The Valley of Mist

General description


In western Raleigh, there is a valley that exudes a thick fog.  Throughout the course of history, people have considered that it might have been anything from steam from a multitude of geysers to smoke that flowed from a volcano.

Those that have entered the Valley of Mist have never been able to discover the source of the haze.  Fortunately, it doesn’t seem to have any unpleasant effects on nearby cities, or the temporary inhabitants.  Still, the mist can be a bit unpredictable, and it does happen to shield many of the fauna that considers the valley home.


Geography, Environment and Research

Keeping to its namesake, the valley is entirely filled with mist.  Visibility is severely stunted within the place, but that hasn’t stopped people from visiting.  In fact, Viscosa had at one point employed laborers to quarry stone and iron from parts of the valley.  They abandoned the idea several months in, as workers were constantly caught unaware of animal attacks and worsening weather conditions.

Orcs from Genger-mar are also known to have studied the place for some time.  A multitude of shamans believed that the place was holy ground, and some of their totems can still be found within the darker groves and the recesses of the mountains that surround it.

The Valley of Mists has a self-sustaining ecosystem that the humanoid races can very rarely survive without a tremendous amount of foresight.  Mountain lions prefer the area immensely, thanks to the larger game that believes the mist can protect them throughout the year.



While the orcs tend to believe that the valley itself is a holy relic, others have begun to circulate rumors that it actually protects an important artifact.  Rather than the mist being created through a natural occurrence, it has been speculated that some arcane item is producing the tremendous fog.

The people of Viscosa are apt to believe that Victor Raleigh actually sent his men to the valley not to quarry stone, but rather search for whatever might have caused the haze.


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