Sci-Fi Promo – Orphan Dreamer and the Glass Tattoo (Orphan Dreamer Saga)

Howdy folks!  We’re embracing another busy week, with more incredible visits to the Otherworld.  Today we’re introducing you to a saga of epic proportions that will take you through time on an adventurer the likes of which you’ve never seen.

Orphan Dreamer and the Glass Tattoo is an eclectic, ambitious book from J. Nell Brown’s Orphan Dreamer series.  It follows a hero that you might not expect, faced with burdens that most of us have not had to endure.  It’s a tale of self-worth and self-belief, built upon spiritual foundations, and it is real and at times uncomfortable, but also powerful and compelling.  Brown takes you behind the curtain, willing to lay down some hard truths that pay off in some big ways.

Meet Earth’s Newest Kick-Butt Indiana Jones.

Quirky school girl, Daniela Rose, navigates mean girls in her neighborhood while secretly time-traveling into exotic worlds of the past and future, searching for clues required to solve ancient puzzles that will be the key to saving her enemies from a dark force that seeks to eradicate humans and inhabit Earth.

Told in the style of the hit TV show, THIS IS US, the ORPHAN DREAMER SAGA is a modern-day retelling of ANNE OF GREEN GABLES meets THE DA VINCI CODE.

The Orphan Dreamer series is catching and enthralling, though it isn’t without it’s harder moments.  Brown doesn’t shy away from the tougher content, instead treating them with care and poise.  With a time-spanning story like this one, it can be a little overwhelming or challenging at times, but Brown takes charge and wraps it all together in a satisfying beauty.  Check out Orphan Dreamer and the Glass Tattoo on Amazon today.  And don’t forget to pick up the first book in the series, the novella Orphan Dreamer and the Missing Arrowhead.  You can also check out Brown’s website here.

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