, but carves out more of the world as well, adding layers of richness and backstory to an already exciting literary universe.

Though Shadow of the Sword is a prequel story, it reads like its own little epic, and Isely’s passion for her work and her world is apparent on every page.  That translates very well into real and sometimes raw emotion that comes through its characters.  It’s not easy to draw out worries with characters you know survive until later, but Isely shows that there are still stakes, even if death is not part of the picture.  With this latest tale, the author has once again shown why she is a master of the craft, and why she should be one of the fantasy authors readers follow.  With a world that just keeps growing, it’s a great time to dive in to this literary universe.  Check out Shadow of the Sword: A Tale of Alamore on Amazon today.


The Fallen Heir (William of Alamore Series Book 3)

It’s been just over two years since author C. J. R. Isely began her William of Alamore series, and for some, these past years couldn’t speed by soon enough.  The third book in her series, The Fallen Heir, is finally on its way, and it is as captivating as the first two.  This coming of age series is coming to a point where William is no longer a lad.  He’s dealing with more important and weightier decisions, and can’t lean on others to make the right call for him and his friends any longer.  In that way, since it’s right on the cusp of young adult, it’s really a book that is ideal for many ages.  Younger fantasy fans will enjoy the first two books, but the series is written in such a way that it can be picked up by anyone, and it will entice and enthrall regardless.

Isely’s books are well-received and gaining popularity, and it’s easy to see why.  After spending some time in this new tale, it is looking more and more like the author will be able to keep up her stunning track record, all while expanding her world and opening up new possibilities.  There is still plenty to learn of the author’s rich world, as this takes us as far as we’ve been from the initial tales featuring William of Alamore.  It’s perfect for fans who are itching to know more.  While you’re reading the first two books in the series, make sure Isely’s latest is delivered right to your e-reader when the book releases on April 12th.  Preorder The Fallen Heir (William of Alamore Series Book 3) on Amazon today!


The Cutthroat Prince (William of Alamore Series Book 2)

Fans of C. J. R. Isely’s first book, Ranger of Kings, didn’t have to wait long for the sequel.  In The Cutthroat Prince (William of Alamore Series Book 2), her captivating characters find themselves engrossed in more trouble that you’ll want to follow along with.  Once again, Isely excels at crafting a world that seems intricately developed, with a deliberate hand on everything there is to see.  The second book focuses its lens on things like the politics of the world that Will lives in, as well as the culture that exists from one country to the next, and even on chivalry and horsemanship.  Though it feels scholarly in some regards, the story never loses a step in its prose, which at times feels moving and poetic.

The Cutthroat Prince introduces interesting new characters, elements of intrigue and new hazards.  There are new perspectives to look at Alamore with, and new secrets to reveal.  It’s a slightly longer story, but readers will still be hungry for more after they turn the last page.  And despite the second consecutive close of her books, Isely makes it clear that there is still more to say of Will and his world.  Don’t sleep on this book or its predecessor.  Check out The Cutthroat Prince (William of Alamore Series Book 2) on Amazon today!

Also, don’t forget, you can still sign up for Isely’s newsletter to get a free copy of her novella, The Falcon and the Stag, also set in Alamore.  Furthermore, both books are no available in audio format.


Ranger of Kings (William of Alamore Series Book 1)

A saga nearly a decade-and-a-half in the making, the William of Alamore series has been a passion of author C. J. R. Isely that offers plenty to the intrepid fantasy reader.  Ranger of Kings, the debut of the series, introduces you to the world of Alamore, where the author will prop up her tent for the next several books.  This labor of love is given gratification at once, as everything that Isely writes seems carefully crafted, precise in its entry into the world.  Isley develops a strong and interesting world, and layers it with delightful characters who you want to know more about.  It’s a wonderful read for budding fantasy lovers.

Page after page, readers will be rushing forth as they try to learn the next clue as the story unravels.  Though it is a substantial offering, it will still feel as though it’s over too quick, with fans hungering for the next in the series—though it marks its end in a satisfying way.  Luckily, the second book in the William of Alamore series is nearly upon us, releasing at the end of July 2021, so there’s no better time than now to introduce yourself to the Isely’s impressive fantasy world.  Check out Ranger of Kings (William of Alamore Series Book 1) on Amazon today!  Also, don’t hesitate to head over to the author’s website, where you can sign up for her newsletter to get a free story, The Falcon and the Stag, set in Alamore.



Author Gregory Macdonald doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel when it comes to his fantasy debut, Daglander.  Instead, he keeps the whole wagon rolling, and showing some fresh new scenery along the way.  Daglander features classic races and monsters, but Macdonald makes them his own by introducing a spin on the world itself, as he helps the reader dive into the world of Terras.  Within the first few pages, it’s already clear what sort of civilizations are at play, but even early on, readers will get a sense that Daglander has a playful feel to it, and it is instantly accessible to those who love the genre.  There are some darker elements present, but it is ultimately a story that evokes traditional fantasy and leaves the reader feeling more warmth than cold, more light than darkness.

Playful where it needs to be, but with horrors rising from the darkness, this story is an excellent foray into Macdonald’s Terras.  Set apart by an interesting and unexpected cast of characters, Daglander is a pleasant foray into fantasy that will no doubt be comforting to the reader, even in its most frenetic moments.  While there are shadows of the greater world hinted at in its final pages, the book reads well enough on its own as well, meaning there’s no reason not to dive in as soon as you can.  Check out Daglander, by Gregory Macdonald, on Amazon today!


The Debt Collector (Rise of the Tarnished Book 1)

Rachel Ann Hubert arrives on the scene precisely as she means to, delivering a debut that is polished, smart, and would have readers second-guessing that this is the start of her writing journey.  Her novel, The Debt Collector (Rise of the Tarnished Book 1), opens up with a catching sequence that sets the tone, the setting, and the stage for what’s to come.  Hubert writes dynamic, layered characters that are easy to connect with.  And they aren’t the only focus, as they exist within a very rich and detailed world that you can get lost in.  The author has ensured there are intricate systems in place, from the magic to the diplomacy, and they add to the overall vividness of the world, without being heavy-handed.  The Debt Collector is wonderfully composed as well, as though Hubert is choreographing the action, and her words take you on a journey as the camera catching footage of the unfolding events.

There is a cadence to the author’s words, and it helps to set the pace to an already speedy read.  While the story is robust, and multifaceted, there isn’t a time where it feels like anything lingers for too long, or that there is unnecessary set dressing.  Instead, The Debt Collector knows exactly where it needs to be and when, and that ensures that it is difficult to put down.  There are, of course, secrets revealed along the way, and Hubert handles them deftly, making each feel earned and exciting.  Before readers know it, they’ll be hooked by the one, last twist, and will be biting their nails for more.  With book two on the way, there’s never been a better time to dive into this work by Rachel Ann Hubert.  Check out The Debt Collector (Rise of the Tarnished Book 1) on Amazon today!


Badgerblood: Awakening

Though S.C. Monson is an indie author, her debut, Badgerblood: Awakening, has the pedigree of a story with a huge publishing team behind it.  Monson and her husband are a dynamic writing and artist duo who lead readers into the world of Caderia, a fully-realized place filled with low-key magic and mighty majesty.  The lands that Monson invites her audience to explore are vibrant, expansive and expressive—it feels lived in, and not just a formless extension where the story takes place.  It has all the components necessary to make the next great fantasy adventure, and Monson executes wonderfully.

Badgerblood: Awakening nails all the marks it sets for itself.  Stellar worldbuilding and lore, twists and turns in the story, incredibly likeable characters and wonderfully-written prose assure that those who pick up the book will not be disappointed.  It’s a great introduction to the world, and it is a hit with readers of all ages.  It was written with adults in mind, but young adults and older kids will love it too.  So what are you waiting for?  Dive into Caderia before the second book in the Badgerblood series is out.  Check out Badgerblood: Awakening on Amazon today!


The Frostlands: Saga of the Brightflame: Book Two

In Chad Westbrook’s sophomore journey into his world of Sarai, he expands on the lore, the richness of the world, and of course, the story.  Indeed, in The Frostlands: Saga of the Brightflame: Book Two, we continue along with the orc, Aragrim, as he finds himself and his purpose, and his place not just among his people, but within the world.  Westbrook presents a story that introduces great new characters, along with greater stakes that truly help to bring a focus to Sarai, and to show you just what sort of dangers are present there.  Whereas the first book helped to weave the tapestry of the world, this sequel is like extra embroidery upon it, bringing an attractive set of details to an already exciting and attractive world.

This second book also gives an opportunity for those who enjoy audiobooks.  Frostlands demonstrates an incredibly dynamic range for narrator John B. Jenkins, who flexes his own storytelling muscles even further in this follow-up.  It is beyond evident that Jenkins has passion for the world that Westbrook created, and he helps to bring out the rich details and character moments.  With the new characters on display, he has a varied palette of artistry to show off, and he captures the author’s voice to great effect.  These two talespinners synergize incredibly well, and bring a world to life that is worthy of a fantasy fan’s attention, especially if they want something that simultaneously feels like it leans on the traditions of fantasy while offering something fresh and exciting.  Check out The Frostlands: Saga of the Brightflame: Book 2 on Amazon today, and don’t forget to also pick up the incredible narrated version as well!


Orc: Saga of the Brightflame: The Complete Saga

While showing shades of gray around a character who would ordinarily be painted in less abstract colors is not new to fantasy, when it’s done right, it can be quite catching.  So it is in Chad Westbrook’s Orc: Saga of the Brightflame.  The book observes the treatment of one through the lens of his race and the color of his skin, though he’s found a different culture within the humans who have taken him in, even while some of them show reluctance in having done so.  Westbrook’s focus on Abrium–nee Aragrim–does not deter from other strengths found in the tale either, as a good deal of characters have backstories that weave an interesting tapestry about the world.

As talented a talespinner as Westbrook is, he’s found a partner in John B. Jenkins, who narrates the the story with a sense of grandeur, bravado and majesty.  He captures each character dynamically, so that the cast feels as though they’re represented by an entire ensemble.  Indeed, Jenkins brings a certain gravitas to the voice work that elevates the events and the dialog, making it sound as though Abrium’s adventures are told through a larger, more cinematic scope.  Together, these two storytellers have done a wonderful job of telling an orc’s very interesting story, and it’s one that you should certainly look into.  Check out Orc: Saga of the Brightflame: The Complete Saga on Amazon today, and don’t forget to also pick up the incredible narrated version as well!


The Beast of Basque: Tales of the Ravensdaughter, Adventure One

With fresh ideas, a brief but worthy and serviceable page count, and an storyteller who knows her audience, Tales of the Ravensdaughter is a series worth looking out for.  With life feeling busier than ever, there is a search ongoing for things that can entertain in bite-sized chunks.  Erin Hunt Rado deftly fashions her stories of a grand saga into short-yet-exciting quests for her captivating characters to partake.  The author drops you into exciting events which are already in progress, demonstrating that her world is alive, well before the first page is turned.  The first book in the series, The Beast of Basque, gives readers an explosive introduction to heroine Alerice, and the revelations and the pace never really waver after that.

Right from the turn of the first page, the author ensures her readers know that this is unlike their typical fantasy experiences.  The Ravendaughter tales subvert expectations and surprise in the absolute best ways, always urging eager readers on.  Rado does a good enough job of making sure that each book is as self-contained as it needs to be in order to be read on its own, but it truly shines as a full series, and there’s no better place to start than the beginning.  Check out The Beast of Basque on Amazon today, and remember that you can pick up all six of Rado’s wonderful snack-sized books for an affordable price indeed on Amazon.


The Mystery of the High Maiden: An Epic Fantasy Adventure Saga (Marhanyam Children of All Book 1)

From the moment one turns the first page of The Mystery of the High Maiden, the first book in the Marhanyam Children of All series, they will know that they are in for an experience not to be missed.  It is a rich and complex fantasy set in world which is saturated with greater detail, little secrets, and culture and language that immerses readers.  And it could only be achieved by an author who is clearly passionate about the material and the genre.  In that case, Ujwal Vujjini becomes the hero that fantasy so often needs, bringing a lively experience to readers that comes so far and few between.  From creating his own constructed language, to nailing down such specific details of his world of Ārhmanhaḥ, Vujjini shows his mastery in the art of worldbuilding.  Simply put, he stands among giants.

Vujjini’s characters, too, stand in the path of greatness, though there are different implications there.  Tumbmar is an interesting character by the nature of his origin and his destiny, but he also must serve as a vehicle to bring us all the rich details in the author’s world.  In many cases, it would be easy to lose oneself to the magic and mystery of the the universe around the main character, but Vujjini strikes a balance that keeps the story going without lingering anywhere too long.  Instead, after spending an appropriate amount of time staring at the beauty and vastness of Ārhmanhaḥ in the beginning of the story, readers are treated to glances among their time with Tumbmar and the rest of the ensemble as they explore Vujjini’s great and fantastic world, and leave their mark upon it.  Check out The Mystery of the High Maiden: An Epic Fantasy Adventure Saga (Marhanyam Children of All Book 1) on Amazon today!


Darkness Me, Colorful You, Volume 1

In the midst of the pandemic, author J.X. Fu took a glance inside himself and found the magic to release his debut fantasy, a light novel that is a great escape for those who need it.  Fu’s story shines when it gives insights to its dynamic characters, the real heart of everything within Darkness Me, Colorful You.  Fu was able to bring them to life in interesting ways, which earnestly captivate the reader, ensuring they want to spend every moment they can with them before the last page is turned.  Emotionally charged, and painting strokes of colors across a spectrum of feelings, Fu captures both the struggles and the joys of what makes a person truly human, and shows the importance of reaching out with an empathetic hand.

In many ways, Perpetua, the world in Fu’s book, becomes a reflection of our own.  Written during a time when many were suffering, both physically and emotionally, Darkness Me, Colorful You helps to bring shared personal struggles to the surface, showing that it is okay to vulnerable, weary, and damaged.  Fu’s first fantasy is but a single trip into a world of reverie, but there is more on the way, meaning there’s never been a better time to dive in than now.  Check out Darkness Me, Colorful You, Volume 1 on Amazon today!


The Peace at Knife’s Edge (The Breathing World Book 1)

James Pina marks his debut with a very robust and rich fantasy novel that readers will absolutely fall in love with.  In The Peace at Knife’s Edge (The Breathing World Book 1), the author demonstrates his great respect and passion for the genre.  Indeed, even the name of the series shows his commitment to the universe he has crafted, as the story brims with lore and legend, the world alive in the details.  The creation of the events that led the audience to the starting point in the book is impressive enough, but he also sets his characters to work winning readers over and convincing them to take the journey, from one interesting set piece to the next, new revelations always on the horizon.

Pina has experience on the more cinematic side of things in his day to day life, and he was easily able to paint beautiful pictures with his prose, demonstrating an understanding of how to conceptualize scenes, and the connective tissue that brings them together in satisfying ways.  With a second book already confirmed, and Pina putting some mileage on it, he is showing that the tapestry that he is working on continues to grow richer and more complex.  There has never been a better time to read the first in this series, in preparation for what comes next.  Check out The Peace at Knife’s Edge (The Breathing World Book 1) on Amazon today!


Endymion or The State of Entropy: A Lyrical Drama

With a stark reference to one of the great poems by John Keats, Endymion shares a name and a mythology.  Kurt R. Ward’s version of the stunning story preserves the electric prose and beautiful imagery, recreating it for a modern audience.  Accompanied by gorgeous artwork by Rebecca Yanovskaya, Endymion or the State of Entropy: A Lyrical Drama is a stunning look at what someone with talent and craftsmanship can accomplish.  This look at both one’s personal journey as well as Greco/Roman folklore through a new lens is captivating throughout.  It comes with a glossary that goes into great detail about method and meaning, and adds layers to the breadth of Ward’s work.  It shows the outstanding care that went into selecting word structure, and demonstrates his knowledge on the subject.  There is much to oneself that must be explored and deciphered, and a great deal of Ward’s is here, laid bare for the reader through notes and references that came about in his research.

A modern-day contemporary to Keats and Shelly, Kurt R. Ward sets our sphere spinning in this tremendous epic.  It’s a feast for the mind and the eyes, and it will prove to you that there are still outstanding poets in our day and age, if you had any doubts.  Ward doesn’t simply recite it, he lives poetically.  It all comes to a point with this fantastic epic, which appreciators of the art will absolutely adore.  Check out Endymion or The State of Entropy: A Lyrical Drama on Amazon today!


The Spindle

Newcomer author Ashley Griffin may be debuting her first fantasy novel in The Spindle, but a career in entertainment placed her on a journey for greatness that shines within the pages of her book.  A twist on the classic Sleeping Beauty, The Spindle takes readers on a different path, through the eyes of the dark fairy.  Breathing new life into the fairytale that is more akin to Wicked than it is to something like Malificent, the book serves not only as a great and whimsical time in a new twist on an old tale, but also puts Griffin’s talents on display, demonstrating the breadth in her ability of storycraft.  Whether it’s the catching new characters, the world of connective tissue that’s been created, or the snappy sequences and dialog, the author is at home creating.

A veritable renaissance woman, Ashley Griffin shows again and again that no matter what she sets her mind to, she can achieve.  And while she has cultivated skills in other industries on her way here, The Spindle shows that she still has new tricks to put on display.  She is adept at bringing fantasy to life, and leading readers from one page to the next with an abundance of magic and majesty.  It’s also wonderful seeing different perspectives, and finding the truth caught between everyone else’s stories.  In any case, this is one story you should not sleep on.  Check out The Spindle by Ashley Griffin on Amazon today!


Dungeon Robotics (Book 1): Establish

The work of Matthew Peed is, in a word, engrossing.  That’s perhaps because his worlds are so expansive and rich.  Today, we’re going to be talking about Dungeon Robotics (Book 1): Establish, just one small part of a sprawling series.  Peed develops a many-faceted tapestry here, and throughout the series, as Dungeon Robotics blends bits and pieces of several different genres, never wobbling too far in one direction as to see it toppling apart.  Instead, there’s a balance that makes the long-reaching narrative come together in even greater strides, and it helps to dive deeper into the world that’s been built.

Dungeon Robotics has many addictive qualities that readers will enjoy once it starts to settle in that they’re not experiencing the same sort of sci-fi and fantasy fare that they might be used to.  Instead, it puts interesting twists on both genres, uniting them into something that is a breath of fresh air.  There are other thrilling changes to expectations as well, especially for those who like the entire cast of characters to be rich and multifaceted, and not just the lead heroes.  Peed shows an immense passion for his series.  There’s a reason that so many books have been released, and why so many people enjoy it.  And it all starts here.  Check out Dungeon Robotics (Book 1): Establish on Amazon today!


Herlot of Alonia: A Medieval Fantasy Series (The Herlot of Alonia Series Book 1)

The debut of author Maria Rosestone is a true joy for those who have adventure, joy, and whimsy in their hearts.  The author of Herlot of Alonia, the first in a series, paints pictures of her world with beautiful literary brushstrokes, whether they’re witnessed firsthand by the titular heroine, or passed down secondhand by the entrancing Devotio, a character who often steals the show.  Magic and lore abounds in this release, which often feels like it is setting the stage for the additional stories that we’re bound to see.  It’s because of this that Rosestone leaves Herlot’s world feeling rich and lived in, a true representation of a place that wasn’t just imagined, but conjured and given sweeping characteristics and intricate design.

Rosestone takes care to set the pieces on the board, but when things get moving, it’s paced perfectly to keep readers engaged and immersed, eager to find out what happens next.  Before readers know it, they’ll be ready to continue along with Herlot as she continues her adventure.  This isn’t the end of her story, and it’s not the end for Rosestone as she works on the next chapter of her series.  Now is a great time to pick up her grand debut.  Check out Herlot of Alonia: A Medieval Fantasy Series (The Herlot of Alonia Series Book 1) on Amazon today!


L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future Volume 37

The Writers of the Future series, posthumously presented by L. Ron Hubbard, is a collection of the incredible speculative fiction by the best and brightest of our time.  Earning praise from the likes of Brandon Sanderson, Terry Brooks, and Larry Niven, these stories are the perfect ones to cozy up to, whether you’re a fan of science fiction or fantasy, as there’s enough of both here to leave readers, and indeed, even other writers, pleasantly content and excited for more.  The series has a new release each year, and I chose to immerse myself in L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future Volume 37, because the stories therein have a spark of brightness, hope, and wonder shining through.

There are countless releases in this series, each an anthology of magnificent stories and beautiful artwork, and they have tips and ideas for writers and worldbuilders as well.  Best of all, the series is on sale through the end of the month, so you can get a tremendous amount of value if you move quickly.  I loved this set, and my favorite of the bunch was Half Breed, by Brittany Rainsdon.  I’m excited for you to find your own favorite as well!  Check out L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future Volume 37 on Amazon today!


A Tangle of Sleuth and Thief: Weavers’ Webs Book 1

Writer J.S. Lockard takes us to an incredible fantasy world that includes the Kern Lands, and the city of Peat in his first adventure, A Tangle of Sleuth and Thief: Weavers’ Webs Book 1.  The story is rich with details, laden with twists that will keep readers guessing, and set within a world where it’s very apparent that there are real consequences and the potential for great tragedy.  Lockard deftly balances it with enough lightheartedness that it’s not overbearing, instead delivering something that’s filled with just enough grit to not be grim, but realistic instead.

Lockard is incredibly passionate about his world and his characters.  He writes his story with vivid, immersive descriptions that ensures readers feel they are part of the story, alongside a cast that are dynamic and deep.  He’s crafted an interesting magic system, and is continuing to expand on his world in interesting ways all the time.  While there’s another adventure on the way, this is one of the great starting points you can begin your journey on.  Check out A Tangle of Sleuth and Thief: Weavers’ Webs Book 1 on Amazon today!  Also, be sure to check out Lockard’s website, as you can find a prequel for Eerin there!


Bone Whittler: Book One: Origins

In Kenneth Archie Landers Junior’s debut short story, he whets his storytelling appetite on both style and substance.  The lizard men of Bone Whittler are a bit primitive, and Landers manages to capture this very well in his writing.  Though the writing is contemporary, the story feels intentionally archaic, expressed in interesting and creative ways.  Though he paints the picture of his characters as hulking lizard people, you can almost see them as intelligent Neanderthals.  Showing their wit and their wile especially is the titular Bone Whittler, a craftsman who others are cautious around, because he certainly casts a large shadow.

While the titular lizardman’s quest is abbreviated into eight bite-sized chapters, it’s still a wonderfully entertaining read, and a great introduction to Landers’s work.  An attempt at a longer, richer story could be interesting coming from the author, but if readers are looking for pulp fantasy that points a spear toward the horizon and marches straight for it, they would do well to dive into his debut.  Check out Bone Whittler: Book One: Origins on Amazon today!


Juvenile Tribulations: An Epic Fantasy Adventure! (Isthariun’s Dreams)

Nathan D. Latrev makes a stunning splash with his debut fantasy, Juvenile Tribulations: (Isthariun’s Dreams).  Arriving first in France, it has been translated and presented stateside as of several months ago,  has been out stateside for about a month-and-a-half now, and it is building traction.  Latrev, a talented talespinner, is amassing a fervent fanbase, who can’t shy away from his captivating world, and the rich characters who have stolen their hearts.  Juvenile Tribulations is warm and inviting at some points, but it doesn’t shy away from thrills and suspense, adding appeal for a wide variety of readers.

Juvenile Tribulations is a powerful debut.  Latrev put his passion into this story, and it shines through from the first page to the very last. It’s well-paced, and it easily demonstrates his hold over the world he’s created, although you’ll be eager for much more by the turn of the final page.  If you’re looking for a book that has great characters, a familiar setting with twists on what you typically come to think of when it comes to fantasy, and the promise of much more to come, this could be the book for you.  Check out Juvenile Tribulations: An Epic Fantasy Adventure! (Isthariun’s Dreams) on Amazon today!


Cave Scratchings: Essays and other writings philosophical, left-wing and miscellaneous 2018-2022

Author Philosophy Bear has recently released his first book, Cave Scratchings: Essays and other writings philosophical, left-wing and miscellaneous 2018-2022.  In a lot of ways, these essays could be considered musings.  There’s nothing definitive about where we’re going, though Philosophy Bear does a wonderful job at exploring where we have been, and using that data to try and scope out where we might go once we extrapolate based on that information.  The author takes readers on several different journeys with a scope and vision that not a lot of people get to experience.

The observations that Philosophy Bear compiles here are varied, and while they may not all be of interest to everyone, they are each scholarly and, yes, philosophical.  There is a lot of thought that went into these…well…thoughts, and it is interesting to delve into the mind of someone so completely.  If you want to go down the rabbit hole of someone else’s psyche, this may be just the book for you.  Check out Cave Scratchings: Essays and other writings philosophical, left-wing and miscellaneous 2018-2022 on Amazon today!

Please note: this author pulls no punches, and says things that, at some points, may intentionally offend. While Tellest appreciates free speech and openness, it does not necessarily share the same opinions.  As this is a philosophical book, it was decided to allow it a place on this platform.


Fortress of Freedom (Eoslira Book 1)

While we typically interpret fantasy with tones of medieval Europe, author Andrew Lawlor had something different in mind when it came to his debut, Fortress of Freedom, the first book in his Eoslira series.  In many ways, Lawlor’s novel feels more akin to the events of early American history rather than the visions of knights on horseback, or wizards conjuring spells in ancient castles.  Because of this, there’s a certain novelty to Fortress of Freedom, where things breathe a little more of a Native American air, alongside the growing threat of violent colonialism.  Lawlor turns a great deal of expectations on their head, and his tale is better for it.

Though Lawlor’s first foray into fantasy can be a bit jarring as you first step foot into his world, it’s also endlessly enjoyable.  Readers will see new interpretations of tried-and-true fantasy tropes, and see how the new setting affects them.  Rather than just going on as normal, it seems that everything in the Eoslira series blends together into a new and exciting set of possibilities.  With Lawlor working on expanding the tapestry of his world, it won’t be long until a second book hits shelves.  If you act now, you can get acclimated to the world early.  Check out Fortress of Freedom (Eoslira Book 1) on Amazon today!


The Legend of Misty Mountains

Author Shiva Sethuraman brings an amazing world to bear with his debut, The Legend of Misty Mountains.  It’s a play on some of the more classic fantasy that fans enjoy, from Lord of the Rings, to the tales of Merlin and Arthur.  Here, however, the author puts twists on the tropes and character archetypes that have grown stale, instilling new life into his tale.  The author’s love for fantasy and magic are seen in the words of every page, and you can tell that he’s passionate about the world he’s built here.  Misty Mountains has flowery descriptions that bring Sethurman’s world to life, alongside a depth of lore and legends that beg to be explored.

The Legend of Misty Mountains is marketed to younger readers, but fantasy fans of all ages will enjoy the magic that Sethurman conjures in the first book of his series.  And while the book is a brisk read—yet, fully realized, and very well-paced—there is hope for a return to the lands of the Misty Mountains, as Sethurman makes it clear that this is only the initial stop on the adventure.  With that in mind, there’s no better time than the present to dive into this new quest.  Check out The Legend of Misty Mountains on Amazon today!


Confrontation of Nuxvar

Already an established science fiction writer, author Judith Moffitt turns her considerable skills toward fantasy, and her debut is no joke, even though it’s wildly entertaining.  Confrontation at Nuxvar, the first book in Moffitt’s Chronicles of Edrisia, knows exactly what it wants to be, and delivers just what fantasy lovers ought to love: dogs and dragons.  The author is clever with her writing, ensuring that across each chapter, there’s something enticing to bring you through to the next.  Moffitt also eschews some of the typical expectations of the fantasy genre, letting someone besides a teen just coming into their powers save the world.  It’s the author’s willingness to find new pathways that give Confrontation at Nuxvar a breath of fresh air that makes it so enjoyable.

Just like with her earlier sci-fi books, Moffitt’s latest doesn’t shy away from a lot of moving parts.  There is a vast and vibrant cast of characters that all work well together, and the events of the story bounce around at a nice pace, promising new surprises and sequences that will catch the attention of fantasy fans.  The story wraps things up nicely, but there’s still the potential of more from the world of Edrisia, and Moffitt has certainly shown that she can breathe powerful life into it.  For now though, it’s best to start at the beginning.  Check out Confrontation at Nuxvar on Amazon today!


Cycled – Rebirth

Alekz Wokal knows how to deliver a story at a decent pace to his readership.  His debut epic fantasy, Cycled – Rebirth, is featured on Wattpad, where he’s wrapped up chapters with a steady cadence.  The tale doesn’t suffer from its quick turnaround either.  Wokal’s work features witty dialog that’s paced as well as his release structure, a rich world with certain elements that make it feel alive, and characters that readers will love to root for.  It also features the darker, more villainous type, which help to move the tale along, from this book into the next, and there’s a good chance that readers will enjoy spending time with them as well.  There are shades of grey to everyone in Wokal’s debut, and he captures it all to great effect.

From chapter to chapter, Wokal keeps things consistent.  Fans of his work will no doubt enjoy how his characters speak, as it helps to immerse readers in this fantasy realm.  Carrying the story along are would-be heroes who could easily have their faith and their spirit broken amidst all the pain and torment that they endure.  Instead, Wokal sees them as indomitable bearers of hope and justice, made tangible when magic comes to the forefront of the story.  With the entire story complete now, and another book on the way, there’s never been a better time to read the author’s wonderful debut.  Check out Cycled – Rebirth on Wattpad today.


DragonSin, Descendants of Twilight, Book 1

If readers are looking for a substantial world with a familiar enough structure at first glance, they might be tempted by the debut work of author C.M. Surowiec Jr, DragonSin, Descendants of Twilight, Book 1.  After spending some time in his world, though, they’ll soon find that there’s a huge break from tried-and-true traditions however.  Surowiec has been working on this literary universe for a very long time, and it shows with his meticulous grasp over everything in the well-balanced first tome he unleashes upon fans of the genre.  Between his vast, far-reaching history, and his take on the nearby cosmic portion of his world, everything leaps out at the reader and assures there’s much more here than meets the eye, though some of it is understandably still wrapped up in its mysteries.

Erogoth is a diverse, complex world that never seems overbearing or underserving.  Rather the planet and the books that take place on it have a beauty and a brilliance that feels refined and deliberate.  The worldbuilding doesn’t ever seem as though its being force-fed to the reader.  Rather, everything feels earned and rewarding.  With that in mind, it should come as no surprise that the author has more planned beyond this debut.  There’s never a better place to begin than the start though.  Preorder DragonSin – Descendants of Twlight, Book 1, on Amazon today!


A Child of Ashes: Volume 1: The False King

Author Victor A. Acnam II wears his passion for his world proudly, ensuring that everyone gets a sense of the quality of work that they’ll experience with just a glance at his work.  For those who take a deeper dive into A Child of Ashes: Volume 1: The False King, they’ll find a deep, rich world filled with all sorts of granular details that show that Acnam was not just attentive to his characters, but also to the lore and history of his universe.  That’s not to say that he leaves anything off the table though.  Those characters shine, notably the villains, who readers will love to loathe.

Readers who chomp at the bit to read black and white fantasy with colorful details smoothing out the edges will be in for a treat here.  While there’s certainly room to explore more of the Arlax Realm, with more of Acnam’s story on the way, they’ve got plenty of time to dive deep into the first book in his series, to join the heroes, and face great villains.  It’s an impressive debut, worthy of their attention if they’re into traditional fantasies with fresh twists and turns.  Check out A Child of Ashes: Volume 1: The False King on Amazon today!


Tempest: Epic of Faölan Book 1

Author Nicholas Redmon has been dreaming of unleashing his fantasy on the world for years.  Thus, when Tempest: Epic of Faölan Book 1 released today, readers are set to witness the breadth of his craftsmanship.  Redmon writes with colorful, flowing prose that is rich and immersive.  Faölan is marked with excellent worldbuilding that comes from over a decade of preparation.  In Redmon’s world even the weather is fantastic and incredible.  And the characters are wonderful too.  It’s a tremendous coming-of-age fantasy that readers will love to sink their teeth into.  Along the way there are mysteries to be unveiled and unraveled, and majestic spectacle to enjoy.

From the first page to the last, fans of the genre will be rapt by new revelations and well-written content.  Redmon is working on a great number of stories, explaining his craftsmanship in worldbuilding.  The first book in his coming-of-age fantasy series is just the beginning.  With promises to come, readers are in luck and set for more incredible happenings in a mystical land worth exploring to its fullest.  But while you wait for the inevitable sequels, it’s a great time to pick up the first in the series.  Check out Tempest: Epic of Faölan Book 1 on Amazon today!


The Wind Walker (Children of the Sky Book 1)

Author Simon Shugar has a passion for worlds that have their own rules, and for mechanics that are well-conceived and enjoyable to the reader.  Thus, in his stellar debut, The Wind Walker (Children of the Sky Book 1), we see his literary universe take shape.  It’s lofty and you can certainly see many components of the world, as Shugar hasn’t left any stone unturned when it comes to creating rich histories and backstories.  But his tale is also a bit more focused in some places.  It’s character-driven, with excellent dialog, and interactions that are easy to imagine played out.  Even if you were just interested in either the characters or the stories, you’d have a good time here.  Shugar, however, leads both to great effect.

Those who like their stories not to linger or prattle on are in luck.  The Wind Walker is a tale well-spun with entertaining prose that moves the reader forward at an even pace.  It’s a story with real momentum and gusto, and its praises will no doubt feel earned.  While a sequel is on the horizon, this story is powerful enough on its own to be self-contained and thoroughly enjoyable.  For those who are into fantasy adventures with a bit of swashbuckling, there’s no need to wait.  Check out The Wind Walker (Children of the Sky Book 1) on Amazon today!



The Last Sane Awoken I: Freedom

Author Stephany Barcomb-Rodriguez unleashes her debut on the world with The Last Sane Awoken I: Freedom.  In this darker fantasy, readers are at once introduced to a great evil force, and understand the great risks of letting it run free across the land.  But as much as the author’s story focuses on the horror elements, it also focuses on the psychology of its characters.  There are deep emotions at play here in this fantasy, and they’re presented in raw, real richness.  It’s because of that, perhaps, that her characters feel so lifelike, and why the story has the power to immerse readers, despite the fantastic elements at play.

The reader who picks up The Last Sane Awoken is likely to feel emotions themselves as well.  With great evil persisting across the world that Barcomb-Rodriguez developed, there’s a sense of dread and darkness that washes over the writing, and fans will no doubt feel they must persevere through to see what light exists on the other side.  The author finds a nice balance there, giving her readers and her characters hope to go on and fight for a better day.  While another book is in the works, you’ve still got some time to catch up with this first in the series.  Dive into a world that is deep and rich and full of secrets and revelations.  Check out The Last Sane Awoken I: Freedom on Amazon today!


Twinborn Chronicles: Awakening Collection

Twinborn Chronicles is the epitome of a fan-generating series, and it is a wonderful introduction to the wildly talented J.S. Morin.  We’ve featured the prolific storyteller on Tellest several times now, and each time something new comes our way, we continue to be blown away by the workmanship and spectacle that comes from the mighty talespinner.  Twinborn Chronicles: Awakening Collection, is a worthy set of the first three books in the incredible saga, explosive battles, intriguing subterfuge, and characters that you’ll fall in love with.  All of it is wrapped into a rich and engrossing world filled to the brim with details that will stick in readers’ minds well after they’ve turned the last page.

Readers who pick up this collection looking for something substantive will be in for a treat, as it gives them something meaty to sink their teeth into.  So much unfolds in Morin’s work that they’ll feel satiated, but the tremendous quality in which he tells his tales will leave them hungry for more.  This first trio of books lays the foundation for not just another few books, but an entire universe that has been meticulously crafted, honed, and delivered.  If you enjoy getting lost in fantasy worlds, J.S. Morin is the author of your dreams, and this set of books is the one that you’ve been waiting for.   Check out Twinborn Chronicles: Awakening Collection on Amazon today.  If you move quickly, you’ll get the set for a massive nine dollars off!



Author Michael Sauls recently released the second book in his fantasy saga, and it continues with all the great qualities of the first, while also expanding on the world in all the best ways.  His debut fantasy is CHRONICLES OF THE ROSE, which lays an impressive foundation.  Readers will be swept up by the storytelling, and will grow to enjoy spending time with the characters as they grow and change throughout the tale.  Sauls also does a great job crafting his world to feel like a real place that exists beyond the pages of a book.  The author does a great job with his dialog.  His characters are verbose, even loquacious at some points, but they’re a delight to listen to, and they help to fill in the gaps of some of the lore and history.

It’s clear from the first page that Sauls takes his tasks, at building a fully realized world filled with rich history, interesting characters, and entertaining realism, quite seriously.  Readers will enjoy the pace at which they watch revelations unfold, and they’ll have a great time with the characters as they pursue their adventures.  Before the final page is turned, you’ll no doubt be hungry for more.  While there is more in the catalog of this saga, the best place to start, of course, is the beginning. Check out CHRONICLES OF THE ROSE on Amazon today!


Little Accident: Adult Fantasy Humour (Season’s War)

Olena Nikitin has an entire world at their disposal, with the first feature length story in the series, Autumn Chaos, nearly upon us.  Tiding us over is the entertaining short, A Little Accident: Adult Fantasy Humour (Season’s War), which is playful in its lechery and witty dialog.  If nothing else, Nikitin had a good time writing this tale, and it transfers over to their readers as well, as there’s no doubt a good time to be had with this bite-sized story.  It’s a fun story about different magic, and how it comes to be in the world that is being built here.  And though we only spend a brief amount of time with Ina, it’s certainly enough to grow to like her, and to want to find more about her.

All in all, this first release from Nikitin demonstrates fun, mischievous writing with a dash of humor in all the right places, and hints at their great stories yet to come.  Although it’s self-contained enough and painted with wonderful little brushstrokes that show all the detail that a good tale should, it’s part of a grander masterpiece, and you can see little bits of the broader world shining through.  While you’re waiting for Autumn Chaos, it is a great time to pick up this little prequel.  Check out A Little Accident: Adult Fantasy Humour (Season’s War) on Amazon today!


Knightmare Arcanist (Frith Chronicles Book 1)

If you don’t yet know author Shami Stovall, you were likely to do so even before reading this promo.  She’s got a tremendous catalog, and many a great series, including an incredible fantasy saga you won’t want to miss.  Knightmare Arcanist (Frith Chronicles Book 1) starts things off.  In it, you’ll find relatable characters, who are very enjoyable to spend your time with.  Their  interactions feel real and rich, helped by the history that lies as the foundation there.  You’re not just thrown into a story that’s finding its feet, but living in a world that is deep and well-founded.  Stovall’s tale subverts expectations in satisfying ways, and builds on mythology and legends of old.  And possibly one of the most catching parts of the story is Stovall’s captivating magic system, which sees arcanists bonding with eldrin: magical creatures that bestow enchanting gifts.

Readers will find that Knightmare Arcanist flies by, but it also flows smoothly, with great, easy to follow fight scenes, and well-paced story beats.  It takes place in an awesome world that is just begging to be explored further.  Stovall gives monsters and mystical creatures their chance to shine in ways that make them feel like more than just moving set pieces, and with each new book in the series, it’s that much more exciting to head back and spend time amongst that magic.  Next week the seventh book in the series will arrive, so readers have a huge world that they can dive into at their fingertips.  But it all starts here, with book one, which sets the stage for so much more.  Check out Knightmare Arcanist (Frith Chronicles Book 1) on Amazon today!


Hero at Home

Author Nikki Flynn is a passionate fantasy fan who has her hand in a lot of content creation, from audio fiction, to video games, and fantasy shorts.  Her latest is Hero at Home, a cozy fantasy short story that shows off her skills at character development.  Though it’s a quick read, it’s still filled with some unexpected experiences, and gives enough time to become acquainted with the protagonists and want to learn more about them.  Nothing is too over the top, and readers will have a pleasant time with the tale.

What you get with Hero at Home is a quick and fun story that introduces you to the author’s writing style, and leaves you hungry for more.  Readers will no doubt want to know more about Inva and her friends, and see what other trouble she can get into, and then muscle her way out of.  While her latest is a tasty bite-sized story, Flynn has a lot of other tales available in a variety of platforms.  This is a great place to start, however, so if you’re ready, it’s time to dive in.  Check out Hero at Home on Amazon today!


AZLATAN: The End of Time

Author Susan L. Henderson Alandar might have you believe that she’s a brand new author, wet behind the ears, but she’s been honing her considerable skills for many years now.  Her debut, AZLATAN: The End of Time, has therefore had plenty of time to find refinement and improvement over that time.  It is an enthralling, rich world, featuring a culture that feels very elaborate and deliberate.  Its strong, vivid prose immerses readers in the world, and witty dialog has them interested in the characters in a snap.  Alandar also does a great job of capturing her action sequences, which has fans eager to dive into one chapter after the next.

AZLATAN is  filled with twists and turns, mysteries and revelations, and some brewing will-they, won’t-they romantic possibilities.  Everything falls in its place, and the epic story feels as though it has gone through the paces, finally coming out just when it should have.  You can tell that AZLATAN is the culmination of a life’s worth of passion, planning and determination.  The author took all of her experiences and distilled it into this heartfelt and immersive world, and it’s because of those traits that it feels so rich and real.  It’s really deserving of a sequel, so show Alandar’s explosive new debut some love.  Check out AZLATAN: The End of Time on Amazon today!


The Sanctus Chronicles: The Plague of Tradium

Author D. P. Leimgruber unveils a new labor of love in his new family friendly fantasy, The Sanctus Chronicles: The Plague of Tradium.  The book is light and whimsical where it needs to be, ensuring it appeals to young readers and parents to kids with active imaginations.  Leading the story forward are characters that are charming and relatable to kids.  Leimgruber’s writing has a lovely, poetic cadence that lends itself even more so to the stories within a story.  Leimgruber was able to include short stories and poetry that leave the book feeling richer and livelier, and not a departing from the main book.  To top it off, there are lovely illustrations by Rosann A. Portes that make the book pop even more.

The Sanctus Chronicles is so immersive that fans won’t realize they’ve made their way through so much of the story before they near the end.  There is plenty of curtain to draw back here, and the author does so deftly, ensuring that the pacing is perfect and that revelations feel earned and enjoyable.  This is a tale that is full of entertainment, magic and majesty that will keep readers coming back for more.  They’ll need to make a return trip, as well, because the book ends with an exciting promise for a sequel.  While Leimgruber works on that, it’s a great time to pick up the first in the series.  Check out The Sanctus Chronicles: The Plague of Tradium on Amazon today!


As Thick As Thieves: The Price of Infamy

Author Kieron Holland has a penchant for writing rich and interesting characters that are more than just two-dimensional set dressing.  In his fantasy debut, As Thick As Thieves: The Price of Infamy, he ensures that readers are invested in the fates of his excellent cast, and that they’re rewarded for joining the ride.  Holland excels at writing entertaining action scenes that grab readers and keep them interested until the next big twist or turn, but he’s just as crafty and witty as his characters.  Alongside his delightful use of prose, he also injects a dash of humor in all the right places.  Though the book follows thieves, it’s certainly not without its whimsy.

Holland flexes his screenwriting muscles in some great ways to tell his story, so it’s no surprise that it’s so expressive and cinematic in its presentation.  Readers will almost feel as thought the action is bursting out of the page.  All along the way, the author tells a great tale that you can go back to again and again.  It would be downright criminal not to get more out of James and his companions, but for now, this excellent story will more than suffice.  Check out As Thick As Thieves: The Price of Infamy on Amazon today!


The Elder Scrolls – Zaneta’s Chronicles: Edge of Oblivion

Talented novelist Adrian Lee Zuniga has delivered the perfect trilogy for fans of the Elder Scrolls, represented best, perhaps, by the stunning sophomore book in the set.  In The Elder Scrolls – Zaneta’s Chronicles: Edge of Oblivion, Zuniga continues to set readers on a course with Žaneta, an extraordinarlily unique Khajit that readers want to root for every step of the way.  With every passing page, Zuniga shows his talent, expressing one creative revelation after another.  The beautiful, exquisitely crafted story is accompanied by gorgeous artwork as well, helping to better immerse fans of the property, and Zuniga’s work.

The Edge of Oblivion continues the previous book’s trend of infusing a cinematic style to Adrian’s writings, taking readers into a realm of enchantment while stressing aspects like geography, food, and wildlife that make the continent of Morrowind appealing and intriguing.  And without breaking stride, the dramatic second installment continues into Part Three: The Lost Mane for a spectacular climax.  Be sure to pick up all three of Zuniga’s wonderful Elder Scrolls books, including this one.  Check out The Elder Scrolls – Zaneta’s Chronicles: Edge of Oblivion on Amazon today!


Under the Double Eclipse

With their first published book, author Avery Dane would have readers believing they had been at it for years if not decades.  Such is the skill at which they compose Under the Double Eclipse, a fantasy painted with shades of grey before they’re colored in by clever dialog and entertaining humor.  By the time the first chapter ends, readers will already be on a ride that they won’t soon want to get off of, filled with enjoyable characters, delectable descriptions, and all the sorts of twists and turns that are to be expected in a book about wily thieves.

One of the greatest strengths of Dane’s story is its cast of characters.  Readers will be addicted to the back and forth between the leads, but the supporting characters and bit players are all fully-realized and entertaining as well.  Dane’s bread and butter is with the two thieves at the center of the plot though.  Merrill and Annette are too awesome not to see in action again, so here’s hoping that we get more from them soon.  In the meantime, show some love for the author, and pick up the first book in what could be a very catching series.  Check out Under the Double Eclipse on Amazon today!


The Earth Key (Azure Series Book 1)

Kristin Hilton Callis writes what feels like prescient fantasy that bores its way into readers minds, infecting them with an urge to read more and more of her great work.  In The Earth Key (Azure Series Book 1), Callis demonstrates her substantial talents in worldbuilding, creating a place that fantasy fans would eagerly wish to get lost in.  With its rules and its lore, the Annix is a curious place, made all the more interesting by the way that Callis writes her characters.  Dialog and revelations are presented in a way that almost makes readers feel like they’re leaving through the latest verse of a fairy tale that has shifted into the contemporary, and it urges them ever onward.

The Earth Key is a remarkable tale that endures.  It is timeless, and readers would be forgiven for thinking that this was at once a classic that came out long ago, while simultaneously being a tale that lives up to today’s expectations.  With endearing characters, a mysterious quest, and a world begging for exploration, Callis had found a wonderful blend to build her series.  Maximilian Hilton, her son, has also edited and published his mother’s second book, with a third to follow, meaning now is an awesome time to enjoy this spectacular fantasy which won’t soon be forgotten.  Check out The Earth Key (Azure Series Book 1) on Amazon today!


The Illusions of Vaeleren Redsteel

It only takes reading a few pages to realize that this fantasy story by Justin Rhodes is unlike most that fans of the genre will be prepared for.  But The Illusions of Vaeleren Redsteel is a tale and an experience not to be missed.  First and foremost, right from the get-go, readers will be shocked by the events that set the story in motion.  Surrounding these events are a tremendous amount of rich details about the world and the history of its heroes.  Rhodes paints between the lines of these details with the emotions of his powerful cast, from delightful humor, to more heartrending stuff.  He ties it all together with thrilling scenes involving his characters, who readers will grow close to, always wondering about their dilemmas and hoping for a happy ending.

Between dastardly schemes, captivating magic, and emotional payoff, Justin Rhodes has a story that does it all.  It doesn’t take long for Vaeleren and Aldric to hook readers, and have them interested in their tale.  Rhodes writes his chapters so that they are developed in a way that makes the reader feel quickly rewarded, and eager to keep going.  For his debut fantasy, the author has put together a sizable book that still leaves fans hungry for more in the best way possible.  Check out The Illusions of Vaeleren Redsteel on Barnes and Noble today!


The Forest War (War of Erithanor Book 1)

Take a look at the debut fantasy of author Chris Gibson, and you’ll know you’re in for a rip-roaring time.  The Forest War (War of Erithanor Book 1) moves along at a brisk pace, with great storytelling filling each page.  Gibson’s tale could have just looked at the impending danger coming to the forest, but it looks to the past as well, and hints at the tapestry that the author is working toward.  The book shows a little corner of a grander world, and one that ought to be exciting to explore further.  Leading readers along the tale are characters that are multidimensional, who feel real, and keep fans immersed in the growing conflict.

If you or a fantasy reader you know are interested in a fantasy tale that feels fresh, even with roots in traditional fare, don’t sleep on this one.  It’s perfect for young and new adults who love a good adventure.  The Forest War ends satisfyingly enough, but Gibson leaves the promise of at least one more campaign, with hope of returning to the world he’s built and traveling alongside his captivating characters at least one more time.  With that in mind, there’s no better time than now to pick up this wonderful fantasy debut.  Check out The Forest War (War of Erithanor Book 1) on Amazon today!


The World of Antheric: Rise of the Saviour

Author Marcus J. Anthony has refined his storytelling, crafting not just a book but a deeply rich world that feels more like it’s being discovered than written.  In The World of Antheric: Rise of the Saviour, we see the author’s considerable talents put to use, sending readers diving into a portal fantasy that puts new meaning to the word epic.  Readers will immediately see that Zuetar and Domainville are not just places that are affected by its off-worlder lead, but that have existed long before his arrival.  Indeed, Anthony has developed the tapestry of his world here from broader strokes, all the way down to the tiniest details, capturing everything from his world’s mythology and legends to its prophecies, all which help to enrapture the reader.

The World of Antheric is an easy one to want to get lost in.  While Jenin is a formidable protagonist, and one you enjoy spending time with—and looking at this fantastic new world through—you can tell there are also more secrets and revelations around every corner and in the horizon.  But beyond that, the story is filled with just the sort of things that fans of the genre hunger for.  There’s magic and mysticism, hope and heroism, and it all has you eager to continue along with the journey.  Though there are more books set in Antheric yet to come, Anthony’s polished and powerful first-in-a-series is a can’t miss that you shouldn’t wait on.  Check out The World of Antheric: Rise of the Saviour on Amazon today!


A Charmer’s Story: The Failed Spell

Authors Ricardo Bermudez and Daniel Martinez tackle a new iteration of the contemporary fantasy in their new release, A Charmer’s Story: The Failed Spell.  Readers who like magical lessons and learning about the enchantments that exist beyond the veil of our every day lives will love this tale of a day in the life of a minor mage that goes completely awry.  Like a good magical ritual, the two authors spend time studying all the components of a good story: its characters, magical items and components, and the grander scope of magic.  The books moves along at a relaxed pace that nonetheless pulls readers down the rabbit hole.

In a way, The Failed Spell almost feels a bit like academia.  Bermudez and Martinez seem to be so engrossed in their world that it’s easy to feel immersed in the story.  It feels real, and that gives their tale a real strength behind it.  It’s easy to spend time with Alben and Ilza as well, as they feel so fully realized, with histories that readers will want to explore, and secrets that they’ll feel they just have to know.  Hopefully more of this world is yet to come, because the two authors have done well with this introduction.  Check out A Charmer’s Story: The Failed Spell on Amazon today!


Empire of Blood and Darkness

Readers who like their worlds rich in lore, with an expansive, lived-in feel will be right at home with author Travis Yardley, who wears his passion for his world on his sleeve.  Indeed, in Empire of Blood and Darkness, Yardley dives deep into races, language, history and legends.  Though the book is a sturdy one, and delivers its premise with poise and precision, you can tell that by design you’ve only just barely scratched the surface of what Yardley has created.  As much as the story is one that is interesting and keeps you ensnared throughout, you can tell that it is also an engine with which to drive the rest of the world forward, and uncover more of its secrets.

Praise given where it is due, Yardley’s story is a strong one on its own merits.  Even if it didn’t have the backing of a new world realized by an expert craftsman, if you had dropped Alexander and his companions into another universe, it still would have been enjoyable to follow him and learn the sort of things that were integral to his character growth.  This is thanks to Yardley’s devotion to his writing, and all that grows out of it.  If you’re looking for a great coming-of-age fantasy set in a lively world, this should be on your radar.  Check out Empire of Blood and Darkness on Amazon today!



Tempest of Bravoure: City of the Dead

The newest book in Valena D’Angelis’s Tempest of Bravoure series is here.  You’ll recall that we promoted the first in her series, Kingdom Ascent, a while back, but the trilogy is now complete, with City of the Dead finally upon us.  A Tellest ally ever since the first book came out a year ago (and an occasional Tellest storyteller, to boot), we’re incredibly excited for and proud of Valena and what she’s been able to accomplish in so short a time.  City of the Dead continues her wonderful worldbuilding, attention to detail, and exquisite character development.

Since Kingdom Ascent came out, it was clear that Valena D’Angelis was going to be a force to be reckoned with in the fantasy writing field.  That she has been able to accomplish so much in so short a time in a testament to her work ethic and her passion for the world she’s building.  Readers will delight in a return to Terra, in this book and beyond.  But for now, it’s a great time to grab D’Angelis’s first trilogy.  It’s one you won’t want to miss.  Check out Tempest of Bravoure: City of the Dead on Amazon today.


Tempest of Bravoure: Kingdom Ascent

Valena D’Angelis is as passionate about fantasy as you can get, and her work on her debut, Tempest of Bravoure: Kingdom Ascent, shows it.  The story is vast, with its characters wrapped up in it.  D’Angelis makes easy work of balancing the history of Bravoure with the heroes, new and old, who are fighting for it.  Those characters are compelling and varied as well, and readers will no doubt grow to feel protective and worried for them as they press against the darkness that mars the land.

Unleashing deep, rich storylines, enjoyable character interactions, and compelling surprises upon her readers, D’Angelis is a storytelling force to watch out for.  As spectacular as this first book is, it’s clear that Kingdom Ascent is setting the stage for something even greater.  Before D’Angelis releases the second book, it’s a great time to pick up the first installment.  Who knows?  You might even want to reread it when you’re done.  Check out Tempest of Bravoure: Kingdom Ascent on Amazon today!






Urban/Contemporary Fantasy

Arranged Mating: Otherworlders Series (Adult Content)

Author Chris Rogers hits the bookshelf with a witty and sexual debut in Arranged Mating, the first book in her Otherworlders series.  The author begins by giving the reader characters that they can easily find themself drawn to, and who they are eager to see find happiness and fulfillment.  It’s just the right amount of steamy and sensual, with romantic and sexual tension that keeps urging the reader to continue along and discover how the relationships will evolve and grow.  While a tussle between the characters happens often enough in the sheets, there is enough intrigue and danger around every corner to keep the world as compelling and immersive as the sinful affairs.

As with all great urban fantasies, things are not always sunshine and roses for the shifters of Arranged Mating.  There are plenty of moments of frustration (both sexual and otherwise), and twists and turns that make you wonder if the characters you grow to love will make it out in one piece.  But Rogers keeps with the pace, and ensures that every step of the way, there’s something that hooks readers in and keeps them going, eager until the last page.  And there’s plenty of room for a follow-up, so there’s never been a better time than now to blow off some steam with a fun and tawdry fantasy.  Check out Arranged Mating: Otherworlders Series on Amazon today.


SPARKS OF MAGIC: Shifter Fantasy Romance

Author Nicole Sparkman sets out a feast for her readers, as her debut, SPARKS OF MAGIC: Shifter Fantasy Romance, is pure literary delicacy, meant to sweep up readers by their senses.  Sparkman’s lead character, Pure Eagle, already has her feet planted firmly on different borders of her personality, having been born a part of two tribes.  She was also born of a prophecy, a golden glow that promised greatness making her a sort of contemporary fantasy superhero that has the potential to make superfans out of interested readers.  It is through Pure Eagle’s eyes that Sparkman crafts an interesting world that one can take flight in.

Presented as if by account of Pure Eagle, Sparks of Magic reads quick and breezy.  Sparkman’s story flutters between interesting events one after another, and readers will never feel as though they’ve lingered in one place for too long.  The caveat, of course, is that readers will be hungry for more as they turn the final page of the author’s book, looking for more expressive worldbuilding and tender romance.  If all works out well, a sequel will arrive before long.  Check out SPARKS OF MAGIC: Shifter Fantasy Romance on Amazon today!


The Witch of Knightcharm

As catching and captivating as any of the stories that Aaron Canton has crafted for myriad worlds, it is the one that he crafts for himself that perhaps shows the most promise and potential.  The Witch of Knightcharm is a sequential story that the author releases new episodic content twice each week.  From the get-go, readers will come face to face with Emily, a compelling heroine that is tremendous easy to cheer on throughout her challenges.  Canton excels at character moments, showing the emotions that lead to moments of growth.  But the author also hits the ground running with an explosive start, showing readers the stakes and the danger that is present within the world he builds here.  His action sequences are electric without being too frenetic, and they have real oomph, leaving you worrying about your heroes every step along the way.

The Witch of Knightcharm sits right on the line of the very popular academy fantasy subgenre, and as an urban fantasy filled with magic, it is also very likely to captivate readers who can’t get enough of spells and sorcery.  Wrapped in ribbons of witty, fun dialog, and worldbuilding that continues to grow richer through every chapter, this is the perfect gift for fantasy fans.  Canton releases new episodes of his story twice per week.  There are fourteen episodes available, with more on the way, so now is the perfect time to dive into the tale.  Check out The Witch of Knightcharm by Aaron Canton on Amazon Kindle Vella today!


Resort Aquatica

Author Frederic Lee puts a modern spin on mermaid stories and fantasies of the sea with his wonderful contemporary fantasy, Resort Aquatica.  Lee does a wonderful job of bringing the resort to life, giving the setting exquisite details that help to immerse the reader in the story.  From the attractive views that the author paints, to the characters that deliver quirky and witty dialog, this is one of those stories that readers can latch onto and not let go of until the last page.  And even when the cast is acting badly, there’s still something peculiarly fun about the way everything is presented.

Lee manages to make contemporary fantasy feel fresh and new here in his version of the Bermuda Triangle.  There are fun twists and turns in every chapter, which ensure that Resort Aquatica remains a page-turner throughout.  There is enough mystery elevating this story that the unwinding plot threads alone are enough to keep readers feverishly making their way from cover to cover.  And with a romp-roaring good time leading toward the final pages of the book, there’s certainly the possibility for more yet to come from this talented storyteller.  Check out Resort Aquatica, by Frederic Lee, on Amazon today!


The Legend of the Copper Cyborg: Loading

Authors L. Hawk and J. Hawk bring forth a robust yet nuanced take on videogames-to-life with The Legend of the Copper Cyborg: Loading.  With a feel of a LitRPG but without the tremendous focus on numbers or leveling, this story taps into the sort of experiences that younger readers thoroughly enjoy.  And though it is ideal for older children and young adults, it can be enjoyed by anyone with a sense of whimsy and a penchant for adventure.  The Hawks imagine a world where the assets inside a videogame are as real as the world we live in, allowing it to develop a sort of magical feel that carries through to the very last page.

As the authors have given themselves a foundation with which they can go into many different directions, the story never feels like it lags.  Readers will always be invited into the next big event or pulled toward the next reveal, which feels earned and rewarding.  And it helps to have a fun cast to spend the time in the videogame alongside.  The dialog feels very conversational and grounded, as if readers would perhaps be eavesdropping on the characters as a fly on the wall.  Readers will be rooting for them all the way through the last page of the tale.  With a second book on the way, there’s never been a better time to dive into this series.  Check out The Legend of the Copper Cyborg: Loading on Amazon today!


House of Ravens: An Urban Fantasy (The Shadow Atlas)

Jenny Sandiford has already set the tone in her wonderful Shadow Atlas series with The Initiate, but her prequel, House of Ravens, helps to explore the greater span of the world that she’s layered beneath our own.  There are attractive intricacies, an entire realm of magic that live beyond the pages of her original book, and this book serves well to shine some light on the shadows, while also inviting new questions into the fold.  Sandiford’s love for the genre is glowing, and it carries through into her work as well.  The author doesn’t just let her words sit idly atop the world, but uses them to paint beautiful pictures.

Sandiford plays with magic in fresh and interesting ways, and it permeates the story as well.  There’s a fair share of grit and grime in this dangerous world beneath our own, but the author offsets it with attractive scenes that make use of those shades of grey.  Her study of contemporary fantasy means that she excels at creating captivating scenes that really pop, interesting characters that are great fun to follow, and snappy chapters that whisk the reader forward into the next enticing event.  With the first book in the series already out, and the second book releasing this April, there has never been a better time to explore this prelude.  Check out House of Ravens: An Urban Fantasy (The Shadow Atlas) on Amazon today!


The Tools of the Ghost (In the Path of the Ghost, Book 1)

Hemant Nayak’s standout debut, The Tools of the Ghost (In the Path of the Ghost, Book 1) is receiving rave reviews, and it’s not hard to see why.  It’s a deep and rich story masquerading underneath dark shadows, and sometimes darker, grotesque violence.  How do you fight that?  With darkness on your side as well.  Nayak balances the gloom with humor and wit, ensuring that the snappy story never feels too depraved to be enjoyable.  Indeed, in certain ways this reads like someone found a lost comic for an antihero and developed an entire novel around it, to wondrous effect.

It takes two to make this story the kind of success it is.  Hemant Nayak hammers away at prose and dialog that nail down the atmosphere and cast of this great fantasy.  And The Ghost is compelling and interesting, and atypical for what you expect from the genre, leaving this book feeling fresh and worthy of further exploration.  That works out great, because Nayak is already hard at work on multiple follow-ups, and has already released a prequel that dives further into the world surrounding The Ghost.  With that in mind, there’s no better time than now to let this new dark hero in.  Check out The Tools of the Ghost (In the Path of the Ghost, Book 1) on Amazon today!


The four lives of Robinson Appleson

Author Véronique Iswery Pasquet does a remarkable job balancing immersion and self-awareness in her debut, The four lives of Robinson Appleson.  Her book is playful and humorous where it needs to be, but it also tells a compelling story that will leave readers hooked from beginning to end.  Set up almost like a pseudo biography, the narrator explains their multiple reincarnations, and what they’ve encountered throughout each of these existences.  It’s a challenging notion, but one Pasquet meets head on, and easily conquers.  This is thanks to the aforementioned narrator, who has a witty presence, as well as a tone and cadence that makes the book feel conversational in all the right places.

Pasquet’s command over her story means that she can make even the snobby folks like the Applesons seem appealing, but it is the subtle storyline that exists beneath the braggadocio that will really keep readers enthralled.  The author’s exploration of the past lives is catching as well, and it keeps the story feeling fresh, allowing surprises to flitter across the funnier stories in some very meaningful ways.  Before readers know it, they’ll reach the end of a very cheeky tale, but they’ll certainly be hungry for more from this compelling author.  Check out The four lives of Robinson Appleson by Véronique Iswery Pasquet on Amazon today!


Keisha and The Rise of the Legacy (The Inferno Verse Book 1)

Author T.R. Tells has been working on stories since she was eleven, and with a multitude of different tales under her belt, it has all led to a tremendous story in Keisha and the Rise of the Legacy, the first book in the Inferno Verse series.  It’s an interesting twist on Dante’s Inferno, and Tells finds the means to make it a spellbinding way of exploring one of the world’s best known epics.  The book begins its own epic in some very cool ways, as the author creates a rich version of our world—or rather the world that exists beneath our own, hidden from the eyes of mortals.  With maps and a glossary and plenty of lore to be found, it presents a multifaceted story that fantasy readers will love, and can easily be lost within.

Despite a sizable word count worthy of the epic fantasy that this is, Keisha’s first tale is one that rips and roars at a decent pace, ensuring readers won’t want to step away from the story.  Such an addiction is aided by interesting characters that fans of the genre will want to spend time with, and who they will empathize with throughout the narrative.  Before they know it, readers will navigate twists and turns all the way to the ending, and they’ll be hungry for more.   With a sequel that is due out later this year, there has never been a better time to explore the world beneath our own in Tells’s fantastic book.  Check out Keisha and The Rise of the Legacy (The Inferno Verse Book 1) on Amazon today!


The Word of the Seer

Author George Murray Wilson has wrapped up a lovely tale wrapped in a bow as his gift to fans of fantasy with his first tale, The Word of the Seer.  Readers will no doubt sense that Wilson is a history buff, as he’s done his research and painted every inch of his versions of Scotland with great detail.  There’s a passion for nature that shines through as well, with the descriptions presented in beautiful prose whenever he can show a world worth protecting.  Tying it all together, is a banger of a story, with twists and turns that readers won’t expect.

Bolstered by two very interesting characters, as well as a supporting cast, Seer is entertaining throughout.  It spends just enough time with its pacing to give you a chance to stop and smell the flowers without lingering too long.  While there’s always the possibility to see something beyond what Wilson lays out here, it really is a story that ends perfectly, so this could be a wonderful one-off for your next reading excursion.  Don’t wait on this great story.  Check out The Word of the Seer on Amazon today!


The Seers: The Awakening

Author James Hai delivers the narrative of his debut contemporary fantasy with an artistic flair.  In The Seers: The Awakening—the first of three speculative fiction romps in Hai’s upcoming calendar—the author enjoys playing with shadows and light, letting readers into the world he’s crafted in just the right ways.  You can see his passion on display from cover to cover, as he spends the time to weave a version of our world that feels distinct and captivating, with characters who aren’t merely pulled out of the aether, but feel as though they are rich with wants and needs, and entire backstories beneath the surface.

The Seers moves forth at a steady pace, never feeling rushed, and refusing to linger too long where it would not need to.  Instead, Hai finds a clever balance as with the rest of his work in placing bread crumbs that lead readers to new revelations and explosive encounters.  By the end of the book, you can see that there are hints of where the story could go after its conclusion.  While Hai will no doubt explore more of the world he’s built, this wonderful debut also feels like it could stand alone enough that readers should not feel they have to wait.  Check out The Seers: The Awakening on Amazon today!


Hell vs. Heaven

Author Reinhold Fuchs, also known as Ryan, The Devil Fox, has created a charming and satirical look at some of the Christian folklore and mythology that accompanies the biblical teachings.  Hell vs. Heaven turns certain expectations on its head, and though it starts off with a tremendous amount of tongue-in-cheek jokes and ribs, winking along as it goes, it somehow pulls readers in close, and even develops a rather heartwarming story.  It weaves humor and lore throughout its tapestry, ensuring that its audience receives some well-earned “aha” moments that drive the narrative forward, rather than just exist as a series of interconnected jokes.

It is apparent at once that the author had great fun writing the tale, and that he has more yet to introduce to the world.  Moving at a quick pace that makes each of the story’s chapters feel fun and bite-sized, readers will have the story done in a snap, and may be eager for a follow-up.  Fuchs’s work is certainly meant to delight, and not to stir up any trouble, divine or otherwise.  If readers are looking for something that is charming despite its demonic nature, this may be the book for them.  Check out Hell vs. Heaven on Amazon today!


Doomsday (The Doomsday Series Book 1)

R.L. Gemmill has unleashed six of his “near future” young adult sci-fi horror stories in the Doomsday series, but it all starts with the first book of the same name (which was once called The Demon Conspiracy).  But while Doomsday is very much a horror, in that it includes demons and can be a bit scary or eerie at times, there’s some lightness and quirkiness in this first book in the series.  That’s achieved in a few ways, but most notably by the interesting demons, and the gaslighting that occurs for the poor children main characters.  Gemmill certainly captures the essence of being in your youth and sort of being dismissed because your ideas are seen as nothing but fairytales.

While Doomsday is certainly contemporary, and fits in a the sci-fi and horror buckets, it also feels very much like an urban fantasy.  It’s perhaps telling that Gemmill shares those first initials with Stine, because Doomsday has a playful sort of base that it embraces in order to feel as though its filled with magic and mystery.  The author sets a lot of things in motion in this first book, and that lures readers into the rest of the series in very satisfying ways.  Don’t delay.  Check out Doomsday (The Doomsday Series Book 1) for free on R.L. Gemmill’s website!


The Legend of the Lost Child: Book Two of the Codex Chronicles

When we first talked about Annie O’Connell’s debut, The Lunar Codex, we were impressed with its enjoyable characters, its lively world, and the way that the author built the story to be shamelessly addicting.  Now the sequel is here, and The Legend of the Lost Child is another fast-paced paranormal fantasy in line with True Blood or Teen Wolf, and O’Connell certainly continues to tell the tale with incredible cinematic flair.  Though a tremendous amount of work went into the first book in making Jace and the supporting characters appear dynamic, the author makes certain that the journey, both in the world, and inward, did not stop there.  It is compelling seeing these characters continue to grow.  O’Connell adds extra oomph to everything, ensuring that the sequel feels bigger and better in every way.

The author recounts the story of the first book without being heavy-handed, ensuring that even if readers come to the story late, they can pick up from this one.  And just because the characters found some measure of success in the first book, that doesn’t mean that there are no stakes here, as readers will always wonder and worry about what might be coming around the corner.  O’Connell has been a tremendous force of urban fantasy content, and she’s fallen into a rhythm here that will no doubt hook even more readers as she continues her journey into the culture of these books.  A new release is not far from sight, so now is a great time to pick up this book (and it’s predecessor).  Check out The Legend of the Lost Child: Book Two of the Codex Chronicles on Amazon today!


THE LUNAR CODEX: Book One of the Codex Chronicles

Annie O’Connell is a writer who you would be hard-pressed to guess was brand new on the scene.  The author’s new release, THE LUNAR CODEX: Book One of the Codex Chronicles, draws you in and doesn’t let go.  It’s great fun for young and new adults, but it’s got enough quality content to impress and entertain even older fans of the genre.  O’Connell’s lead is enjoyable to be around, as readers learn about his past alongside him, and the supporting cast of characters, and the town that they inhabit are just as enchanting.  It’s easy to find yourself lost in Williston.

THE LUNAR CODEX doesn’t just feel like a slice of life story that you can put away into a drawer when you’re done.  It feels alive, and you feel like a part of it as you’re unravelling mysteries along Jace.  By the time it wraps up, you’re already hungry for more.  Another book is on the horizon, featuring Jace learning more about how to get to the root of who he is and what he can accomplish, but for now, it’s a great time to get acclimated to the story, the characters, and O’Connell’s great writing.  Check out THE LUNAR CODEX: Book One of the Codex Chronicles on Amazon today!


The Channeler

Author R.C. Allen is no stranger to the carefully crafted word.  His first book released a decade ago, and he’s only refined his talents and his prose since then, delivering a book with a strong foundation and an enjoyable and captivating instability that will leave readers wanting more.  In The Channeler, Allen unleashes an interesting character, and an expanding ensemble, we’ll say, that surrounds them.  Right from the first page, there’s just enough on the surface that readers will be compelled to want to learn more, and as things begin to unravel, it’s like whatever thread the story is pulling is also pulling them.  And it will continue to pull, straight through to the end.

A touch urban fantasy, a dash paranormal mystery, and an exciting personal adventure to its core, The Channeler is something that ought not be missed.  Allen has a penchant for making his stories feel real, and his world lived-in, as though the events therein did indeed occur.  That is, perhaps, why it is so interested to follow along with Max as he begins to learn more about his strange abilities, and what to do with his knowledge of them.  It’ll be a brisk adventure, as Allen’s pacing and cadence are even and catching, but by the end of the story, readers will no doubt want to keep up with the character, and with the author.  For now though, check out The Channeler by R.C. Allen on Amazon today!


The Prescott Legacy: A Medical Urban Fantasy Novel

The debut work of author Robert Sounvonnakasy certainly casts a sort of reflection on our own world, and in the events that have shaped the years since the pandemic.  But The Prescott Legacy: A Medical Urban Fantasy Novel takes all that tragedy and worry and puts a spin on it that effectively turns it into something a bit more thrilling and exciting, and certainly something with a bit of magic to it.  Sounvonnakasy spins a lot of plates in bringing this story to life.  The tale blends elements of fantasy into our world in some interesting ways that make the story feel lively, without being so otherworldly that you’re forced to suspend your disbelief too much.

With vivid descriptions, and a narrative that moves forward at just the right pace, this is a medical thriller most won’t want to miss.  It might hit a little close to home for some, but the author keeps things raw and real enough to immerse readers into the tale.  To top it off, you’ve got some fantastic characters that you’ll love to empathize with as you learn about the tragedies they’ve endured, and must face going forward.  With the next book in the series, The Prescott Unity, already underway, there is no better time than now to dive into Sounvonnakasy’s thrilling debut.  Check out The Prescott Legacy: A Medical Urban Fantasy Novel on Amazon today!


End of Normals (Books of Forsaken Futures 2)

Already having a hit with his first book, author Shawn Nichols continues to wow with the sequel in his Books of Forsaken Futures series.  In End of Normals, the author introduces new dangers and challenges for his cast, but he hits his stride, nailing the pacing and style that he’s become known for, and indeed, elevating the world that he’s created.  There continues to be an intensity to the conflicts, and Nichols leans into the insanity of everything that is going on.  With characters who are this dynamic and detailed, it’s easy for them to take center stage.  They have big personalities that shine a spotlight on them, even in the midst of all the crazy things unfolding.

Nichols continues to enrich his world, too, and his adoration for what he’s built here is on full display.  The author is intensely fixated on delivering a great story, not just for the readers, but for the characters as well, and every chapter seems to construct more of a base for what’s to follow.  Certainly things wrap up where they should, but Nichols has plenty of pages left in him at this point, which should sate the appetites of many hungry readers.  If frenetic action, interesting revelations, and characters that drip with style are something that fans are looking for, the Books of Forsaken Futures are up there alley, and End of Normals, the second book in the series, is an excellent entry in it.  Check out End of Normals (Books of Forsaken Futures 2) on Amazon today!


Dawn of Beyonders (Books of Forsaken Futures 1)

Once again, we take a look at one of the books at Shawn Nichols, a prolific storyteller who has a knack for writing interwoven tales that coalesce into something complex and brilliant.  Dawn of Beyonders has recently been recompiled, and given some additional clarity, but it’s still as intense and insane as it always was.  Set in the same universe as his massive choose-your-own-adventure book, this first novel in the Forsaken Futures series captures the same strange and captivating magic that readers have come to expect from the author.  Nichols’s characters are back in full force as well, showing off their extreme personalities, all while the author puts them through the wringer.

Nichols is incredibly passionate about the world that he has created here.  Readers will go on a journey that few other authors could handle so well, thanks in part to the copious notes, lore and history that creates the foundation for the Books of Forsaken Futures series.  This initial novel is only the first step into a weird and wild world that fans won’t soon forget.  With four other books already in the catalog, along with an author who thrives on making content, this could be the strange and exciting contemporary fantasy series that you’ve been waiting on.  Check out Dawn of Beyonders (Books of Forsaken Futures 1) on Amazon today!


Lance of the Golden Cobra: Knights of the Neverwas (Illustrated Version)

Every so often, you’re introduced not just to a fantasy book, but to a transcendent fantasy world that sends sparks dancing in your mind.  So it is with Emery Sinclair’s young adult urban fantasy novel, Lance of the Golden Cobra, which introduces the Neverwas, a world that is resplendent with miraculous technology and magic.  Sinclair’s wonderful book is the product of the cooperative work of many people, and it reads as a mix of so many excellent things as well.  Lance of the Golden Cobra finds itself at times reading like a historical fantasy set some sixty years ago, but it still feels fresh and new, and will catch the attention of today’s young and new adults, as well as those who are kids at heart.

At the core of the book, Sinclair writes four wonderful characters—with more joining the ensemble as the story grows—that steal the show.  They’re written with such richness and warmth that readers won’t be able to help going on the journey with them, and finding out what strange new revelations are made in the Neverwas.  Sinclair also excels at leaving the sort of bread crumbs that lead into the next chapter, keeping readers excited throughout the tale.  The same can be said for the inevitable sequel, as the story is left open for a stunning conclusion.  For now, it’s a great time to dive into the first book in the Neverwas series.  Check out the illustrated version of Lance Of The Golden Cobra: Knights of the Neverwas on Amazon today!


Allen Storm and the Demon King

Brimming with mysticism and sorcery, L.A. Hope’s debut fantasy, Allen Storm and the Demon King, is a magic academy tale that readers won’t soon forget.  It’s not just the titular character that fans will fall in love with though.  Hope’s pantheon of characters is entertaining throughout, with some of the magical beings really working their way into the hearts and minds of those that are bound to devour this story.  It helps that the heroes appear as characters that teens and young adults could enjoy the company beside, easily imagining their own time at the mysterious and quirky school for gifted magic users.

Things start with little twists and turns, but by the end of their time in this initial book, readers will be on the edge of their seat, eager to learn about the next reveal.  Even the end wraps things up well enough for this singular release, but it also alludes to what is coming next for Allen and his friends.  With a total of nine books in the series planned, Hope has his work cut out for him.  However, seeing just how much he enjoys spending time at St. Aldertone’s Academy, alongside Allen Storm and his companions, it’s easy to believe it won’t be too long a wait before the next book is here.  Check out Allen Storm and the Demon King on Amazon today!


The New Age: The Caribbean Witch

Author Vox Deruste debuts their first feature length contemporary fantasy with a tale that has a lot that it must balance.  The New Age: The Caribbean Witch is a story about identity, and finding oneself during one of the greatest of calamities.  Its focus is on one central character, but it doesn’t shy away from familial bonds, and the way that history can connect people.  And it pulls back the veil on magic and a hidden world beneath our own that is interesting without being too derivative of what has come before.  Deruste manages to bring the light out of the bleakest moments, and drives the story forward with hope and unity.

Between all the threads that The Caribbean Witch weaves, it ties everything up into a nice package by its conclusion.  It ends well enough on its own, but Deruste is talented enough to let the threads of fate take the story in whichever direction they so choose, and there could be more magic in store for readers.  With that in mind, there’s no better time than now to dive into this book.  Check out The New Age: The Caribbean Witch on Amazon today!


Friend of the Undead: A My Life Among the Undead book

The first book of many in Camara M. Bragdon’s My Life Among the Undead series, Friend of the Undead takes readers on a whirlwind adventure alongside the gifted Shelly.  Bolstered by Bragdon’s wit and charm, the tale hits all the right beats: sarcastic dialog; some touching moments; and action that keeps readers engaged throughout.  The author also stitches together a big enough tapestry that allows her to really explore the version of the world she’s created, and breathe life into it, even if some of her characters aren’t exactly living.

Friend of the Undead isn’t afraid to be different.  It turns some expectations completely upside down, and has more twists and turns than you could shake a stake at.  And, this quirky young adult contemporary fantasy is only the beginning with nine—yes, nine—other books in the series already available, readers could be on a nice reading high with Bragdon and her characters for a nice long time.  Join the journey at its start.  Check out Friend of the Undead: A My Life Among the Undead book on Amazon today!


Souljourner: A Karmic Crime Story

Paul Steven Stone’s Souljourner: A Karmic Crime Story is a sort of metaphysical thriller that readers will find catching and entertaining, especially to those who consider themselves knowledge-seekers.  Stone has a penchant for showing the importance of education, and the thrill of wisdom, both to his characters, and to his readers.  Souljourner expands on what one might typically think of understanding and knowing, complicated in the best of ways by the possibility of some lighthearted deceptions.  It’s a strange and exciting ride, every step of the way.

Souljourner is the kind of unique read that you only find once in a blue moon.  Stone’s interesting interpretation of events and captivating storytelling style will keep the reader engaged from cover to cover.  It’s an especially good tale for readers who wants to see elements of themselves in the characters.  Stone’s book is the second of a trilogy, but both are written in a way that you can pick them up regardless of any chronology.  With a third on the way, there’s no better time than now to dive in.  Check out Souljourner: A Karmic Crime Story on Amazon today!



Wishful Hearts (Wishful Series Book 1)

Author Morgan Rugg hits the ground running with her first feature length urban fantasy in Wishful Hearts, the first book in her Wishful series. The tale contains warm, welcoming themes, even among the challenges the heroes face.  Wishful Hearts puts twists on fairytale creatures, with an added bonus to humans who have the capacity to bridge the gap.  While a driving force of the story is the main character finding herself, she’s only one part of the overall tale, and you can tell that Rugg has spent considerable time creating a deep and rich world that exists beyond the veil.

Although there is a touch of darkness here and there, Rugg’s tale has more bright spots than it has shadows, making it accessible to anyone.  It’s not a short book, but it is a quick read, because those enjoying it won’t be able to put it down.  Spending time with Maude and Lendyll feels refreshing, even when they’re dealing with the darker parts of their quest.  And even when that first quest draws to an end, readers will have something to look forward to.  With a second book on the way, there’s no better time than now to begin your journey into Rugg’s debut urban fantasy.  Check out Wishful Hearts (Wishful Series Book 1) on Amazon today!


Mr. Spectacular

Exciting and excitable, the tale of Mr. Spectacular is a charming and peculiar first for author Kunegunda Price.  Indeed, this story has plenty of heart, and the majority of it is filled with joy and wonder.  Price seems to have the time of her life in describing the lives of their main characters, and the amazing things they do.  Even as the content of the story shifts to more serious fare, there’s always an underpinning of whimsy.  There’s a fine bit of magic and science fantasy to Price’s story, and children or readers who are ready to embrace their inner-child are in for a treat.

Though it’s a shorter story, Mr. Spectacular does a lot with the brief page count it has.  It sets the tone, and then sets the characters off on their adventure, and sends them on their way into the greater world that’s being built.  The pace is electric, and that is perhaps why readers who enjoy the story will be hungry for more by the time it ends.  Price looks to be aiming to continue the story, meaning if a quirky, whimsical series is something a reader is interested in, this could be right up their alley.  Check out Mr. Spectacular on Amazon today!


Realms Apart: The Portal and Key Chronicles, Volume II

Author Jonathan T. Salisbury has already delivered one wonderful fantasy with the first book in his Portal and Key Chronicles book.  Now, the sequel to Blood Bonded is here, and it is just as magical as the first.  Realms Apart is instantly catching, as it has interesting and prose that is written very well and will keep readers engaged.  Salisbury doesn’t just write flowery description.  His action sequences are exciting, and there is a flair of adventure present throughout.  It helps that he has a strong female lead that impresses in one chapter after another, but the author also has antagonists that are fiendish, and readers will love to hate them.

Realms Apart takes place in such a rich realm that just combing through the author’s handy glossary in the back of his book can be exciting.  There’s a whole world that exists here, and it feels alive and filled with history.  It is certainly recommended that you pick up the first book in Salisbury’s series, but you can actually read book two and go back to fill in some blanks later if you so choose.  Salisbury delivers a solid enough book that it could stand alone and reference back to the original book even without someone needing to read it.  If that piques your interest, don’t sleep on this sophomore title in the author’s series.  Check out Realms Apart: The Portal and Key Chronicles, Volume II on Amazon today!


Sky of Shadows

Just spend a few moments in Tyler Craig Nixon’s debut fantasy, and you’ll see how much he loves the world and the characters that he’s created.  In Sky of Shadows, he takes his lead character on a captivating journey that is akin to Japanese Isekai.  It’s therefore very interesting to see the author’s view on throwing a character into another world at the time of their death. Readers will want to learn more about what happened to the main character, and see how he is going to react to his new environment, and to the people he encounters.  There are plenty of twists and turns that will keep readers enticed, and some big revelations that make the journey worth it.

Nixon has been writing this tale since he was seventeen, and has been refining it ever since.  Because of his passion for this project, Sky of Shadows is gripping in some places, and mysterious in others, and it encourages readers to race through the story and find all the last revelations that can be found by the last page.  The story could satisfy well enough as self-contained, but Nixon leaves the door open for more, with a sequel planned for next year.  With that in mind, there’s no better time than now to familiarize yourself with this tale.  Check out Sky of Shadows on Amazon today!


The Fire Inside My Soul

Author Julia Baeten would have you believing that she’s been at work as a storyteller for the better part of her life, as she has crafted a winning love story with her debut, that amounts to so much more.  In The Fire Inside My Soul, readers will be faced with deep and complex characters that grow in many ways.  At its core, Baeten’s tale centers around powerful, deep feelings.  The book contains profound subject matter that is handled remarkably well, and readers can feel the passion and the emotion apparent within the pages.  Though it’s exciting, and moves at a wonderful pace as it mixes heart-racing action and vengeance in some places, it also takes the time it needs to show poise and tenderness, and it feels properly balanced throughout.

With twists and turns in all the right places, and defying other expectations as well, Baeten’s debut sizzles.  It’s heartfelt and captivating, capturing its reader’s attention and not letting go until the last page.  It helps that the characters let the audience in, never shying away from any vulnerabilities, and embracing any flaws that might shine through their lives.  Those who read this tale will no doubt want to keep eyes on Baeten’s catalog, and she already has another one-off book that will earn its own praise.  But it’s always great to start at the beginning, and her first is a winner.  Check out The Fire Inside My Soul on Amazon today!


The Deep: A tale beyond the waves

Author Mariam Sheriff steps into the writer’s ring with a magical tale about a world that exists beyond the veil of our own.  In her debut, The Deep: A tale beyond the waves, readers step into the mind of narrator Stanley, who works as a sort of vehicle for the story to follow.  In a lot of ways, any reader can sort of imagine themselves in Stanley’s shoes, as he’s not so imposing a character that he overbears his personality on anything.  Instead, he acts as a guide to the magic that Sheriff injects into her story.  The fantasy elements of the story are realistic and rich, and never take fans out of the action.

A reader can move through a few pages of Sheriff’s tale, and easily keep to the pace, tearing through the story.  Images in the book and snappy dialog help to further immerse readers, and keep them invested in the magical places apparent throughout.  The author paints seascapes with wonderful detail, and an often lyrical cadence.  Sheriff’s work can be flowery, but it’s because a focus of the world beneath the surface of our own has to be described in such beauty.  The story ends solidly, but you can still see sparks of magic on the periphery, whether it’s another story still to be written in this part of Sheriff’s universe, or something new scribbled into existence altogether.  Now’s your chance to see the author’s debut and say you were there when it all started.  Check out The Deep: A tale beyond the waves on Amazon today!


Summoning Spruce

Author Ann Ornie has cracked the code to developing a honed, balanced urban fantasy that’s got touches of magical realism and whodunnit mysterious overtones.  In her first feature-length tale, Summoning Spruce, readers will soon learn that the author has a tremendous talent with her attention to detail and descriptions.  Ornie makes you feel like you’re a part of the journey just by immersing you into the world.  The characters and the places that she writes about feel fully-realized, almost as if they existed before the author committed them to page.  Their lives seem full and established, and you get a sense that they’ve got their own unwritten backstories, secrets, wants and desires, and it helps to breathe so much life into the tale.

While there’s certainly some darkness amidst the mystery surrounding the events of the story, it’s the beauty that shines through more often than not.  Summoning Spruce goes beyond just the pages of the book as well, showing readers that there is a possibility to see the magic all around them as well.  The book will have readers excitedly flipping through pages until the very end, and then hungry for more from Ornie once everything is wrapped up. Time will tell whether or not Ornie has more in store for Josephine, but you can thoroughly enjoy this tale on its own again and again.   Check out Summoning Spruce on Amazon today!


The Killer Hunters: Book One Lexi

Author Damon Peel has the sort of imagination that lets him craft darker stories that have some quirkiness to them, humor in all the right places, and the means to pull readers along with every flip of a page.  His debut, The Killer Hunters: Book One Lexi, is so vastly different than what you’re likely to expect when you’re thinking of a dark fantasy or contemporary horror.  There are some fantasy elements, but in a lot of ways it’s like an inverse to the most common horror stories fans have read or watched.  The Killer Hunters benefits from being very well-choreographed, as Peel is able to put together some interesting action sequences that almost feels like second nature.

The Killer Hunters pulls you in with how interesting and at times insane it is, and doesn’t let go.  But that’s great, because you want something as strange and eerie as this to be engaging, keeping you on the edge of your seat.  Peel sets the stage with his debut, but there is certainly more to come, and you can tell that the author is eager to return to this strange variation of the world he’s built.  While you’re waiting for the sequel, now is a great time to pick up the first book in the series.  Check out The Killer Hunters: Book One Lexi on Amazon today!



Incandescent: Magic Unknown

Author Sarah Chayer has been hard at work developing her book for a long while, and because of that, it shines.  Incandescent: Magic Unknown is a wonderful debut that has had time grow and evolve into a flagship for the storyteller that readers won’t soon forget.  First and foremost is a great focus on characters, their development, and their relationships.  Readers will feel driven to learn more about them, and to join them on their personal journeys.  It also features well-crafted prose which is very descriptive.  Chayer paints with broad strokes when she needs to, but she excels at even-paced, deliberate passages, with a lot of focus on touch and feel.  And the author’s take on the world is worthy of exploration through every shadow, behind every corner, as well.

Though things move quickly, with chapters wrapping up fast enough to keep readers hungry for more, the story never feels like it is bound to hit anyone with a bout of whiplash.  Everything feels seamless, and meticulously executed.  Every twist and turn and deception is earned, and it feels rewarding for having reached it.  All those qualities of the story coalesce into the strong presentation that fans keyed into Chayer’s work, eager for the next page, the next chapter, and when they’re so lucky, the next book.  Hopefully it won’t be a long wait, but it will give you time to enjoy this debut in earnest.   Check out Incandescent: Magic Unknown on Amazon today!


An Apology to Lucifer

Father and son authors Wayne E. Haley and Sean P. Haley have teamed up to create an interesting and immersive thriller debut that will certainly earn them an army of fans.  In An Apology to Lucifer, they’ve brought together all the aspects of an entertaining and enjoyable supernatural thriller, and wrapped it up in a spectacular package.  This relic-hunting adventure is filled with believable, likeable characters, whether you’re talking about the heroes or the villains.  It pays attention to history and enlightens readers to it without feeling overly academic or heavy-handed.  Instead, it rewards curiousness with great twists and turns.

An Apology to Lucifer is the kind of book that makes you want to keep going back, eager to read again.  With fast, sharp chapters, the action and revelations whip by in a frenzy that readers can’t get enough of.  It succeeds as a perfect mix of fast and furious page turning and a dread of knowing that a great story is coming to a close.  Yet, there’s potentially more on the horizon.  The Haleys have left plenty or room to move in a lot of directions with the version of our world they’ve revealed.  Show these father and son authors that you’re ready for more.  Check out An Apology to Lucifer on Amazon today!


S*W*A*G*G 4: Soulforce

Not merely the culmination of four books, but of nineteen, bringing together heroes from multiple stories, S*W*A*G*G 4: Soulforce, is the perfect book for young adults and older ones alike.  Author Jill Marshall has been hard at work for years, developing her incredibly well-received coming-of-age tales that are not to be missed.  After nineteen books, the curtains are set to fall one last time, and as such Marshall has given Soulforce her all.  The first thing you’ll notice when you read any of the author’s stories is that she has plucky, charming characters.  Bringing them all together for the S*W*A*G*G series is a no-brainer, and gives it an Avengers-level quality.  The crossovers are as entertaining as they are magical, and this subset of the greater franchise can be read on its own before you read about the origin stories—it’s all entertaining, no matter where you start.

Putting her characters in oddball situations is part of the appeal for Marshall’s stories, and this one takes the cake, elevating the thrills and the action to new levels.  As this final chapter comes to a close, there’s never been a better time to check out this amazing franchise that Marshall has created.  Fans who move now might even be able to finish the sizable series before it hits the silver screen or smaller ones—Marshall’s universe has been optioned for TV and film!  So what are you waiting for?  Check out S*W*A*G*G 4: Soulforce on Amazon today!


Learning Balance (The Balance Series Book 2)

Across both of Amanda April Walsh’s books, she has over twenty five-star ratings, nailing down two flawless scores across both her books.  Learning Balance (The Balance Series Book 2) picks up right where the first one, Finding Balance, left off, and this new one takes off running.  Walsh knows how to write twists and turns that still surprise in her sophomore title, and they keep readers interested and invested throughout.  At the same time, this sequel answers lingering questions from its predecessor, while still letting new mysteries bubble to the surface.  Throughout it all, Walsh keeps readers immersed, and close to Devika.  It’s easy to care for the character and to worry about what new challenges she’ll face.

Walsh’s latest engages readers in ways that make them feel present in the story.  Fantasy fans who enjoy exquisite sensory details will take great pleasure in joining the authors characters in this tale.  Learning Balance is a page turner that draws readers in, and moves them along at a wonderful pace.  Walsh is already working on more in the series, which already has eager fans waiting to be immersed once more.  With a new book just around the corner, it’s a great time to pick up this second-in-a-series (and the first book if you haven’t picked that up yet).  Check out Learning Balance (The Balance Series Book 2) on Amazon today!


Finding Balance (The Balance Series Book 1)

Author Amanda April Walsh has a flawless five-star rating on her debut urban fantasy at the time of this writing, and it’s easy to see why.  In Finding Balance (The Balance Series Book 1), she delivers on a lofty promise to her readers: that the story would be captivating throughout; that it would blend elements of action, romance and drama effortlessly; and that it would keep readers on the edge of their seats until the very end, hungry for more.  Finding Balance also finds enough twists and turns to keep it feeling fresh even in a saturated genre.  Readers won’t feel as though they’ve tread the same ground here as they have before in other urban fantasies.

You’d be hard pressed to believe that Finding Balance is Walsh’s first book.  She has a command over the genre, discovering a way to write to the tropes that people enjoy, while subverting those that readers don’t.  And it helps that Walsh has the help of a wonderful cast on her side, who are easy to spend time with, and who you want to know more about—even outside of the enticing and mysterious lead.  With a second book already out, and a third on the horizon, there’s never been a better time to pick up Walsh’s debut urban fantasy.  Check out Finding Balance (The Balance Series Book 1) on Amazon today!


Pillars (Madeline’s Magic Book 1)

Author Claire Theriot Mestepey has set out to tell a heartfelt story in ways that you’ve never seen before in Pillars (Madeline’s Magic Book 1).  Mestepey tells her story through the lens of someone with similar experiences as her protagonist, and it’s one that we don’t often see.  Madeline’s journey begins like any other orphaned hero with the potential for magic, but with an interesting twist.  She’s been paralyzed from the waist down since birth.  It’s refreshing to see a twist on conventions, and a reminder that magic can come from anyone.  It’s balanced well, also; Madeline isn’t defined by her wheelchair.  It’s just a part of who she is.  The author’s focus is on her main character, interesting as she is, but she takes time to explain all about the magic that permeates her vision of our world as well.

Interesting, catching characters and world-beyond-our-own-building aren’t the only things that the author excels at either.  Mestepey’s prose reads like poetry in all the right places, moving things along from one string of interesting events to the next.  Pillars is a considerable story that readers will still enjoy at a brisk pace.  And even when it’s over, they’ll still be hungry for more from Mestepey.  With her talents on full display here, it’s easy to hope that readers won’t be left waiting long for more from Madeline and her friends.  Check out Pillars (Madeline’s Magic Book 1) on Amazon today!


The Devil’s Trill

If you’re on the lookout for an urban fantasy filled with catching magic that’s wrapped up in mystery and intrigue, you need look no further than The Devil’s Trill, by N.B. Saltsman.  The author also knows how to create a feeling from her writing, sending chills up your spine or giving you goosebumps at just the right times.  Saltsman has done her research, and as such, the world she’s built behind the veil of our own feels deep and rich.  And is bolstered by characters that begin to feel more like your friends than tour guides showing you the scenery, as they’re multidimensional and dynamic throughout the run of the story.

If you’re a fan of contemporary fantasy who is looking to be not just entertained, but impressed, The Devil’s Trill is the book for you.  It’s energetic in all the right places, and enigmatic when it is laying out its mysteries.  Though the book ends with great satisfaction, there are still more secrets left to unravel.  With luck, Saltsman will have more from her captivating world soon, but you shouldn’t wait to dive into her incredible debut.  Check out The Devil’s Trill on Amazon today!


Demon Breathing Down My Neck

Author Nick Mikel delights with their versions of angels and demons with very human qualities.  Demon Breathing Down My Neck is Mikel’s debut urban fantasy, and it is irreverent and gritty, but endlessly fun.  The book looks at the things that might be happening just in the shadows of the world we know, and it has some interesting explanations for things.  Part fantasy, part crime series, this tale has a lot riding on it to successfully entertain, but it does so throughout, and with what feels like ease.  This is due, in no small part, thanks to the wit and charm of its lead character, Stella Starwing, who Mikel brings to life in colorful ways.

Readers who like their contemporary fantasies to feel down to Earth even when they’re dealing with the divine will enjoy Demon Breathing Down My Neck.  It has a lot of charm and amusement despite the dire and dour events that transpire.  Mikel develops interesting characters that you want to spend time with.  This is only the first book in the Rainbow Angel Series, but another one will no doubt be here before you know it.  With that in mind, there’s no better time than now to dig into Mikel’s debut Urban Fantasy.  Check out Demon Breathing Down My Neck on Amazon today!


The Last of the Magi: Book 1: The Devouring

Two authors, G. S. Eli and Patrick Wiley, make magic with their debut fantasy, The Last of the Magi: Book 1: The Devouring.  At the forefront of the story are a set of wonderful characters that readers will truly enjoy spending time with, as well as real stakes, and a recognition of important themes and goals.  It’s a story that carries a powerful message beyond just being an entertaining urban fantasy tale.  Eli and Wiley have managed to craft a story that feels like the best of treasure hunting stories, like Indiana Jones and Goonies, mixed with magical academia stories like Harry Potter and the Magicians.

The Last of the Magi is a difficult book to put down, because it is entertaining throughout.  With rich characters, and a world in the shadows of our own that is ripe for exploring, there is a lot to enjoy here.  These two storytellers have harnessed their talent to open up a world that readers will thoroughly enjoy.  While there seems to be more on the way, this first book is a spectacle all on its own, and perfect for a weekend read.  Check out The Last of the Magi: Book I: The Devouring on Amazon today!


Stuart Duffelmeyer and the Masters of Plagues

Author Dewey B. Reynolds has the type of background that makes his descriptions jump off the page.  With scriptwriting in his toolbox, he effortlessly provides entertaining and colorful material for his debut Urban Fantasy, Stuart Duffelmeyer and the Masters of Plagues.  He also produces witty and wordy dialog which elevates the story, be they dripping with ill will, or part of a vengeful soliloquy.  Reynolds is also unabashedly unafraid to poke fun at his protagonist, or to go the extra mile in certain descriptions that take things over the top in delightful ways.  If readers want a sort of balance between crude and refined in their urban fantasies, they’ll certainly find it here.

At the foundation of his urban fantasy debut, Reynolds has something that quite often is missing from other stories that take themselves too seriously.  Stuart Duffelmeyer is quite simply a fun romp that shows where an imaginative story can take us.  It’s quirky and even oddball at times, but it wears those distinctions proudly.  While there is endless potential for more stories within this world, this first book is revenge at its best, and an awesome place to start.  Check out Stuart Duffelmeyer and the Masters of Plagues on Amazon today!





Children’s Fantasy

The Dragon in the Closet, Book One

A consummate storyteller, Carolyn Watson-Dubisch has written and illustrated a score of wonderful books, achieving no small measure of accolades in the process.  One of her most popular tales, The Dragon in the Closet, has received a Literary Titan Silver award, and she continues to create captivating, entertaining content for this series regularly.  The Dragon in the Closet, Book One, is a compilation of the first three issues of the series, collected in all their kooky glory.  Watson-Dubisch manages to capture the same sort of irreverent humor as you might see in something like the original Addams Family comics, with all the wit and charm therein, though with perhaps some extra splashes of color here and there.

The series puts some twists on familiar fairytales, but the author’s style and her passion for the material shines through and gives it a breath of fresh air that will keep kids engaged, and will even have adults cracking smiles.  Watson-Dubisch might just be your new favorite children’s book author, and with her incredible work ethic, you’ll never run out of new material to dive into.  This book has certainly earned its fans, and now you can join in on the fun at bedtime or anytime.  Check out The Dragon in the Closet, Book One on Amazon today!  And if you’re looking for the paperback version, you can find that here on Amazon as well.


Lucas and the Little Dinosaur: A Magical Adventure

Author R.R. Guardo has put together a delightful little story that mixes magical fantasy with the addictive mystique of prehistoric beasts.  In Lucas and the Little Dinosaur: A Magical Adventure, Guardo invites children and those who are still young of heart into a world where magic lies just at the edge of our perspective, and where we can find it if we look hard enough.  Guardo takes the concept of dinosaurs and dips it fully into the fantasy realm allowing for travel between realms, which leads to an opportunity for learning as well.

Of course, one of the big selling points of a children’s book is its art, and Guardo has secured some absolutely beautiful pieces that accompany Lucas on his adventure, ensuring that everything looks great along the way.  Interspersed with the more whimsical fare is some art that looks as though it could have come right from one of the author’s other more recent books, Dinosaurs Through Time.  Indeed, Guardo’s interest in the giant, prehistoric creatures shines through every page, ensuring that children—and even adults—who love that will learn a little something here as well.  Check out Lucas and the Little Dinosaur: A Magical Adventure on Amazon today!  And, if you prefer paperback, you can check out that edition here.



The Tallest Christmas Tree: A Heartwarming Bedtime Story About Being Yourself and Accepting Others as They Are

Author Julia Zheng has a wide assortment of lovely children’s books, but perhaps no topic is explored so much as various holidays.  Halloween, Thanksgiving, Mother’s Day and Easter are all represented, as well as Christmas.  It’s her holiday story, The Tallest Christmas Tree, that we’ll be looking at today.  Together with artist Anjali Raj, she brings to life a tale filled with magic and personality.  Even though it’s a brief tale, it is perfect for who it is marketed to.  Zheng’s stories each have a special message that they try to convey, and in this tale, she spreads the message that everyone has value and beauty, even if sometimes they have a hard time seeing it.

With a cute cast of characters that are given enough personality across the length of the book to be memorable, the story and the art will certainly appeal to children.  While the chief message is of course about acceptance (both of yourself and of others), Zheng’s story also shows generosity, creativity, and empathy.  It’s a great little story that can be enjoyed at any time.  Check out The Tallest Christmas Tree: A Heartwarming Bedtime Story About Being Yourself and Accepting Others as They Are on Amazon today!


Mia Fairy and the Pirates

It’s apparent right from the first page that author Beverly Fearon loves her stories with all of her heart.  Developing tales of magic and whimsy, she’s crafted worlds about dragons and ogres and fairies.  Her latest is a tale about a fairy, born from laughter and innocence, who goes on to do some very interesting things.  In Mia Fairy and the Pirates, the titular fairy changes the course of one child’s life, but with Fearon’s book, Mia might just change many more.  It’s a touching story about doing good things, and how they stay with us, even when we might forget.

Fun for children and interesting enough for adults to want to know what happens next, this story take some interesting twists and turns.  There’s even a bonus story in the epilogue that wraps things up with a beautiful bow.  This isn’t Fearon’s first fairy story, and it surely won’t be her last.  But for now, enjoy yourself while you dive into her latest.  Check out Mia Fairy and the Pirates on Amazon today!


The Wind’s Tale

Brought to life by Paul Steven Stone and Carla Carey, The Wind’s Tale is a beautiful children’s tale with an impactful message.  With a vibrant watercolor motif, readers will see through the eyes of a character who often goes underrepresented in fiction, allowing the story to take wing in ways that might be unexpected.  Best of all, its attractive qualities can be appreciated not just by the young, but by introspective older readers as well, especially those who want to spread the message that The Wind’s Tale imparts.

Tellest has had the wonderful opportunity to promote Stone’s work before.  Although The Wind’s Tale is quite a departure from the karmic crime thriller that we looked at before, the one thing that they have in common is that a tremendous amount of heart and emotion shine through.  This book also shows experiences that readers may not have actively considered before, opening their eyes to something new and expressive, made all the more impressive by the hardship that it endures.  It’s a beautiful story, certainly worth a look.  Check out The Wind’s Tale on Amazon today!


The Wonders of the Peculiar Parasol: A Dragonstone Story

Author Mark M. Even has developed a story that is both family and fantasy friendly and will appeal to a large band of readers.  The Wonders of the Peculiar Parasol: A Dragonstone Story gives kids an opportunity to go on a very enjoyable adventure, fueled by their imagination as well as clover prose by the author.  Even has crafted his tale in a way that makes it feel immersive to its readers, and bring them into the story.  Its one that has all the sorts of fantasy fare that delights fans of the genre, and it practically drips with charm and whimsy.

Even’s book is one that is great for kids of all ages, and is even suitable for parents who are telling the story to children who can’t read yet.  In any case, it is an exciting and imaginative story about a loving family that sticks with readers even after they’ve read it, and is bound to become a favorite over time.  It’s no wonder that it won a Mom’s Choice Award.  While we can hope that there will be more to come, now is a great time to dive into the Even’s first lovely fantasy tale.  Check out The Wonders of the Peculiar Parasol: A Dragonstone Story on Amazon today!




Dark Fantasy / Horror

The Man Behind The Light: Illuminating Darkness

There is a certain poetry within the work of author 3Mind Blight that you see between the darker moments of his latest story, The Man Behind The Light: Illuminating Darkness.  It gives the dark tale extra gravitas, and helps to offset the shadowy moments and horrifying actions that punctuate each twist and turn.  The Man Behind the Light moves with a particular cadence.  3Mind Blight knows how to set the pace, and makes his two lead characters volley back and forth with an interesting sort of communication.  It’s easy to want to continue along, and watch how more of this poor fellow’s life will unravel.

Despite a breezy word count, there is considerable depth to 3Mind Blight’s story.  It doesn’t move unnecessarily quickly from point to point, ensuring that the reader gets a real sense of what transpires from chapter to chapter.  Conversely, nothing feels superfluous either, the story never lingering in one spot beyond its welcome.  Eventually, however, the pace leads the reader to incredible scenes, and eventually, an ending that will have fans hungry for more.  As this is only the first of three stories that will tell the overall narrative, there is still more darkness in store for readers who are eager to see what comes next.  There’s never been a better time to dive into 3Mind Blight’s work.  Check out The Man Behind The Light: Illuminating Darkness on Amazon today!


The God’s Cross World

Author Angusink has been at work on his dark fantasy for several months, and The God’s Cross World has only shown its grit and grime since then.  It’s not a story for the faint of heart, showing the dastardliness of men and the monsters humanity can become.  At the same time, Angusink shows that not even the celestial forces in the clouds are altogether bright and cheery, with darker shades of grey taking the place of the alabaster we’ve come to expect over time.  Throughout the story, the driving force, and ultimately the reason to read on, is to find out just how far the depravity of humans and the divine alike will sink.

Of course, for every story where there is darkness, there has to be something reflecting light out at the reader, and some of it can be found even in the dingy, gloomy life that surrounds some of the main characters.  It’s here, where readers will see flashes of vulnerability and a heck of a lot of wit and roguish charm, that the storyteller really excels in showing off his battered world to his audience.  AngusInk’s work is ongoing, and you never know what shocking new twists lay in wait for you, or his characters.  Check out The God’s Cross World on Wattpad today!


The Memoirs of Elikai: The Children of the Solstice

Sometimes stories can be fairly clear, set in light and dark tones, while other times things are a bit more abstract.  In D. Alexander’s debut fantasy, The Memoirs of Elikai: The Children of the Solstice, readers will see what it’s like to be faced with a perfect blend of both.  The author’s tale is filled with rich characters that have a well of personality and depth, and they participate in an adventure with a lot of wit and heart that won’t soon be forgotten by readers.  There is a lot to be seen here, as Alexander spends time making the world feel full and lived-in, with plenty of details demonstrating the care taken to craft not only this first book, but the foundation of the series.

Alexander dances around some complexities here in his debut, but the world never seems overbearing, and never dizzies or befuddles readers who want to dive deeper.  With descriptive and attractive prose, and a story that immerses and captivates, it will be hard for fantasy fans to put The Memoirs of Elikai down.  This is an adventure that readers will love going on, even when darker moments or tragedies strike.  And the best news is that Alexander already has a second book out, with a third close at hand.  But it all starts here, with book one in the series.  Check out The Memoirs of Elikai: The Children of the Solstice on Amazon today!


Fields Of Blood: The Horse Lord Book 1

Arthur Drake, the author of Fields of Blood, the first book in the Horse Lord series, writes true sword and sorcery through a darker, grittier lens, without muddying things down too much in the political sphere that has permeated the genre since Martin’s books have gained popularity.  There’s grime to humanity, and Drake finds it, whether it’s out in the battlefield, or on the streets back home.  As the newest book in Drake’s growing catalog, Fields of Blood finds it in a bit of both places, and many more.  The author doesn’t shy away from hard scenes, either, keeping the reader rooted in the action throughout.

Drake works with both humans and trolls in his new tale, ensuring that each have distinct voices and personalities.  Once Fields of Blood finds its groove, the pace never relents, urging readers onto the last few inches of their seat as they anxiously await whatever cruel twist is in store for Eadmaer next.  This story of the common man is anything but common as Drake works to uncover the mysteries of the things that both humans and trolls would fear.  And along the way, he explores the relationships that might not seem so black and white, and what they could yet be.  Check out Fields Of Blood: The Horse Lord Book 1 on Amazon today!


Eclipsing the Tide (To be Nameless Book 1)

C.G. Jaquish’s debut dark fantasy series hooks readers early and doesn’t let go.  In Eclipsing the Tide (To be Nameless Book 1), the author manages to deftly balance her creativity in a lot of ways.  A great talent that Jaquish has is developing sympathy for her main character and driving readers to understand her emotions.  While Eclipse takes center stage, each of the characters feels like they’re well represented, diverse, and interesting enough to enjoy peeling back their layers as the story continues along.  The To Be Nameless series leans into people’s flaws, and uses them to great effect.  The author also develops a rich world that is interesting, and can still be explored further beyond this initial book in the series.

Fans of a little grit and grime are sure to enjoy this tale.  Jaquish doesn’t shy away from tougher material or darker fare, and that’s perhaps why it catches hold of readers so early on.  Rooting on the main character and seeing her persevere helps to ensure that Eclipsing the Tide is a fast-paced story, but it’s engaging throughout, and by the time readers are done with Eclipse’s first tale, they’ll be hungry for the next.  Luckily, Jaquish has four others in the series, ready to entertain.  But there’s no better place to start than the beginning, so it’s time to dive in.  Check out Eclipsing the Tide (To be Nameless Book 1) on Amazon today.


Final Ruin (The Judas Files Book 5)

Author C.G. Harris has achieved a great success in completing an addictive five-book urban fantasy that grips readers and doesn’t let them go. In Final Ruin (The Judas Files Book 5), Harris continues delivering humorous and snarky characters that rope you in and keep you enthralled with the book and the greater series.  Harris excels at creating captivating characters, wonderful dialog, and edgy happenings without being too over the top and delivers on a version of hell that is fun to spend time in, despite all the fire and brimstone you might be prepared for.

Though The Judas Files is a dark fantasy series, it shines a light in some places, ensuring readers will have a smile on their faces, even without the humor that Harris is great at including in stories.  Fantasy fans who love worldbuilding will also find a lot to enjoy here, because it is rich and immersive, and full of details they’ll love to read about.  With this final book in the quintet now available, there’s never been a better time to enjoy the series.  Check out Final Ruin: A Dark Humor Urban Fantasy Supernatural Adventure (The Judas Files Book 5) on Amazon today!


Breachman: A Medieval Fantasy Adventure Story

Right from the opening page, you can tell that author Chris Barker has the means to captivate you.  In his dark fantasy debut, Breachman, Barker effortlessly blends rich character moments with wonderfully descriptive action and battle passages.  It’s as rich as it is dark, showcasing the horrors of war, and taking readers deep into the psyche of the cast that will occupy their minds long after the last page is read.  Barker knows how to do a lot with a little, and tension is built from the moment you first see the harrowing reality of the city of Yrfrite, and the kingdom of Tydrian, and what is at stake.

With plenty to explore, whether it be the world Barker creates, or the mysteries he unfolds, there’s plenty to enjoy here in Breachman.  And, thanks to great characters with witty remarks and internal thoughts at hand, readers might also find a new catchphrase or two that they like to use.  For a debut, this is a stunner, and it will easily make dark fantasy fans, and fantasy fans in general eager for what could come next.  Even though it ends on a solid enough point, there’s room enough to follow this story, to see where the cast goes from here.  For now though, take the time to enjoy this solid bit of exquisite fantasy.  Check out Breachman: A Medieval Fantasy Adventure Story on Amazon today!


The Unexpected Encounter: Book 1 (Abyss Lord’s Quest)

Serving up surprises one after the other, author Tyler D. Connors has great fun with his debut dark fantasy, a tale that has the reader following an unlikely cast of characters.  In The Unexpected Encounter: Book 1 (Abyss Lord’s Quest), Connors explores the events that surround two different groups of characters that will ultimately need to come together, for better or worse.  Even for the more familiar-feeling characters, there is enough that keeps them fresh here, thanks to enough of a step inside their psyches, as well as the importance of their quest.

Connors is at his best when he’s being clever with his characters’ well-being.  He’ll put them into compromising situations and then find a way to finesse them out of them.  Throughout the book, there are enough twists and turns to keep readers on their toes and eager to find out what happens next.  The book ends on a bit of a cliffhanger, meaning that there’s bound to be more questing ahead for readers who anticipate the troubles and dangers yet to come.  With that in mind, now is a great time to jump into this first book in the series.  Check out The Unexpected Encounter: Book 1 (Abyss Lord’s Quest) on Amazon today!


A Tormented King (Epics of Dyijrodell Book 1)

Author Victor V Vierbickas III has a knack for crafting a story that you can know the end of, in some ways, and still be surprised by.  So it is in his debut, A Tormented King (Epics of Dyijrodell Book 1).  It follows the madness that befalls a king who knows his time is quickly coming to an end, in a world full of magic and mystery.  The king’s desperation to make a name for himself and hidden, darker desires make the writings of Vierbickas a truly captivating tale.  And it certainly helps that there are different shades of grey that shroud the main characters, as it leaves them all feeling multi-dimensional and interesting.

If darker fantasies are your delight, this debut could certainly be a fun read for you, and a worthy introduction to its author.  While the first book in Vierbickas’s fantasy series catalog has the potential to lead to many more stories in the kingdom of Dyijrodell and the surrounding lands, this first journey ends well enough that it could be a standalone.  Between all of its revelations, and all of its strong character relationships, readers are sure to find some closure here, with a tantalizing tease of what could come next.  Check out A Tormented King (Epics of Dyijrodell Book 1) on Amazon today!




Science Fantasy



Historical/Military Fantasy

Child of Water: The Prequel (Female Protagonists Anime Stories)

In Olivia Thompson’s book, Child of Water: The Prequel, the author sets a different sort of foundation than one might find if they had read her book Child of Water: The Rousing.  Indeed, the two can be read separately, giving the reader an understanding of the world that Thompson intricately carves out, yet these characters are often reflective of each other, an interesting foil for how one would act in other, strange circumstances.  It’s still filled with raw emotion, some of which can be very mature, but it is tasteful and handled with the utmost respect by someone who is well aware of the position that a strong female character might find themselves in.  While all of this narrative’s qualities are impressive, it is its characters that shine through, and they will have staying power long after the last page has been turned.

Child of Water: The Prequel surprises in all the best ways, subverting expectations and keeping readers on their toes.  Everything feels earned though, the author clever with her craft, and deliberate in her presentation thereof.  With the explosive grandeur of an anime-style story, but the impact of historical events, this tale will have wide appeal.  An expressive world awaits those readers who join Aoi on her journey, and Thompson has kept up with her passion, releasing two more books in the series, with more yet to come.  But it all starts with this lovely entry.  Check out Child of Water: The Prequel (Female Protagonists Anime Stories) on Amazon today!


Child of Water: The Rousing (Female Protagonists Anime Stories)

At this point in her journey, Olivia Thompson deserves all the accolades that people heap upon her.  Her Female Protagonists Anime Stories series, including Child of Water: The Rousing, which we’re focusing on today, show a huge amount of respect for the genre and for the reader.  Thompson effortlessly balances the components of her book, from the vivid descriptions of the world she’s built, to the stellar action sequences.  While there are certainly fantasy elements here, there are also plenty of places that make the story feel grounded in reality, immersing one into the narrative and the events that unfold.  Child of Water also features dynamic characters that grow as the story progresses, leaving readers with a captivating journey that they’ll be happy to be on.

Along the way in The Rousing, beautiful pictures accompany the lovely prose, further immersing those enjoying the adventure.  Thompson essentially does everything that she can to engross and engage her audience, and she does it with what seems like supreme ease, though it also shows that she put plenty of work into this craft.  There are a growing number of books in this series, and while they all flow in some interesting ways and connect with one another, they can be read on their own and still captivate and bring joy to readers.  This is a great one to dive into.  Check out Child of Water: The Rousing (Female Protagonists Anime Stories) on Amazon today!



When it comes to historical fantasy about old-world myths and legends, there is perhaps no person better suited for the task than author James K. Isaac.  He takes the work to heart in the release of his first feature-length novel, WOAD, which casts light on specific point of times in our world’s history, and sprinkles magic and fairy dust upon them.  Isaac’s love of history assures that what should feel real, rich, and lively does, while his passion for fantasy elevates it to something more.  In a story that crosses timelines, it may seem a challenge to zigzag back and forth, but Isaac makes easy work of it, demonstrating a care for the narrative that energizes it and keeps readers enthusiastic wherever they are in history.

WOAD never tarries on longer than it needs to, ensuring readers that they’ll move forward at a brisk pace.  Amongst prophesy and mystery, riddles and reveals, Isaac’s work is quick to get its hooks in, and difficult to be rid of.  Readers will be eager to discover the next way that Artos integrates into the story, and just how much magic affects the world around, from the times of the faerie folk, to a more modern Europe.  In the end, Isaac delivers a story that is wonderfully self-contained, telling the story in full that it must, before closing with stunning presence.  If this is a preview of what is to come from the talented author, it is worthy of a spot on your shelf, especially if you’re a fan of historical fantasy.  Check out WOAD by James K. Isaac on Amazon today!


Odyssey Tale

Cody Schlegel’s Odyssey Tale has been ridiculously well-received, and for good reason.  The book has something for everyone, as it leans into the best of fairy tales, myths and legends, all while treading its own path.  It’s delightful even in its darker moments, and it will keep readers on their toes.  Each of the characters could be known to the audience, though they’re shadows of the more popular versions that are known in their original works.  Here, their demeanors and motivations could be greatly changed, and it could leave a shock the first time they’re encountered, but Schlegel somehow makes everything feel exciting and electric.

Odyssey Tale hits all the beats you expect from a retelling of Homer’s greatest adventures, but with enough surprises that will keep readers entertained throughout.  There are quite a few “Once Upon a Times” that work to great effect, and each time a reference is caught, it’s thoroughly enjoyable.  While Schlegel manages to wrap things up with a tidy bow, he was clever enough to leave things open for more exploration on behalf of his protagonists, with the possibility of a whole new cast of characters.  But before you get there, you should dive into this first book.   Check out Odyssey Tale by Cody Schlegel on Amazon today!


The Emperor Returns (The Emperor’s Return Book 1)

Doctor Clifford Waldman has done an incredible job on his historical fantasy release, The Emperor Returns (The Emperor’s Return Book 1).  Anyone who takes a single glance at the book and its sequel will see that Waldman is passionate about his work and his research, and it bleeds into his story in an almost academic way.  Fans of ancient China will be glued to each page as they learn more about the mystical return of one of the country’s greatest rulers.  The tale also blends well within our own world, giving us a sort of reverse portal fantasy to watch unfold.

Readers have an exceptional adventure ahead of them with The Emperor Returns.  The ancient ruler and his army are brought to life in some very interesting ways that fans are going to love.  Waldman’s books are massive, but he’s been patient and calculating, and had the foresight to see that people would want to rush out and pick up the second book just as soon as the first one was finished.  That’s good news for readers, because the second book is ready and waiting once they turn the final page.  Still, the beginning is a great place to start.  Check out The Emperor Returns (The Emperor’s Return Book 1) on Amazon today!


A Time of Reckoning: Book One Betrayals

Author Michelle Simpson demonstrates a grasp of poise and preparation with her new release, the wonderful A Time of Reckoning: Book One Betrayals.  It’s filled with beautiful prose, as the author captures the era and environment the tale is set within, and transports readers there in her portrayal.  Along the way, characters that fans of historical fantasy will enjoy following serve as guides to an unravelling plot that threatens a land always at risk from those with dangerous aspirations in mind. Along the way, readers will learn more about the world during that time.  Simpson enjoys old Irish mythology and peppers it into the story, giving it a more lived-in feel than if the story had existed without that foundation.

With only touches of druidic magic flowing between the pages of Betrayals, the fantasy elements might feel distant at times, but in post-classical Ireland, everything seems steeped in magic and wonder anyway.  Simpson captures that here in her book, and gives readers something real to sink their teeth into.  It pulls no punches, and if readers are looking for something that is gritty and steeped in reality, yet retains its beauty, this could be the book for them.  With another book on the way, there’s no better time than now to dive in.  Check out A Time of Reckoning: Book One Betrayals on Amazon today!


Archer of the Heathland: Deliverance (Book 1)

If readers are looking for a multi-talented storyteller with a deep back catalog, they’re going to love J.W. Elliot.  His fantasy starter, Archer of the Heathland: Deliverance (Book 1) reads like a classic with modern sensibilities.  It has great character development, with characters whose motivations are clear.  You’ll know who to cheer for and who to jeer right from the get go.  Elliot’s prose is vivid and descriptive, and he paints a cinematic picture with his craft, from the scenery to the action.  And the author spends enough time giving his world a personality to make readers feel like they’re part of it as well.  It’s the sum of these parts that makes the story so engaging and immersive, drawing fans in and not letting them go until the final page.

Archer of the Heathland is an entertaining ride with a wonderful pace and flow.  It’s great for young adult readers, and the series that it is a part of ages up with them.  Older fantasy fans will enjoy it as well, as it harkens back to some classics, and modern takes on medieval history as well.  This first book in the series manages to feel self contained enough to answer some big questions, but it also paves the way for the greater series that follows it.  With an additional seven books in the series to enjoy, there’s never been a better time to dive into a good book.  Check out Archer of the Heathland: Deliverance (Book 1) on Amazon today!


Lamplight, A Keepers Novel

Author A. David Barrett has debuted his historical fantasy Lamplight, A Keepers Novel, and you’d be forgiven for thinking he’d been doing this for years.  If you started this book on a whim, you’d be surprised by how quickly it turns on the spectacle and awe, and sets you down an incredibly entertaining path.  It’s a fun twist on various points of history, with plenty of worldbuilding outside of what we know from old myths and legends.  Barrett also develops awesome characters that you can’t help but want to learn more about, whether it’s the ones you meet early on, or their ancestors.

Those who pick up this book will quickly find out what a page-turner it is.  As the pieces are set in place, it goes on to show just how incredibly well everything comes together.  Barrett writes his prose with a cinematic flair, helping to immerse readers who like to see action play out in their mind.  As quick as everything falls into place, the story wraps up in what seems like a flash, leaving readers hungering for more.  Luckily, Barrett leaves hope for the story to follow.  But for now, it is also a wonderful self-contained tale, to which you should give a chance.  Check out Lamplight, A Keepers Novel on Amazon today!


The Blood of Outcasts (The Bane Sword Trilogy Book 1)

Author D. A. Smith has been writing and worldbuilding for a long while, and he brings his considerable talents and experience to a head with his official debut of The Blood of Outcasts (The Bane Sword Trilogy Book 1).  It’s a gritty enough story that keeps you on the edge of your seat, but doesn’t take you too far into the darkness that you can’t see the light.  Its lead character is sometimes hard to empathize with, but she is resolute in her mission, and is ultimately the reason you keep moving along with her and the story.  You’re always looking to see what she’ll do next, and, enveloped in Smith’s clever and poetic prose, the ride you take with her is one in which you won’t want to stop.

Written with words that make the story read like an epic anime fantasy set in feudal-era Japan, it’s easy to race through Smith’s debut.  And because it is set in a world where magic and monsters are possible around every corner, there are plenty of surprises to get the blood pumping along the way.  The story ends with the same excitement it begins with, and it will no doubt leave you hungry for more.  While there’s no date yet on Smith’s follow-up, this book will sate the hunger for fans of epic and historical fantasies.  Check out The Blood of Outcasts (The Bane Sword Trilogy Book 1) on Amazon today!


The Beckoning Void

Patrick LeClerc is a wily and witty author who crafts superior stories in his urban and historical fantasies.  So it is in his latest, a Victorian-themed tale which mashes steampunk and Lovecraftian horror in all the right ways, The Beckoning Void.  LeClerc excels at a great many of the things that make a fantasy so enjoyable, but chief among his many talents are creating characters that readers love to follow.  In The Beckoning Void, the cast is catching, varied, and so much fun to watch interact with each other as well as the world around them.  LeClerc weaves a tapestry around them with witty banter, interesting sets of skills, and interpersonal relationships that keep readers roped in.

The Beckoning Void has a lovely cinematic sheen to it, and it’s easy to see it playing out in your mind while you’re reading along.  The author has a command over his words that show that he’s as clever with his set pieces and props as he is with his characters, and it leaves the book feeling rich and multidimensional.  While LeClerc’s Victorian era Historical Fantasy ends well enough on its own, it also leaves enough in the air, so to speak, for more to come.  Before a second entry is officially announced, why not dive in and meet your new favorite heroes, and go on an adventure you won’t soon forget?  Check out The Beckoning Void on Amazon today!



Science Fiction (And Academic Science)

Last Life: Level Two

PrincessDie is back in the game, and things have grown more dangerous than ever in Last Life: Level Two.  Author Zack Lester already had a winning combination of captivating characters, witty dialog, and thought-provoking storylines that exploded across the page.  There wasn’t really anywhere to have to put any extra polish, but this sequel certainly puts a shine toward everything.  With the cast of characters only requiring a brief reintroduction, Level Two hits the ground running, settings the stakes and showing the reader what failure could look like, and who is at odds with Diana and the rest of the gamers.  Lester’s sophomore title is a tad longer than the first, but it’s a tight fit regardless, with no extraneous scenes feeling like they’re memory-leaking out of the game, or out of the book.

Level Two does manage to level up in some big ways.  Subterfuge and dark dealings in the shadows of the digital world will astound fans of the first book, ensuring that every page still feels like one turn away from utter chaos.  Even with as many twists and turns as one might expect in this sequel, given the way that the feature debut kept readers on their toes, one big trick was certainly not played toward the end of this tale.  Come what may, a third level looks to be in the mix.  That means there’s no better time than now to get in the game.  Check out Last Life: Level Two on Amazon today!


Conjunction (The Wise Society Book 1)

Authors A. D. Zoltan and Steven N. Nagy bring readers to a new age of enlightenment in their wonderful metaphysical sci-fi, Conjunction (The Wise Society Book 1). Their story tells about societal change in ways that most people can only imagine, and then the authors carefully craft a masterpiece of written prowess around it.  With science fiction, especially material that can be metaphysical and spiritual, it can sometimes feel as though the work fails to be substantive, but Zoltan and Nagy have developed something rich and captivating here—a world displaced from our own in time, yet wholly believable.  Interesting characters carry the many notions of life beyond our world and indeed ourselves, in myriad ways, upon their shoulders.  All the while, they bring us to new frontiers, not only in space, but in expression and in sense of self.

At its core, Zoltan and Nagy’s book is a conduit of concept and academia–a way to suppose how our future could look in ways should we follow it down one path.  Only time will tell if we grow any closer to the vision that these fine authors tease, but in any case, there seem to be more missions, more personal journeys, and more questions yet unanswered to speculate on.  This first book will make a fantastic foundation for everything yet to come.  Check out Conjunction (The Wise Society Book 1) on Amazon today!


The Hypersleep Chronicles: An Interstellar Adventure

Author Andrew Kraft brings his love of space exploration and his talents in talespinning together in his debut, The Hypersleep Chronicles: An Interstellar Adventure.  It is perhaps just a step below hard sci-fi, as the author makes it incredibly accessible for readers, not burdening them with too many specifics about how the technology works, but ensuring that the story stands strong.  Certainly everything feels robust and fascinating, and that is because while the reader is not on the hook for knowing how everything coalesces, Kraft certainly does, going so far as understanding everything that’s occurred for the three-and-a-half centuries before the reader turns the first page.  And as much as he enjoys all things beyond our orbit, he uses his characters to give us eyes and emotions on the journeys they take.

Part of the incredible journey is the wonder of experiencing something that we once thought of as novel, but in a more grounded way.  Kraft explores cryogenics and space travel in interesting ways and builds a remarkable story around it, finding a balance that is every bit as entertaining as it is enlightening.  It’s possible that this story could spin off into a sequel or even a series, so there’s no better time than now to explore the cosmos.  Check out The Hypersleep Chronicles: An Interstellar Adventure on Amazon today!



Blackout Trail: A Post-Apocalyptic EMP Survival Thriller

Linda Naughton has been creating and expanding on worlds for decades now, and may have even wrote some of the content in some of your favorite tabletop and video games.  These days, however, she’s flexing her sizable writing muscles and using them for her own projects, and to great effect.  One such project is the post-apocalyptic survival thriller, Blackout Trail.  On top of an explosive story filled with fantastic events that keep readers on the edge of their seats, Naughton populates her narrative with strong, dynamic characters, who don’t feel like dialog slapped onto a page, but rather rich, intelligent, and most importantly, human elements that add an emotional element to her work.  They don’t fit a preconceived notion of what a character should be, but are unique and nuanced.

Right from the first page of Blackout Trail, readers will be glued to the book, except when they hastily turn the page to see what happens next.  Each chapter is well-paced and snappy, as Naughton carefully balances action, detailed descriptions, and involved character moments.  Everything feels steeped in reality, and it is clear that the author did plentiful research to keep the story true to itself.  Naughton, who is clearly passionate about the knowledge she’s amassed over her lifetime, finds no difficulties immersing her readers into this world.  Don’t wait until the power goes out on a rainy day.  Check out Blackout Trail: A Post-Apocalyptic EMP Survival Thriller on Amazon today!


Surviving the Undead: A Tale of Hope and Resilience in a Post-Apocalyptic London

Author Harlan Smith arrives on the scene with a snack-sized entry in a genre where humans are the whole meal.  In Surviving the Undead: A Tale of Hope and Resilience in a Post-Apocalyptic London the real focus is on the moral dilemmas which cast shadows on the already horrifying new life that the survivors need to adjust to.  As in most stories of this fare, the undead are not the greatest threat to humanity.  At its core, Surviving the Undead depicts that there is always hope, the chance to persevere, and the thought of a brighter day.

With quick chapters, this short story will keep readers focused.  Surviving the Undead is a snappy tale that can sometimes show how far people devolve in a crisis.  Smith includes art in this story which sets the mood of the story every few pages, helping to create an immersive feeling.  With another book in the same genre on the horizon, now could be an interesting opportunity to dive into Smith’s debut.  Check out Surviving the Undead: A Tale of Hope and Resilience in a Post-Apocalyptic London on Amazon today.


Into the Storm: Aliens Among Us

Author D.J. Adamson knows how to weave a story that features a fair share of suspense.  Her Lillian Dove mystery series had earned her rave reviews, and shows what strong, dynamic characters she can develop.  But in Into the Storm: Aliens Among Us—and the prequel novella—though there are still tinges of mystery in the static-charged air, it’s the thrills that readers will show up for and want to see around every corner.  With a breezy narrative, characters who readers will love to see butt heads against one another, and unfolding secrets abound, Into the Storm is the kind of read that can easily be tackled in a single sitting.

With short, snappy chapters, and new revelations popping out frequently at the reader, it’s not difficult to see why this book is such a page-turner.  With enough questions that may yet be unanswered by the close of the book, there may yet be a third in the series, but not every question is meant to be answered.  Sometimes it’s the darker mysteries that are found to be most appealing.  But, in either case, readers will come to enjoy Adamson’s sophomore sci-fi thriller for all its accomplishments, even if they do ask themselves the question, “is there something else out there?”  Check out Into the Storm: Aliens Among Us on Amazon today!



New author J.D. Clason hits the scene with his new sci-fi novel, Salvation, and delivers a great adventure that balances gritty, visceral realism with deep, rich narrative beats.  All too often in sci-fi the focus sometimes feels like it all rests on the technology, and it foregoes the emotional foundation.  That’s not something you have to worry about in Salvation, where the story comes first, and the sci-fi elements only serve to enhance it.  In fact, there are some poetry to the words, as Clason hasn’t just let stream of consciousness take over.  Instead there’s a cadence and pace that keeps readers rooted in the story, and the characters’ well-being, immersing them in every shift and change as the tale evolves.

Clason knows how to build tension and raise the stakes.  Between assassination attempts, violent insurgencies, and the appearance of deadly bounty hunters, Salvation is jam-packed with tons of content that furthers the plot and keeps readers on the edge of their seats.  Stellar action, breathtaking twists and turns, and emotional payoff mark this story as one that will certainly earn the author some new fans.  Check out Salvation by JD Clason on Amazon today!


The Man His Means and His Methods

Witty and sardonic, quirky where it needs to be, and compelling throughout, The Man His Means and His Methods is a novel like no other that readers simply must look into.  From the mind of the incredibly talented Nico Moretti, this book is as thought-provoking as it is entertaining.  Almost conversational in its narrative presentation, the story flows at a pace that makes it easy to dive in and follow, even though by the very nature of the story, it is meant to sort of break the fourth wall and have readers stop and think.  It is certainly a different sort of story, though it isn’t for its novelty that it should be read, but for its quality.  Monetti also brings it to life with interesting and expressive art, forged in the fires of AI.

Monetti is just as much a character for his book as he is its writer.  As quirky as it is, it has to have a certain style and substance to it, and it likely couldn’t have happened with anybody else.  It enlightens without proselytizing, and entertains without preaching.  The Man His Means and His Methods will appeal to a broad swath of people, but for readers who are interested in a sort of crossroads of conspiracy theories, mythology, and just great writing, this is going to be a massive joy to read.  Monetti reveals a considerable amount of himself here, including his passion for the subject matter, and that is perhaps what makes it so effective as story form and as art.  Check out The Man His Means and His Methods on Amazon today!



S. L. Hemm has a love and respect for technology which translates well into a study of speculative science fiction, whereby you can imagine progress and the hopes of a better future, or the coming of our doom, if we are destined to regress because of our hubris.  Hemm’s interest in virtual reality becomes an exceptional foundation for his debut, Suspended.  Hemm’s book shows that technology, when used improperly, can take dark and ominous turns, and that sometimes, we can be the progenitors of our own grief and downfall.  But it is not just the technology that keeps readers rooted and captivated.  Hemm has created characters here who the audience will want to remain alongside, every step of the way.

Suspended manages to walk the road down both sides of the technological highway.  It shows the potential for what we can do with it in the right hands, and with noble intentions, but it also shows the possibilities of what can go wrong when it is used for all the wrong reasons.  Suspended is a story that has a decent length, but Hemm’s snappy chapters and interesting subject matter will have readers wrapping things up at a brisk pace.  After that, it’s all about waiting to see what the author comes up with next.  This book, however, is a great introduction to his work, so don’t sleep on it.  Check out Suspended by S. L. Hemm on Amazon today!


The Boy with No Name (A Tale of People and Apples, Part 1)

Author M. H. Watson’s passion for their story is apparent.  They’ve written a highly regarded trilogy that spans about 24 hours of reading, and delivered it to their readership absolutely free.  The Boy with No Name is the first book in the A Tale of People and Apples series.  Reading it on Wattpad makes it a communal experience, as you can see how other readers have reacted to certain scenes and prose, and as new readers will soon discover, the general consensus is that Watson’s book is captivating and suspenseful.  Boy takes place in a dystopian future, and it is interesting to both discover how humanity arrived there, and what has come of it throughout the years.  But Watson ensures that learning about the stories characters is just as compelling.

In The Boy with No Name, Watson shows their craftsmanship, effectively balancing a curious and mysterious world with a catching pace, never leaving readers without a fun thread or clue that keeps them on their toes.  Vivid imagery and entertaining dialog give way to stunning reveals and sequences, and introspective moments that shape the story.  This book will be a hit with readers who like a measured build toward an explosive crescendo.  With two absolutely free stories that are waiting for readers after they are finished with this introduction to Watson’s world, there has never been a better time to dive into their debut.  Check out The Boy with No Name (A Tale of People and Apples, Part 1) on Wattpad today!



Parker Eldred writes about real world problems, but in a way that feels mysterious and captivating.  In Stasis, Eldred looks at one of the growing problems of our lifetimes, climate change, and what would happen if we took the steps to try and right our wrongs.  From the opening pages, things are interesting enough to want to learn what changes have occurred on Earth, and what is yet to come.  The author has a way of weaving the tale so that the answers are presented in satisfying ways, making good use of the novella’s tight word count.  This, perhaps, is a reflection of the way time and existence are experienced in the story, as neither are quite the same as they once were.

In order to heal the world, grand changes were required.  How do you begin to help reverse the damage we’ve done while seven billion people serve as the disease, in a sense?  Eldred explores these notions, and the fallout of our actions, in catching and immersive ways.  It helps that the author has a commanding presence when it comes to prose, and characters that are interesting and strong enough to carry the powerful story on their shoulders.  Readers will be quick to enjoy Stasis, and while it feels brisk, it will give them a lovely introduction to an up-and-coming storyteller.  Check out Stasis, a novella by Parker Eldred, on Amazon today!


Blood on the Blue Moon (The Broadcloak Files Book 1)

Mysteries can be a challenge to write, because you have to strike a perfect balance between transparency and the clandestine.  Author Justin Care toes the line with such precision in his novel, Blood on the Blue Moon, it seems like he’s been at this for a lifetime.  A bit like Hercule Poirot in space, this detective story is clever, fresh, and dark where it needs to be.  Readers will always wonder what lurks around the corner, and what new truths will be revealed.  Care’s tale is immersive, and spending time with the characters leads to emotional risks and rewards, because you never know who might be in the most danger by the turn of the next page.

Care does a wonderful job blending genres, as the titular spacecraft stands in as a compelling set piece in ways that Christie’s ship on the Nile could only dream of.  Indeed, it adds to the experience in some interesting ways, and serves the story very well.  With a sprinkling of clues left for the reader, this is one mystery that will keep them eagerly guessing.  A brisk pace leads them to the inevitable, stunning conclusion as well, where all will be revealed in spectacular fashion.  Care leaves his fans with a promise to see Struan, his charming detective, in another tale to come, but it all starts here.  Check out Blood on the Blue Moon: A Scifi Mystery Novel (The Broadcloak Files Book 1) on Amazon today!


Grey is the New Blue (Vixen Grey Series Book 1)

Grey is the New Blue is but one of the books in author James David’s sizable catalog, but it is one that highlights the fun that he has had within the sci-fi genre, serving up a twist on the “they walk among us” trope that many are familiar with.  In this first book in the Vixen Grey series, the expectation is subverted, because the humans are the ones that are outnumbered, specifically on the police force that becomes an important aspect of the tale.  David’s police tale is pulp sci-fi, but without any schlock, and it’s good, popcorn fun throughout.  A lot of this comes down to the characters that he writes, and the situations that he throws them into.  The author is also not afraid to put his characters in danger, and synthetic as some are, readers will still grow to care about them.

Even with a battalion of android officers, the troubles of this day and age persist in the future, and David spins a very human tale out of it.  There are still twists and turns aplenty as well, and you never know what a character may be thinking.  Emotions still play a huge part in the world the author has built, and it really helps to give it life in some interesting ways.  This police series could easily turn into a procedural, and indeed there is another book already on its way, but there’s no better place to start than at the beginning.  Check out Grey Is The New Blue: A science fiction book based on crime investigations and police with androids (The Vixen Grey Series 1) on Amazon today!


Dark Matter: Terion

Dark Matter: Terion, the first book in an epic spacefaring trilogy, shows author Alex A. Janek’s commitment to his written universe, and indeed it is a great introduction to his work.  Janek has a deep respect for immersive description, and he wants to invite readers to his world.  He remains true to the genre, and indeed, there is some expectation that readers will enjoy the science side of science fiction.  While many books of this genre have a tendency to be a bit hard to follow as they inundate with hi-tech talk and confusing jargon, the heart of Dark Matter is in its characters, who have a great deal of emotional bandwidth that they share with those witnessing their adventures.  Of course, on the flip side, there are those worthy of caution and distaste.

Interesting without feeling too academic, clever without feeling like you need a degree to enjoy it, Dark Matter: Terion is a sci-fi epic that fans of the genre and those just trying it out for the first time will love.  It has endearing qualities that aren’t easily replicated, showing just how much care the author put into it.  Janek’s second book in the series has already been released, and it’s just as substantial as Terion.  The third in the series is planned for release soon, though the author is taking care to ensure that it is a proper swan song for the Dark Matter books.  With all that in mind, there’s never been a better time to take the deep dive into this universe.  Check out Dark Matter: Terion on Amazon today!


Last Life: Level One

While he had previously released a science fiction collection in the past, it is Zack Lester’s new feature-length story that will get its hooks in and not let go.  Readers will love the twists and turns of Last Life: Level One, especially if they’re fans of the “games gone deadly” trope that’s regained popularity over the past few years.  Lester story certain feels like it’s at the forefront, but it’s bolstered by an awesome cast, dialog that sticks, and relationships that are easy to care about, and develop in a natural, interesting way.  There’s no force-fed elements or excessive exposition.  Lester simply presents his world as it should be, and let’s his other talents bring it to life by the strength of its characters, the events that unfold, and a bit of a neon glow underneath.

Thanks to great pacing, and a story that won’t quit at any point from the first page to the last, Last Life will keep readers on the edges of their seats.  Though it’s not a terribly brief book, it makes for a quick read because folks will not be able to put it down.  As quick as readers reach the end of this book though, they’ll have to be patient for the next entry in the series to drop, as Lester is also hard at work on several Kindle Vella series.  Still, the more great sci-fi, the better, and you can make proper preparations for the upcoming sequel during this time as well.  Check out Last Life: Level One on Amazon today!


Zoe Hearty and the Space Invaders

Suspenseful, thrilling, and entertaining throughout, the debut science fiction novel of TE Norris is frighteningly good.  In Zoe Hearty and the Space Invaders, Norris takes body snatcher-style aliens, and cranks them up to eleven.  It’s a great time to be had, especially for readers who enjoy anxiety-drenched, hair-raising twists and turns.  Bringing it all into focus is the wonderful lead character, who is just so different and such a breath of fresh air, even though she’ll make people gasp as she reveals her secrets.

Though Zoe has the potential to be written like a freight train, her first book allows her to fit as a piece of a great puzzle, and each revelation feels earned and rewarding.  If paranormal, psychological thrillers are your cup of tea, you should really dive into this first Zoe Hearty book by TE Norris.  While there’s some closure, it looks more likely that this isn’t the last we’ve seen of some of the authors characters.  But it all starts here.  Check out Zoe Hearty and the Space Invaders on Amazon today!



One of the first things you’ll notice about the work of author Jamie Eubanks is that her stories are dynamic and rich.  So it is in her award-winning latest, HALL OF SKULLS, which takes her incredible talespinning talents, and spreads them the vastness of space.  Indeed, her latest is a fantastic foray into unfamiliar territory.  While some of these concepts have been explored before, it is the way that Eubanks unravels them that makes the story pop.  A delightful cast of characters gives the story a punchy feel, and intrigues enough to follow from one event to the next, but there are scenes and sequences that will leave readers gobsmacked, unable to read any further until they process through what just unfolded.

HALL OF SKULLS moves forward at a brisk and enjoyable pace, and it keeps the reader’s attention, never letting go. While the story is fully fleshed out—and truly, an epic experience—it will still leave readers wanting more.  Eubanks has explored different genres thus far, but there is enough runway left in the world that she’s created here that she could sling back around, scouring the far edges of the universe and delivering more great sci-fi beats.  Even if she doesn’t, her story ends with all the excitement and resolution that you’d want from your newest favorite sci-fi.  Don’t delay.  Check out HALL OF SKULLS on Amazon today!


Blending Grey: A Pulp Cyberpunk Short Story

Author Avery P. Michaels arrives on the sci-fi scene with a brief but delightful cyberpunk story that’ll hook readers who are looking for a quick, entertaining escape.  Blending Grey: A Pulp Cyberpunk Short Story is brimming with interesting characters and themes that captivate those along for the ride.  Michaels explores what it means to discover who you are, both inside and out, and then stitches in some quirky and exciting events to boot.  It’s a great story that is elevated by its setting, and the author captures the essence of one fans of the genre are drawn to.

Despite the author’s disclaimer, this is actually a very well-written story that brings readers into a world that they’ll be delight to be lost in.  For fans of cyberpunk, this is just a perfect slice of life for the genre, and it shows that there’s still plenty of room to explore, should Michaels want to continue along in this dismal version of the world.  Even if they don’t though, this story wraps things up in a neat enough bow, and it’s an interesting dive into a darker tale.  It’s popcorn fun, sure, but it’s pulp, not schlock, and those who are looking for a quick story to enjoy will get that here.  Check out Blending Grey: A Pulp Cyberpunk Short Story on Amazon today!


Proxima Bound

For readers who are looking for a shorter science fiction story that still packs an awesome punch, author Davi Mai has everything under control.  In Proxima Bound, a tale that takes place on a space cruiser that is bringing humanity to another world in a journey that will take a millennium to complete, the author introduces a cataclysmic event that fans of the genre will feel compelled to see resolved.    Indeed, every step of the way, they’ll want to spend time alongside Mai’s rich and interesting characters, watching as they do their best to cling on to life as dangers continue to unfold.

Promixa Bound will stick in the minds of those reading through it long after its done.  It hits all the right beats, introduces its world and its rules in interesting ways, and doesn’t linger where it ought not.  Although it’s of novella length, it develops things wonderfully, and wraps them up as neat as readers would want.  It’s self-contained, and though the fate of the Attenborough is shown to the reader, Mai could turn around and write a distant sequel in more ways that one if they chose to.  For now though, this space-traveling science fiction is great enough to add to collections on its own.  Check out Proxima Bound on Amazon today!



The Adventures of Mahalia and Malcolm: The Robinsons

Authors Terance L. Shipman and Prudence William have amassed a wonderful catalog of books for middle-grade children, but with their latest, the pair have brought to life their best story yet.  In The Adventures of Mahalia and Malcolm: The Robinsons, readers are treated to a family-centric superhero story with wonderful emotional payoff which is all wrapped up in some fantastic magic.  With catching prose by the talented authors, and gorgeous illustrations by Yvonne Abuda, the tale is sure to get its hooks into readers of all ages.  It’s a family that readers can root for, and they’ll want to see what happens next.

The Adventures of Mahalia and Malcolm is the sort of superhero story that younger fans of the genre will be grateful for.  But no matter the reader’s age, they will be hungry for more, as a middle-grade reader, or an adult eager to share the magic with their child.  The action within the story isn’t sewn together for thrills, although you certainly get them here regardless.  Instead, it’s built on heart, courage, and wide-eyed wonder.  Fans of this tale, of which there are bound to be many, can rejoice in the knowledge that there are more to come for the kid heroes of the story and their family.  Check out The Adventures of Mahalia and Malcolm: The Robinsons on Amazon today!


Battlefield Earth: A Saga of the Year 3000

One of the most loved pulp sci-fi books of the past century, L. Ron Hubbard’s Battlefield Earth: A Saga of the Year 3000, celebrates its fortieth birthday this year.  It’s popcorn sci-fi that gets its hooks in readers, and doesn’t let go.  Battlefield Earth is known for characters that are either loved, or who readers love to hate, as well as for endless chapters of space opera adventure.  And for those who are just beginning to venture into Hubbard’s fiction, there’s no doubt more that they’ll come to enjoy.

This book has captivated the hearts and minds of many, including some of your favorite creative geniuses.  From Brandon Sanderson, who praised its explosive pace across the massive narrative, to Kevin J. Anderson of the Dune Sagas, who hailed its adventurous spirit, all the way through to Neil Gaiman, who described it as “un-put-downable”, it’s been known to grab hold of even the most talented writer’s attention, and refuse to let go.  There is a reason that it’s endured all these years, and now, forty years after its debut, it has retained its charm, and continues to grab hold of new readers.  If you haven’t had the chance yet, do yourself a favor and give it a glance.  Check out Battlefield Earth: A Saga of the Year 3000 on Amazon today!



Author Mia Frances is making a name for herself with the recent releases of her grittier stories.  Her latest, Tribes, is a blend of a lot of things.  Because of the nature of the story, it sees components of science fiction, gritty survival horror, post-apocalyptic adventure, and even bouts of romance.  Somehow, it all works to great effect, though readers who don’t want to see everything through a bright and beautiful lens are probably more apt to enjoy and appreciate it.  Frances doesn’t shy away from showing her audience what lies in the shadows, that is for certain.

If you’re into dystopian fiction about the determination of the human spirit, with a healthy dose of suspenseful grit and darkness, and a splash of science fiction layered over top of it, you’ll love Frances’s book.  The author is great at everything because she enjoys everything, and finds a way to seamlessly sew the different components together.  This look at our broken world, thrust into chaos and violence, is certainly a harrowing one, and it takes a talented storyteller to pull that off and make it enjoyable.  Frances achieves just that, and shows us a few bright spots between the cracks.  Check out Tribes on Amazon today!



Author Sam Joe delivers a sort of stream of consciousness story in DREAMS which takes a look at how someone might react if they learned that the end of the world was upon us.  Joe has an active imagination, certainly.  While the concept feels similar to other apocalyptic stories that we’ve seen in film over the years, the author’s lead character in this story makes some choices that we would rarely see of heroes in those other tales.  In a way, it’s a breath of fresh air here, because the character is honest with himself.

DREAMS feels like it comes to a close just as it opens, and it shows plenty of places where the author could expand or revisit if they wanted to.  Readers will see the perspective of one character here, but it is clear that there is a whole world that are reacting to the tragic events in the story, and we’ve only just scratched the surface here.  It’s a quick read, but it’s a good introduction to Joe’s writing style, and what he’s capable of.  If you’re interested in a direct story that gets to the point and makes it firmly, you can check out DREAMS on Amazon today!


Extinction Reversed

In Extinction Reversed and the series it is part of, the characters you’ll become attached to are the robots. This book is pure, hard, euphoric science fiction at its best, and J.S. Morin makes short work of showing why he’s among the best suited to write it. The story follows Charlie7 in an unbelievable journey of ethics, exploration and restoration. Humanity has fallen, but perhaps there is a way to bring them back. There’s no storyteller who could tell it better than Morin.

Extinction Reversed is the kind of book that epitomizes the science-fiction genre. It’s a great story, written extremely well, with characters who you yearn to learn more about. You want to join them on their journeys of understanding and personal reflection, amidst all the realizations and dangers that the world throws at them.

What are you waiting for? Pick up Extinction Reversed on Amazon today!



Black Ocean Mission Pack 1: Missions 1-4

The Black Ocean series is as close as you can get to a mashup of Firefly and awesome fantasy.  It’s driving force is the characters, which you’ll grow to adore.  The crew of the Mobius—and the people they meet up with—will stick with you long after you’ve raced through your first read of each of the stories.  And you will rip through these before you realize it!

This Mission Pack is a wonderful selection of Morin’s stories from the Black Ocean series.  Morin is as prolific as they come, having written a score of books, with more on the way.  If you want to meet a new favorite author, look no further than this.  There’s no better time than now for you to get these four stories either, as the author has dropped the price to 99 cents for a limited time.  Pick it up on Amazon today!



Black Ocean Mission Pack 2: Missions 5-8


What’s better than one great science fiction story? How about four great ones? J.S. Morin’s Black Ocean Mission Pack 2 is a great entry point into this expansive series. With a score of books under his belt, Morin makes the rest of us writers look like goobers.

Morin is definitely a friend of ours, and we’re happy to see that he’s still cranking out incredible books.  Mission 5 is another perfect entry point to the series, even if you haven’t read from mission 1 on.  And with the 9th one recently released, Black Ocean is a saga you just can’t miss.  Pick up these four great stories today!


Ike’s Adventures on Earth: New Horizons

Author El Wanderer tackles little known revelations and catching philosophy, and wraps it up with interesting packaging in his new science fiction book, Ike’s Adventures on Earth: New Horizons.  Wanderer’s book reads like it truly does follow someone from another world that had entered our own, and it’s because of this that readers are immersed into the story so easily.  Ike’s Adventures has scholastic and academic appeal, as the author has plenty of facts to share about Earth.  This makes the story easily enjoyable by kids and young adults who like science, and want to learn new things about our world.

While a good portion of the story is dedicated to enlightening its readers, the larger underpinning is that Earth is in trouble.  Eventually, the tale shifts gears, and things become more personal, roping fans into the events.  Once readers reach that point, it becomes a brisk read that will have them itching to find out how the next chapter goes.  It taps into some very current philosophies, but it puts a science fiction sheen on it that offers up some interesting twists.  While you might be wondering if there’s more adventures in store for Ike and his friends, now is a great time to learn about his first set.  Check out Ike’s Adventures On Earth: New Horizons on Amazon today!




LitRPG and Choose Your Own Adventure

Ruin of the Dead, Book 1 of the Cleric Trilogy

Lee Brown has a penchant for stories where the reader is in control of their fate.  In Ruin of the Dead, a Choose Your Own Adventure book revolving around divinity and doom—and the first book in a planned trilogy—the focus is on the reader-slash-player embodying a cleric in service of the goddess of Justice.  After a long pilgrimage, the very artifact that you have journeyed to pray upon has been stolen by dark forces, and it is up to you to determine the steps necessary to serve your order, and be seen as a champion to your goddess.  Brown had his work cut out for him, having to not only write a great story, but also to develop a branching path with an interface that was tidy, and he’s managed to do both to great effect.

When it comes to Choose Your Own Adventure stories, the book usually asks more of both the writer and the reader, but Brown keeps things simple and elegant, ensuring that the player doesn’t have to do too much on their end.  Just a bit of paper, a pencil and a six-sided die, or a computer to keep your notes and do some randomization checks is all you need.  If you think you have what it takes to fight against the undead and savage lizardfolk that threaten peace and order, give Brown’s fun adventure a try.  Check out Ruin of the Dead, Book 1 of the Cleric Trilogy on Amazon today!


Book of Forsaken Futures: MAGI (Books of Forsaken Futures 2)

One of the first things you’ll notice about Shawn Nichols is that he has a lot to say.  In his newest book, Book of Forsaken Futures: MAGI (Books of Forsaken Futures 2), that’s readily apparent, as the book clocks in at over a thousand pages in Kindle format.  None of that is superfluous, mind you.  Nichols presents just the right amount of exposition, and dialog, and action, and manages to deliver a book that marches forth at a wonderful pace.  Moreover, he does so with a book that hops in many different directions.  Choose Your Own Adventure stories have a chance to go off the rails at any point, but Nichols built his tracks sturdy and strong, and they’ll entice readers all the way to the end, no matter which ending they’ll get.

It’s always great when you can return to enjoy a book a second time.  With Nichols’s excellent book, readers can come back to it again and again, learning what choices they may have skipped out on, and how things might have been different if they had taken a chance.  On top of that, they’ll get a chance to see the author’s gripping, exciting prose executed in other sequences.  The best news is that if you enjoy the world that Nichols unleashes here, he’s got more on the way, in a bit more of a linear fashion that explores it in some other ways.  But you should start here, as it’s a great introduction to his writing craftsmanship.  Check out Book of Forsaken Futures: MAGI (Books of Forsaken Futures 2) on Amazon today!


Kronos Online

If you’ve ever dreamed about escaping the troubles of your day to day life and becoming the great hero, author Mitchell Nelson has a story that might have been written just for you.  His fantasy debut is Kronos Online, a LitRPG that’s a breath of fresh air for the genre.  It presents with a bigger focus on what’s going on in the real world, giving the tale a heartier feel.  It’s a timely book, with trends pushing people’s interactions online.  Nelson isn’t afraid to show some of the cracks that exist in the foundation between his worlds, or his characters.

Each chapter ends in a way that draws you in more and more.  Nelson has fashioned a story that is addicting and immersive, whether it is what’s happening to Theo in game or outside of it.  It’s a perfect story for those who want to dream big, and see their passions turn into epic successes, although it certainly shows the struggles that one must endure as well.  Though Nelson’s book has a fantasy heartbeat, it takes care to present reality in a compelling way as well, giving this LitRPG a breath of fresh air you might not otherwise find.  With more stories from this series undoubtedly on the way, now’s a great time to pick up the debut.  Check out Kronos Online on Amazon today!  If you pick it up this weekend, between May 6th and May 9th, you’ll get it absolutely free!





Manga and Comics

Buumba Ta Juba: Sorrow ta Fearless

Brought to life by creators Carlos Luis, and Brian “Proffess” Howelton, Buumba Ta Juba: Sorrow ta Fearless is a graphic novel that is unlike many that you’ve seen.  To start, it’s driving focus is its heart.  There is a lot of emotion and positivity here, written with a lot of thought and care by Proffess, and illustrated beautifully by Luis.  It can be described as having a Phineas and Ferb feeling with an almost Animaniacs look, which makes it instantly accessible and appreciated by a wide variety of fans.  Howelton and Luis effortlessly bring a good deal of feelings to the forefront, bringing a respectful amount of humor to a story about identity and community.

Created by some very talented people, Buumba Ta Juba has a lot of endearing qualities that position it as a story that can help readers cope with some feelings of their own.  Luis and Proffess bring the fun and the funny, ensuring their graphic novel is something that anyone can pick up and enjoy.  It’s a project that has been percolating for some time, and these creators have been hard at work bringing it to life with the love and respect that it deserves.  Check out Buumba Ta Juba: Sorrow Ta Fearless and get on the mailing list before its release by going to this link at Pugnacious Publishing.


Gifts from the Sacred Warrior

Coming to you from the mind of Iami Breaux, and illustrator Alexander Santer, a native Ukrainian, Gifts from the Sacred Warrior is a beautiful and exciting graphic novel adventure about people taking destiny into their own hands by training the champions meant to bring humanity into the next age.  Breaux and Santer bring this project to life in haunting beauty, whether its the artwork, or the wonderful prose layered beneath.  This set of one dozen tales will be sure to stoke the imagination of anyone who dreams of seeing life beyond the stars, as well as humanity’s journey toward the future.

On the Kickstarter side, Breaux ensures that there is a plethora of goodies to amass, from copies of the book, to prints of the artwork, and beyond.  Even when the project finds its funding, there are also stretch goals planned, which almost every backer level will have access to.  This duo and the rest of their team are a force to watch out for, so do be sure to keep an eye open for the campaign as it makes it way forward, collecting one new backer after another on its road to release.  Check out the Kickstarter for Gifts from the Sacred Warriors, which is now live!



There are few fantasy creators out there who have everything scoped out so well as Bill Shook.  With his illustrated novel, WALDO BEYOND THE WALLS: ADVENTURES IN THE GALAXY, he manages to create a new sticking point in a long-running series, which anchors a tremendous universe teeming with potential.  Pop culture references are present here and there, most notably in its nods to Kilroy (and mostly on the older books Shook has released).  This latest story is delightfully silly, as the author has a witty and clever sense of humor.  It feels like it was made for this format, as its full page spreads look gorgeous, and the style elsewhere is  similarly spectacular.  Waldo features culture-hopping events across our world, and helps readers learn more about our history, so it’s perfect for kids who want to learn in a fun way.  An incredible work of imagination for those who love to let theirs run wild.

As Shook mentions in his blurb, we’re seeing not just these expressive, beautiful looks at our world, but the advent of a new and expanding universe starring Waldo and his friends.  And it gets bigger than just a sequel.  Shook has music inspired by his work, a forthcoming movie, preceding books that helped to set Waldo in place, and more books to come, making this one amazing universe to look out for.  But this is a wonderful spot to start, and you can venture off in so many different directions from here.  Check out WALDO BEYOND THE WALLS: ADVENTURES IN THE GALAXY on Amazon today!


The Adventures of Ganja Girl

Charles Ahonotu is a storyteller and comic book aficionado who has tapped into his social group and his hobbies to bring a new tale to life.  This quirky, humorous, good-natured story is The Adventures of Ganja Girl, a story of ordinary people finding great power within themselves, even if it’s with the help of an external substance.  Ahonotu’s advantages stem from his entertaining relationships with his friends, as well as an aim toward making the story enjoyable by anyone.

The Adventures of Ganja Girl is crowdfunding on IndieGoGo at this time, and is trending in the right direction.  If you like your stories to be fun and quirky, and you like to see people fight for progress and the good of humanity, all while kicking butt, this is a comic that could be right up your alley.  The artist is enjoying this story, and he’s made it clear that he wants to continue the character’s escapades, but you can get it at the onset if you help this comic reach its crowdfunding goal.  Check out The Adventures of Ganja Girl on IndieGoGo today!




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