Sigil Art – Vessa

Hello, travelers.  Welcome to another installment of Tellest sigils.  Today we’re going to be talking about a big one, as it belongs to the current capital of Cracius, a kingdom that we don’t spend enough time in, although we have spent time in it here and there.  Specifically, we’re going to be talking about Vessa.

Vessa is the new capital of the kingdom of Cracius, as it used to be Prassa, to the far southeast.  Vessa was chosen as the new throne of the human leadership as it brings the people closest to those that it has some of the most strained relationships with.  Artemis Fagan has a lot of work ahead of him, as his father was the one who was responsible for the imprisonment of harpies, naga, avarians and elves.  The dwarves were able to avoid such treatment, and stand almost as arbiters to ensure that no such treatment ever takes place again.  While the dwarves continue to live primarily within the mountains, Artemis and those who followed him to Vessa have adopted a similar lifestyle.  However instead of living within the caves, great architects have created a city that extends out of the mountains, close to three of its peaks.  While some of them have been repurposed as temples and the high throne, most of the buildings are indeed on this great dais, and on the sub-platforms below.

Vessa itself is not a new city, but it was given new life when Artemis repositioned it as his seat of power.  It was growing even before that, but of course having royalty at hand brings everything to a new speed.  To that end, the mountain sigil would have likely been used for architectural reasons for many years beforehand, and as such, it would not be unlikely to find it at the onset of tunnels, or when a plan had been made to extend one of the platforms that extends out from the mountains for the sake of the populace.  Over time, it would show wear and tear, especially as construction continued.

While Vessa is far from the coast, Cracius has a mighty military presence, and Artemis’s father Warrick ensured that a tremendous amount of that focus was on their naval forces.  Indeed, Cracius has the most powerful navy on mainland Draconis, and Artemis has some training within that military structure.  When Vessa became the seat of power within Cracius, Artemis instructed the new sigil to be imparted upon the masts of his ships, and thus the white flag with the black mountain flies on the ships of Cracius.

As work is ongoing in Vessa, new tunnels would be forged, and new platforms would be built all the way down the mountain (as opposed to, say, Minas Tirith, where it was built from the ground up), knowing exactly where you’re going with things is very helpful.  The sigil of Vessa would thereby be used for measurements and planning, and very likely nearby administrative and religious buildings.

As always, we leave you with one final picture: the phone background.  I hope you enjoy it!

The next sigil that we’ll be looking at is about six weeks away, and it’s another place with a big naval presence, but it’s across the sea.  Even so, they’ve had a bit of a presence on Draconis, and especially with some of our more popular characters.  More on that soon!

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