Woodchuck is the colloquial name given to a magical quiver that is in the possession of the ranger, Steel Tip.  Originally wielded by a group of elves in southern Daltain, it was once known by another name, which translated roughly to The Everforest.  They also called it the much more informal Marksman’s Best Friend.


Woodchuck is incredibly beneficial for an archer.  Arrows are always plentiful within it, although no one, not the elves or its current owner, have ever been able to figure out how it produces them.

There have been rumors as to the way it is charmed.  Theories vary from enchanted termites to benevolent gremlins that live in a nether realm and send the arrows through the aether.  Whatever the case, its wielder will never run out of ammunition.

Early Events

The elves of Cefenediel have used The Everforest for centuries.  It typically passed from the hands of one great archer to another, and was used primarily against the gnolls that encroached upon their forest.

Ongoing Operations

At the behest of the elf, Icarus, Tarerenda, the queen of the elves of Cefenediel bequeathed the magical quiver to Steel Tip shortly after his arrival on mainland Draconis.  Because his life was on the line, she willingly allowed him the gift, also due in part to his royal lineage.  He was the one who assigned it the sobriquet Woodchuck.

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