Tons of Other Talent Out There

While the main purpose of this blog is to try and bring attention to my passions, it would be irresponsible of me not to mention all of the great people that I have had the privelege of rubbing shoulders with over the past several years.

Tania Elicker has made perhaps some of the biggest impacts on my love affair with sci-fi/fantasy.  Her novel, The Flame Weaver, is a brilliant look into the way her imagination works.  I urge anyone who enjoys the genre to peruse that book – she’s one of those tortured artists that doesn’t realize how adept she is at storytelling.  The more people who are out there and able to convince her otherwise, the better.

If high fantasy isn’t your cup of tea, you could always check out Nace Phlaux’s freshman release, Coincidence.  If you’ve ever stopped to think about life, you know how perfectly things manage to fall into place.  The love of your life could be just around the corner; a statement heard loudly enough by the wrong people could completely change your destiny.  Phlaux wraps his story up with a bow that could unravel with the slightest tug – it truly is an winding journey, but it is one that couldn’t have unfolded any other way.

Finally, several years back, I had the opportunity to work with a guy whose real name I still don’t really know.  SplashKhat had a tremendous influence on the direction my stories took.  Although he was in a completely different medium, it was one that I once ventured upon.  As time passed, and I realized that it wasn’t something I was proficient enough to pursue whole-heartedly, I always looked back at him with respect and admiration.  At one point, I reached out to him on a whim, and we had almost collaborated on the final piece of his magnum opus.  At present, he’s doing very similar things as I: trying to develop his own video games.

There are, of course, many other people that have had a huge hand in helping me to develop into the storyteller that I am today.  There are other writer’s that I emulate.  There are masterminds of such caliber that I could never hope to match their talent.  Perhaps in one of the other blogs down the line, I’ll highlight these folks.  They deserve their moment in the spotlight as much as anyone.

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