Urban Fantasy Promo – The Ways of Wayward Witches (A Tale of Three Sisters Book 1)

Greetings travelers, and welcome to another trip into the Otherworld.  It’s going to be a busy week as we head closer and closer toward Halloween—one of the best times of the year for fantasy! Today, we’re going to be looking at an alternate history fantasy that is epic in scope, yet captivating in the small, intimate details.  If that feels like something you’d be interested, read on to learn more about The Ways of Wayward Witches (A Tale of Three Sisters Book 1).

Author Evelyn King set lofty aspirations for her debut release, but she has the amazing foresight, planning and dedication to see those goals reached.  That book, The Ways of Wayward Witches (A Tale of Three Sisters Book 1) is massive in its scope, with the author laying a foundation beyond the events that surround the main characters which is truly impressive.  At the same time though, the way that King writes Lumen and her growing cast of surrounding characters is captivating, and it draws readers in to a level of immersion that does not release its hold easily.  Whether readers are looking for exciting magic, steamy romance, or witty dialog, King has it all in spades.

“It’s a dangerous time for a Witch.”

The scars left behind by the Blood Massacre of 1888 still run deep through the Witches of Britain a hundred and thirty-five years later. Queen Mara, who led the Witches to victory on that harrowing night, must once again face her old enemy as well as a mysterious group of rebels with seemingly no motive. Tired and ready to retire, Queen Mara wants nothing more than to pass the baton on to her only living heir…

…too bad Lumen doesn’t want to be Queen.

With only a few weeks left until she turns twenty-one and must officially claim the title of Heir to the Blood Crown, Lumen is determined to spend her last moments of freedom doing what she loves best – sneaking out to walk among mortals and getting outrageously drunk at the upcoming Samhain Ball. Fate has a different idea. As a night of debauchery drags on, Lumen is embroiled in a mystery that will rewrite history, shed light on the recent attacks on Witches, and send her on a path to discover the true culprit behind her parents’ murders.

A hundred and thirty-five years in the past, two brothers are the only reason that the ignorant Witches of Gallows End haven’t been slayed in their entirety. Though the Grave brothers’ names may never make it into the history books, that doesn’t mean they’ll be entirely forgotten.

King’s book contains a good deal of fan favorite tropes without feeling reductive or derivative.  Instead, The Ways of Wayward Witches feels like it puts a fresh spin on things.  It’s also impeccably paced, with snappy chapters that draws readers into the next one.  Before they know it, the climax fast approaches, leaving them hungry for more.  With the promise of more to come that ought to be just as epic, there’s never been a better time to pick up King’s excellent saga starter.  Check out The Ways of Wayward Witches (A Tale of Three Sisters Book 1) on Amazon today!

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