Romus Youngblood


Early Life

Romus Youngblood was born to a gypsy woman who was traveling from Cracius to Daltain.  He was born within the borders of Raleigh, and was considered Raleighn since birth.  His father was never identified.

His mother, Jessa Youngblood, refused to continue on with the other gypsies, deciding that she did not want her son to be raised a nomad.  Jessa became a fortuneteller, the rest of the gypsies leaving her one covered wagon to serve as her home.  She set up her home and business near the southeastern border Raleigh, just across from the country of Warus.  The town she had situated herself nearby was called Greenwood.

Jessa became accustomed to the town almost immediately, the folk welcoming her warmly.  She began earning money to support Romus and herself.


Growing Up

Romus went to school with other children from Greenwood, but always felt that he was different.  He was often scolded for daydreaming, but it never deterred him from doing so.  Eventually, he was dismissed from school altogether.  His mother began schooling him from home whenever she was not working.

At a very young age, Romus began apprenticing for various workers within Greenwood.  He held many jobs, but, for much the same reason he was expelled from school, he was removed from his work.

Finally, he was appointed to watch the border of Warus from one of the GreenwoodTowers.  It was a job that no one else wanted, but it also allowed him to daydream without consequence.



When Romus had just entered his teenage years, his mother was accosted by a visitor to Greenwood.  He beat and raped her, on multiple occasions, until she felt she needed to leave the town to escape him.  On the night she left Greenwood, he followed her, and killed her.

She was on her way to gather up Romus from the watch tower when she was struck down.

Romus saw his mother’s approach, but when she never arrived he began to worry.  He left the tower and approached her wagon, finding her dead inside.  The man who killed her was still nearby, however.  He attacked Romus, who was overpowered immediately.

Had Romus stayed in the watch tower, he would have noticed a small contingent of gnolls crossing the Raleigh-Warus border.  Instead, beaten to near death by the strange man who had slain his mother, he was unaware when the pack of gnolls swelled over the carriage.  Romus did the only thing he was capable of, crawling under the wagon for safety.

The gnolls would have surely killed him had they not focused on the stranger first.  While they were attacking the human, a group of kobold hunters entered the fray.  They had been stalking the gnolls from afar, watching their movements to make sure they would not attack the neighboring town of Greenwood.  When the gnolls made their cursory attack on the two humans by the tower, the kobolds burst into action, and disposed of the gnolls.

Romus survived, and was assisted by one of the kobolds, a shaman named Mo’Rama.  The kobolds delivered Romus and his deceased mother to Greenwood, leaving him with the other villagers.



After his mother’s death, Romus saw life with a new clarity.  He wanted to make sure that what happened to his mother would never happen to anyone else.  He sold the wagon, and all of his worldly possessions to purchase training in a variety of combat styles.  When his master in Greenwood was done providing him with all the knowledge he could, he sent Romus north to an urban city called Seramore.

With Romus’ training continuing in Seramore, he became a well respected and talented fighter, eventually joining up with a small mercenary unit based out of the city.  He performed odd tasks for a while, spreading his name and earning a reputation before, finally, obtaining a summons from the capital of Raleigh, Viscosa.


Officer of Raleigh

Romus traveled to Viscosa, and immediately upon his arrival, he was appointed an officer to a small diplomacy unit.  Specifically, he was an escort to a Raleighn ambassador.

His first excursion took him back towards home.  He passed through Greenwood, into Warus, finally reaching the kobold capital of Eugitrin.  There he reconciled with Mo’Rama, the kobold who had rescued him when he was younger.  Romus’ first quest while serving for Raleigh was to assist the kobolds of Eugitrin with the encroaching gnoll forces.


Life of Tolerance

Romus served beside Mo’Rama for a great while, eventually dispersing the gnolls altogether.  But the two groups did not do it alone.  Romus and Mo’Rama met up with other members of what would be an ongoing companionship.  It was those companions that followed Romus into what would arguably be his most remarkable feat.



The War of the Fallen Angel

Where the Angel Falls

When Samielle, the fallen angel, was banished to the plane of Tellest, he was first encountered near Seramore, the city Romus eventually considered his home.  His hatred towards humanity burned the city in his mind, and as such, when he finally dipped his white wings into the fire of the volcanic MountRuben, Seramore was his first target for destruction.



When Samielle, then Semia’Laz, began his mass genocide within Draconis, Romus and his friends were the group foremost at hand leading the evacuation to safety.  The demons flooded all of Draconis, but the efforts of Romus and his companions saved many lives.


Obtaining Archangel

After the evacuation of the people of Draconis had been effective, Romus decided he could not be made to live underground any longer.  Humans had been banished once before, and he refused to suffer that same fate to humanity again.  Rather, he went, along with his companions, to fight the demon armies.  They were successful for a long time, but one by one, the companions fell.  Romus decided he needed something to even the odds.  It is said that one of the gods came to him in a dream and told him of a great sword called Archangel, which was supposedly blessed by every one of the gods.  Romus made it his personal quest to find the sword.

Historical evidence has never proven where the sword was found, but it is said to have been returned to its resting place after Romus’ death.


Battle with Semia’Laz

While Romus’ companions held off the demon army, he went straight to the head of the opposition, seeking out Semia’Laz.  His encounter with the fallen angel was bloody and deadly, hurting both greatly.  But it was the final stab from Archangel that laid the killing blow on Semia’Laz, allowing Romus to aid his allies in pressing the demons back to Evarice.




Circumstances of Death

Romus Youngblood was the last of his companions to die.  He was cursed with seeing all of his friends fall to the demon armies.  He lived out the rest of his life naturally, the guilt of being the lone survivor driving him to solitude.  No one knows where he died or if he had taken any other companions by his side.


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