Sprite Art – Blue Box Gnomes

Hello friends!  We’re back today to look at yet another set of Quantum Quest sprites.  Following our natural progression, that brings us to the gnomes today.  In keeping with our balance, since we had five gnomes in our first set, we only feature three in this latest set.  Here’s a “down-the-line” preview for you as well: if and when we eventually do our third set, we’ll have even fewer characters because we’re adding a brand new card type.  More on that later though.

We’ve got some cool characters here, so let’s get right to it and explain how these gnomes get down to business.  As always, we’ve got some pretty interesting tidbits of their backstories, and it’s time to find out what makes them tick.

Eryn Mattix is one of our tiniest heroes across the board.  She’s from a bit further in the future when technology is a little more prevalent in Tellest.  We call her a technomancer, and one of the things that she’s trying to perfect is teleportation.  Unfortunately, it’s not a tried and true method of moving through the dungeon, and sometimes there are problems.

On the other side of the coin, Elden Goshen doesn’t care too much about technology.  He’s a big fan of what he knows works, so he’s got a hefty set of equipment.  He knows that it’s tough to move around, but he’s pretty much a slow-moving tank, so who cares?

Finally, we have Mammon Durthik.  He is all about making sure his friends and allies are comfortable and safe.  A healer above all else, Mammon is definitely a defensive roaming gnome.

That’s it for the gnomes from our first expansion.  We’ll be back in a couple of weeks with a quintet of goblins who are there to bring the pain to the living dungeon!

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