Sigil Art – Radzryn

Welcome travelers.  We’re back looking at one of the cities of Tellest, and to their sigil.

Radzryn is a goblin city along the southeastern coast of Mistfall.  They’re relatively close by to the Black Lantern, though they know well enough to start any problems with them.  And it probably helps them to both stay clear of everything that the goblins of Radzryn mostly stay ashore.  Still, both areas have considerable strengths, and the goblins are no pushover.  They’re fierce, tough, and persistent.  You don’t have a blade on your sigil if you’re not afraid to use it.

Radzryn stretches far, and its main settlement is old.  The goblins of Tellest aren’t foolish, and they know that stone offers better defense than wood.  Many of their forts and walls are hewn from stone, whether its carefully crafted or constructed out of what is available.  With that in mind, it’s likely that their simple sigil would have found a home atop many a stone surface throughout the years, and weather and age would have contributed to some wear and tear.  The goblins of Radzryn are devoted to their city, and would plaster their sigil everywhere, especially when they are trying to make a claim for land in a place that might have otherwise been seen as contested.

While the Black Lantern has certainly made their presence known on the water, Radzryn’s goblins are amongst the most proficient warriors on the eastern island of Mistfall.  They’ve got a lot of influence over the place, and in a lot of ways, the continent is there’s to do with what they will.  While you might not often see their flag flying atop a ship, you’re more likely to see it waving in the air atop a fortress or tower out in the wild.  Though goblins aren’t exactly known for following rules, there is a bit of a border that their constructs represent, and folks would be wise not to cross that line.

To that end, there are likely goblins to this day who are painting more recent versions of the sigil in places.  Again, it’s a simple enough drawing that most goblins would be able to carry it out, whether it’s intended to proclaim ownership, or just to drive fear into the hearts of their foes.  And in any cases, they spread their sigil as they spread their influence, and those they border their land with ought to know that their borders are bound to change.

As always, we leave you with one final picture: the phone background.  I hope you enjoy it!

That is it for our sigils for this year, but for those of you who like these posts, you’ll be happy to know that we’ve got enough currently to take us all the way through the rest of 2024 as well!

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