Quantum Quest Torture Chambers – Sneak Peek 1

Welcome, questers!  Later this year, we are going to launch our Kickstarter for the long-awaited expansion, Reinforcements.  While we already looked at a lot of the art that is bringing those cards to life, today, we’re going to look at some of the exclusive bits of art that feature in our Torture Chambers cards, which are going to be items you can only get from us on Kickstarter or from live events like conventions.  Let’s dive right in.

Mana Sap

A more deadly version of Mana Burn, Mana Sap not only takes away enough of your mana to make a trip around the dungeon keep you in the negative, it also penalizes players who don’t keep a steady stream of mana incoming.  Taking damage because you don’t have enough mana might seem cruel, but that’s the nature of these cards!

Archlich’s Lair

A nasty upgrade to the original Lich’s Lair, the Archlich’s Lair costs more, does damage to every single adventurer class that’s available, and can only be claimed by clerics (as opposed to clerics and mages from earlier).  This really is a tough one to survive for long bouts in the dungeon.

Phantom Chains

In the original set, Spectral Hand damaged an adventurer and sent them back a bit, but it was rather benevolent beyond that.  Phantom Chains, the scary bigger brother, makes you trigger the effects of the room you land in, and it costs more to boot!

Demon Door

More damage, a higher cost, and a definitive instruction not to collect mana if you pass the entrance—Demon Door is plenty mean when compared to Shadow Door.


That will wrap us up for today, but we’ll be back in a short while with our final preview of the torture chambers until we go live with the Kickstarter.  More details on that soon as well!


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