Quantum Quest Torture Chambers – Sneak Peek 2

Greetings questers, and welcome to our second and final sneak peek of our exclusive Torture Chamber bonus for the upcoming Kickstarter expansion of Quantum Quest.  We won’t waste too much time today, let’s just jump right in!

Vengeful Apparition

With Vengeful Apparition, we wanted to take the “little or lot” damage idea, and ramp it up a level.  While Lingering Apparition had a qualifier where the player would take more damage if a warrior was not present, this new, tougher version of the card deals more damage if any of the player’s adventurers have died during the game.  Add to that the fact that only clerics can capture it and it’s a much meaner card.

Arcane Lightning

Lightning Spire was one of my favorite cards from the first set, as it gave players the ability to determine whether or not they wanted death by attrition, or death by lightning.  One way that I felt we could empower a version of those cards was to take that choice away, ensuring that both mana and health was lost in the process.  Arcane Lightning is also just a more expensive card, meaning it plays into more strategies overall.


Corruption can usually be pointed at as one of the meanest cards in the game.  Losing your real estate is never a fun feeling, but when you’re bringing out a booster pack called “Torture Chambers” you know things can always get worse.  Enter Destruction, which not only takes the closest owned chamber away from the player, but also damages them if the chamber is close by.

Rolling Fireball

Arguably one of the more damaging cards in the original set, Rolling Boulder was already a painful card to land on, if you rolled poorly.  That meant that by default, Rolling Fireball would become a heck of a lot worse.  And how do we ensure that?  By making sure only one class can claim it, by making it cost more, and by making the player trigger another effect when they reach the next chamber.  It doesn’t get much worse than that!


Well folks, that is it until we officially announce the release date for the Kickstarter.  I hope that you enjoyed your time with these new chambers, and that you’re eager to add them to your table!


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