Sigil Art – The Black Lantern

Folks, we have come to one of my absolute favorite sigils in the world of Tellest.  I don’t think Francois knew that he was going to make me something that I loved so much, but this ended up being my phone background for a long time, I was so happy with it.  Let’s check out the sigil for The Black Lantern.

While we haven’t exactly spent time there yet, we know where the Black Lantern is, and what sort of refuge it is.  It’s a place for seafarers and pirates to find sanctuary, and as such, it’s not exactly known for having a good reputation.  Still, there is sometimes honor among thieves, and there’s been a sort of code of conduct implemented for any denizens who call the Black Lantern home, even if it’s just temporary.  It’s because of such promises of safety (or swift retribution if the code is ignored) that you have people who are willing to make it part of their day to come up with beautiful things like this sigil, which would be impossible without some sort of tremendous skill or magical prowess.

While most of the sanctuary would likely be made of wood—there are plenty of pirate ships and merchant vessels that might have run ashore over the years, and they could use the materials to develop their haven.  But that’s not to say that there wouldn’t be cause to have some stones painted with the wonderful Black Lantern sigil.  I imagine the sigil being painted on rocks that jut out of the sea, leading seafarers to the safety of the city.  With the magic at hand in the Tellest universe, they could even have done such a thing to serve as their own sort of lighthouses, ensuring that the glow of lantern is actually visible like real light, instead of just paint.

Just because the Black Lantern exists as a refuge for privateers and pirates bearing any flag doesn’t mean that they haven’t acquired seadogs who have begun to think of their new sanctuary as a home worth representing.  Many of the ships that have been exiled from their previous homes have found new life within the kinship they have with other sailors.  Together, they’ve amassed a sort of armada of their own, each of them happy to fly the Black Lantern banner.

We’ve made mention of the painted version before, but this is a more artistic style than the chipped paint one you see above.  Whoever it is that’s responsible for coming up with the idea of the sigil of this grand place has got some talent both artistically and magically, so it’s very cool to see this all come together.

As always, we leave you with one final picture: the phone background.  I hope you enjoy it!

We’ve got a very different sigil coming your way in a few weeks.  Make sure you pop in on Wednesdays to see all the great art we show off!

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