The Strain

Magic Abound in the World of Tellest


Magic is a part of the aether, another realm that is just on the periphery of Tellest.  Sometimes, that thin veil between worlds lies open for just a few moments, and can drape its contents over various places, people and objects.  Other times, it opens like a void, leaving its mark permanently.

This phenomenon, in both its forms, is sometimes recognized as the Strain.  Scholars refer to it as such whenever magic has somehow changed the properties of what we are supposed to experience.  It is often considered a gift from the gods.

People and Creatures

In people, the Strain develops as a sort of magical awareness.  Some people generate some odd power, like the ability to cast forth an element from their bodies, or sprout ethereal wings from their backs.  At first, these powers were thought to have been a sign of inherent magical talent, but often these people had no predisposition to learning other forms of magic on their own.

Each race upon Tellest demonstrates their gifts in varied ways.  Humans receive the Strain in relative ambiguity – many people are distrusting of those who show signs of it, leading many humans that do display those powers to hide them in secrecy.  Elves can only use their powers in limited forms, but the entirety of their individual societies will share the gift.

Creatures have also been known to demonstrate queer abilities.  While some believe that permutations of traditional animals have been deliberately caused by aspiring magi, some scholars believe that they may have been a direct effect of the Strain.  Such an example could be rainbow flutters, which leave brief streaks of color where their wings flap.

Dragons also lend to the idea that the Strain affects creatures as well.  There have been a multitude of strange dragon sightings throughout history, including dragons that were made out of ice, or ones that could grow and shrink at will.


For each of the hundreds of people that the Strain seems to affect in its passing, so too does it seem to let its power linger in the world.  Various areas harness the aether and the magic within, and are often places of great pilgrimage to magic users and the devout.

Among these places is Folly’s Glen in Daltain, the location of one of the many Mage Wars that have scarred Tellest’s past.  The glen is a forest of great renown, which houses many unbelievable facets of nature.

Just south of Raleigh’s city, Fostervilla, there is desert oasis that serves as the city’s water supply.  Scholars believe that this place, too, is a result of the Strain.


Over the course of time, people have begun to believe that the gods have shaped the aether in some way.  Rather than spending all their time creating the multitude of artifacts that the races of Tellest have relied on, it would be easier to allow the veil to open up and bestow its powers upon those holy relics.

The greatest known objects in history are the weapons that are used to sway a battle.  Archangel, the sword that slew the fallen angel Semia’Laz, is considered a soul saber.  They are known to not just lay a foe low, but also collect their soul within, preventing it from moving on to the afterlife.  The elves of Cefenediel are said to have a quiver that endlessly produces arrows for their greatest archer.  New items are found every day as well, proving that the reach of the Strain knows no bounds.

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Michael DeAngelo

Michael is the creator of the Tellest brand of fantasy novels and stories. He is actively seeking to expand the world of Tellest to be accessible to everyone.