Urban Fantasy Promo – Awakening of a Soul Keeper

Howdy folks!  It’s a New Year, and that means tons of new books are waiting for us.  Whether you’re looking for fantasy, science-fiction or horror, Tellest and the Otherworld will certainly have you covered for the next twelve months and beyond!

Today’s featured story comes from Brienne Dubh, a meticulous author who knows her way around building a series and a world.  Her latest is Awakening of a Soul Keeper, a prequel to her Soul Keeper series.  Make no mistake about it though, this has all the makings of a phenomenal read.  It’s got dark action with real stakes, smart and interesting characters, as well as electrifying romance.

What happens when you meet the man of your dreams, then meet your soul mate and find out he is a thing of nightmares? 

Theodora is thrust into a world of powerful beings and surrounded by treachery, lies and violence, when she accidentally discovers not only is her husband’s boss a vampire, but she is also his soul keeper and fated mate.

As the leader of all vampires the last thing Lyzander needs or wants is his soul. With so much on the line he can’t afford to be anything but vengeful and Theodora’s presence jeopardizes everything he is. 

Forced to stick close to her unwanted mate, Theodora struggles to keep hold of her sanity and her marriage as she discovers who and what she really is. 

This prequel develops in all the right ways, leaving the door open for what comes next, although it’s a strong and solid read on its own, as well.  Dubh has been writing for a few years now, and has great reviews across the board.  This tale is her best received yet, as well as a promise of more great content on the way.  It’s time to dive in.  Check out Awakening of a Soul Keeper on Amazon today!

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