Quantum Quest: The Empty Dungeon

Howdy folks!  I’ve got some really awesome news for you.  I know we don’t even have the official standalone expansion for Quantum Quest out yet (despite it having been ready for months and months now—stupid pandemic), but we’ve got news on the new Quantum Quest set to follow.  Introducing, Quantum Quest: The Empty Dungeon, or, as we’re calling it internally, QQTED.

QQTED is essentially a prequel to the original game.  You’ll get to see all the chambers that the dungeon lord put together before he put his monsters and traps into them!  Think of it as a flashback.  How I made your dungeon, or something similar.

Just as with our other releases, we’ll have 96 cards full of goodness.  Empty goodness, that is.  While it’s still early in our development cycle, we can’t wait to tell you more about this project!

Haaaaave you met QQTED?

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Michael DeAngelo

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