Spirit River

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The Spirit River was originally named for the mournfulness it left upon many people who underestimated its deadly currents.  People who did not give it proper caution were swept away or beneath the waters, never to be seen again.

As time progressed, and more care was given, it became a more culturally powerful symbol.  The Spirit River took on a new meaning as the spirit of the people who grew in the presence of its bountiful gifts.



The Spirit River is the longest river in Draconis.  It originates in the Great Boundary mountains, and runs all the way through Daltain, where it pours into the south sea.  Along the way, it borders cities, and helps to separate the countries of Daltain and Warus.  It is its fiercest south of Atalatha and just to the west of Viscosa, but the two cities have found ways to harness it and have subjected it to human influence along the way.



Since growing warier of the dangers of the river, the races of Raleigh have expressed increasing ingenuity regarding its crossing.

Just south of Atalatha, a monumental viaduct called the Lucerion Bridge was constructed in conjunction with Maximus Xanders and Duinador Proudfoot.  It was originally planned to function as a barracks as well, but Maximus instead wanted to focus on a special type of artillery on the bridge’s high parapets.

Far to the south, Viscosa utilizes ferries to transport people from one side of the raging rapids to the other.  On the western banks of the river, the city is even further colonizing.




Early History

The Spirit River made early human pilgrimage from western Draconis very difficult.  People were able to venture far to the north or south to circumvent the wild currents, but it would take many days to make the journey.  Instead, pilgrims would take their chances and tempt fate, opting to ford the river or even swim across.  More often than not, the body of water was deceptively dangerous, and swallowed family members away from each other.

In time, many of the populace decided to settle near the river because of the way it aided in irrigation.  The basins nearby proved to be excellent farm ground, and many small towns and hamlets began to spring up beside it.


Colonization and Culture

At several places along the Spirit River’s flow, massive cities have grown.  Viscosa, the capital of Raleigh, spread wide across the plains east of the river, and the walled portion of the city sits upon a hill that overlooks the waterway.  It happens to be one of very few rivers on mainland Draconis that a large ship can travel upon, and sailors often spend time at one of the many taverns of Viscosa.

Much further north, the city of Atalatha was settled around the river.  They artificially forked much of the river, causing it to flow through the city in a much more reserved manner.  They use this channel for irrigation, sewer control and also for funeral services for some of the higher class and more important citizens.

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