General description

Physical Appearance

Pearlfish have pronounced faces, which makes them look like puffer fish.  This is because older pearlfish serve a lengthy process within their mouth.  They secrete special chemicals that coat bubbles, leaving a small, pearl-like stone in their place.  They spit the stones out, then, where they sink to the bottom of the river or lake where they are found.  Additionally, the pearlfish has iridescent circular scales which make them distinguishable from other fish.

Pearlfish have no practical means of defense.  It is said that the chemical that they use to turn bubbles into “pearls” is poisonous, but in their final state, the precious stones are not hazardous.

Where Found

Pearlfish are a freshwater fish.  They can be found in temperate climates in lakes and rivers.  They are indigenous to Draconis.


Commercial Use


Because of the chemicals that pearlfish secrete, they are regarded as deadly.  Further, they have a bland taste no matter what the fish is cooked in, or what spices are added to the dish.  Therefore, the pearlfish is not commercially traded for food.


Pearlfish are best used in captivity.  A dead pearlfish may yield one or two swallowed stones, but in captivity, they continue to produce pearls.  These pearls are then sold to whoever will purchase them.


Pearlfish also serve well as bait.  Because of their shiny scales, they are a prime choice for larger game fish.

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