Sepulcher’s Claw



Based on the tales that were told of the sinister sword, Sepulcher’s Claw was fashioned from the grave of an old, forgotten hero of the lost ages.  A corpsewood tree grew upon the man’s grave, and when it grew too large to be safe, it was cut down.  Rather than using it for kindling, the wood was given to a blacksmith of unknown origins.  He shaped it into a dao, and infused it with dark magic, before giving it to a shadowy group that dwelled in and around the city of Fostervilla.

Resting Place

Sepulcher’s Claw disappeared from records for a long time before it turned up in a dark and dreary place beneath the sands east of Fostervilla.  It was used as a key within the Tomb of Fleeting Souls before a worthy wielder was gifted it.


Sepulcher’s Claw is a vampiric sword.  It leeches life away from those it touches, appearing as necrosis.  Oftentimes the wounds can be quite fatal.  Those who have been injured by the dao seem not to heal.  Their necrotic wounds do eventually scab over and scar, but it is an unpleasant healing process.

Because it is a wooden sword, Sepulcher’s Claw is ultimately very light.  Its wielder is afforded some extra agility.  Despite the material, the enchantment cast upon the sword seems to have made it indestructible.


Following a crisis in Fostervilla, the thief, Holklund Crescentshire acquired Sepulcher’s Claw from its previous owner.  The blade had been passed down to him, though he’s been careful to keep the identity of the benefactor a secret.

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