Urban Fantasy Promo – A Fantasy Cultivation Journey: Reborn of the Elements: Journey to the Outpost

Greetings travelers, and welcome to our next stop amidst the Otherworld!  It has been a busy week, but we are going to keep things going from weekend to weekend, because you absolutely deserve it.  That’s also why we’re bringing you an incredible epic fantasy that you’ll have to get your hands on.  Read on to learn more about Reborn of the Elements: Journey to the Outpost.

Prepare yourself for a portal fantasy the likes you’ve never seen before in Miles N. Dion’s truly epic A Fantasy Cultivation Journey: Reborn of the Elements: Journey to the Outpost.  This story will impress readers, as it has a lot of wow factor, brought about namely because of the tremendous care that Dion has for his world.  Jorde is quite different from the world that we know, and the author has done everything in his power to ensure it feels rich and captivating, alien in its presentation, yet with familiar elements that allow readers to slip into an immersive feeling.  It helps to have a compelling lead character in Zaeris, nee Harvey, who brings us along on his journey.

Harvey fell asleep as a successful surgeon and awoke as a baby in a strange world (Jorde) with magic. He’d been color-blind before, but now he is straight-up blind.

Jorde has enjoyed peace for hundreds of cycles. The invention of protective domes has kept the beasts at bay. Sadly, this peace comes at a cost. The cultivators in Jorde, protectors of the Cardinals, have dulled their weapons. The peace has weakened them, and the Elemental beasts in the wildlands are rising again.

Despite being reborn to a commoner of meager means, Harvey, now Zaeris, has never been happier. He may be blind, but he can wield the Elements. He is stronger than humanly possible. Best of all, he has all his memories from Earth. Magic and science create wonders, and Zaeris would test the limits of magic on Jorde. He had reached the top of his field on Earth. Now, all he wants is to live quietly, making potions. It seems, however, that the quiet life is not for everyone. How long can he hide his capabilities? Will Master Cultivators in Jorde accept a Noname alchemist? Will the Elemental Beasts allow him to achieve his dreams?

There is some level of novelty here in Reborn of the Elements, but it is the strength of Dion’s prose, his characters, and indeed the world he’s crafted that gives it lasting power and builds formidable interest for its readers.  There is a tremendous breadth of lore and mythology to be explored in this world, and yet readers will no doubt be drawn to Zaeris and his experiences as they unfold.  Of course, things unravel in the most delightful and exciting ways all the way up through the end.  One would hope that Dion has more to unlock for this incredible series.  Check out A Fantasy Cultivation Journey: Reborn of the Elements: Journey to the Outpost on Amazon today!
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