Rainbow Flutters

General description

Physical Appearance

Rainbow flutters are a specialized breed of butterfly that some say was borne from a series of magical cantrips.  The first collection of spells gave plain butterflies very colorful wings, while a secondary spell made each flap of the wings resonate their color into the air.

Rainbow flutters look like common moths, except that their wings glow colorfully.  The flap of their wings leaves a kind of magical residue, briefly letting a streak of color remain in the air.  When they are sedentary, the color drains from their wings, leaving them less noticeable to predators.


Where Found

Rainbow flutters are generally found in warm weather climates, during the day.  For a brief while during sunset, they are also active, which is when they are most noticeable.



Rainbow flutter caterpillars are interesting in that there is no way to distinguish between one and an ordinary caterpillar.



Religion and Good Fortune

Symbolism in Religion

When rainbow flutters are seen in bulk, it portends to the ascension to the heavens.  This belief is shared by many cultures, though differs greatly.

Some believe that if a swarm of rainbow flutters is seen, it foreshadows a death occurring soon.  Others believe that it means a death has occurred.  To those who believe it means a prior death, it is also believed to be a good sign.  It means that the one who died has been judged worthy of the heavens, meaning they lived a good life.


Symbolism in Fortune

If a rainbow flutter swarm is found near a newly built home, it symbolizes good health and wealth. 

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