Urban Fantasy Promo – King of the Wicked (The Banished Series Book 1)

Hello there readers, and welcome to a new and exciting week.  Today, I’m happy to introduce you to another hardworking author and her very compelling work.  We’re starting with a darker contemporary fantasy today, and you’ll no doubt enjoy it.  Read on to discover more about King of the Wicked.

Author T.R. Hamby excels at writing characters that you desperately want to know more about, and that you cling to throughout her stories.  So it is in King of the Wicked (The Banished Series Book 1), which rolls all those interesting characters into a spectacular story involving angels and a new love story for the ages.  Hamby takes fantastic situations and breathes reality into them in a way that feels like they could unfold around us.  And most importantly, it’s simply great fun following this angel with a dark streak around Rome.

All his stories are Angel stories.

Mel King is an Angel, banished to Earth long ago for falling in love with a human. Now, based in the city of Rome, he hunts and kills evil mortals on God’s behalf. He knows he can never love again. That time is long over. But then Nora appears, and everything changes.

Nora Rossi is just trying to start her singing career when she witnesses Mel King commit a terrible act. Now she can’t seem to get away from him…or his ridiculous Angel story. How far will they go before he finally tells her the truth?

King of the Wicked flows at the perfect pace, drawing readers in more and more with every new mysterious thread that unravels.  The pages keep on turning, and before you know it, you’re at the end of this tale, clambering for more.  Luckily, Hamby has readers covered, as book two, Queen of the Immortals, is ready to dive into.  Of course, it always helps to start from the beginning.  So what are you waiting for?  Check out King of the Wicked (The Banished Series Book 1) on Amazon today!

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